Are the “Wolves” a Gang from the Comics? (The Walking Dead)

In the comics of The Walking Dead, the group struggles to make it to Alexandria Safe Zone but after a while, a group of violent survivors that have wandered around the DC area killing and pillaging various groups so that they can survive. It consisted of a gang of five to six members. The lead member being the most vile of them all; Derek.

It could make a lot of sense that these are the guys that attacked and murdered all of Noah’s community. I can definitely see them slicing people in half and carving symbols into their foreheads. These men were portrayed as sick individuals who used all sorts of violence to get what they want. It’s not a major plotline in the comic books but it wouldn’t be the first time the show used a smaller plotline and built into something huge.

Now I initially thought the carvings into the people’s heads were XX’s. But on the Talking Dead, Chris referred to them as W’s and no one corrected him so maybe they are W’s…..as in Wolves. The graffiti on the brick wall at Shirewilt did say “Wolves Not Far”. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is all connected and that is what this gang is calling themselves. It also seems that in the next episode, Rick and his group will be fighting off actual wolves. Do these people possible use wolves/dogs in their killing? That might be a bit of a stretch but it’s definitely something to ponder.

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