Just Some At Home Dental Work, No Big Deal (The Americans 3×03)

That Was Close


In the most intense portion of this episode, we got to see Philip and Elizabeth evade about eleven CIA cars that were tailing them. Eventually Elizabeth manages to get them cover for a split second while Philip ducks out of the car. Initially I thought he was going to be able to do something to help her but it turned out he went home in order to check on the kids. And to probably get them out of town at a moment’s notice as soon as Stan sees Elizabeth’s face. The center was able to help Elizabeth escape by jamming the CIA’s radios and inducing a car crash.

Philip stayed up at their house until Elizabeth was able to walk through the front door. The scene where she finally makes it home feels to be an important one for the season. They were genuinely happy to see other and honestly have a moment of pure romantic connection. Given everything that has been going on with the center wanting Paige, it was nice to see that these have not let their differences completely tear them both apart. Maybe there’s hope for them yet.

But this storyline also begs the question; when does it start being unrealistic that Elizabeth and Philip keep getting away? The only time they were actually captured, it was at the hands of their own people. Over time, I watch this show not even expecting the CIA to win any sort of battle when it comes to Elizabeth and Philip because that’s just not how this show goes.


Beeman Suspects Defector?


In a couple of minor scenes in this episode, we heart Agent Beeman talk with Agent Adahalt about his time infiltrating a white supremacist group. He told him that the way he was able to be successful was tell them exactly what they want to hear. Cut to a scene at the end of the episode where the defector is doing various news programs telling the Americans “everything they want to hear”. It’s not directly stated that Stan suspects her but I wouldn’t be surprised. Please let this defector be a spy and please let Stan take her down. He needs a win.


Oleg Stays


We have learned that Oleg’s father is a very powerful figure in Moscow. Apparently, he sent a request to bring Oleg back to Moscow early. Arkady got this information and asked Oleg what he wanted to do and Oleg decided to stay. The only thing I’m curious about is why his father asked him to come back early. The last we saw, his father was having some sort of conversations with Nina. You might want to head back Oleg, it could be to your and Nina’s benefit.


Daughter Problems


And for once, we’re not talking about Paige. This episode mostly dealt with Philip and Elizabeth trying to get information on any of the contacts that are involved in the Afghanistan project that they can use to bribe them or somehow get them on their side. It’s a tricky business seeing as the CIA now knows that’s what they are going after. Elizabeth and Philip head to an open house of one of the contacts (which eventually leads to the close call) and find out the owner of the house is having some sort of inappropriate relationship with his babysitter who I’m assuming is very underage. Then, we find out that that its Isaac’s (the head of the CIA group inside of Afghanistan) daughter. Man, while Stan doesn’t catch any breaks, the Jennings catch all the breaks.


Paige Fight Continues


Paige’s birthday is coming up so that means we’re going to have extra Paige talk in this episode. Philip finds out Elizabeth has been talking to Gabriel about Paige when he’s not even there and when he asks her about it she says “He’s trying to help. He knows this is hard for you.” Not us, just you. I think it’s pretty clear where Elizabeth stands. So Philip needs to really stand up for his daughter if he wants to protect her in any way.


Hans Has Got The Hots For Elizabeth


We’re continuing to see Elizabeth train a younger agent named Hans. Though nothing particularly happened in these scenes, we did get to see that Hans seems to have taken a liking to Elizabeth. He let it slip on a couple of occasions that he thinks she’s very attractive. In the final scene with these two, she let him know that she has someone in her life that she doesn’t want to let down.

In defense of Elizabeth, she really does think that Paige becoming an agent is the right thing to do and she seems to be giving Philip all of the time in the world to agree with it. I may not agree with her side of the argument, but it does seem like she cares about Philip and wants them to figure it out together.


Um, Henry?


While Paige is picking up clothes in Henry’s room, she finds a picture of Mrs. Beeman in a bikini. Well, that’s something new. He says there’s nothing to it and it’s not even his but I’m not sure anyone (especially Paige) believes him. He’s an adolescent boy with hormones. But nonetheless, it is still a little weird. But hey, let’s all get excited about one thing; maybe Henry will have a storyline this season.


That Scene Though


Oh boy, The Americans have an extraordinary talent of making me cringe with every episode with the gore factor. And this is coming from someone who actively watches The Walking Dead every chance she gets. In the last episode, we saw Philip and Elizabeth literally break all of the bones in Annelise’s body so they could fit her inside of a suitcase. This episode, we get to see Philip yank out Elizabeth’s teeth to fix her jaw problem without going to the hospital. He gives her some of Stan’s whiskey and she braces herself as he grabs some pliers and goes to town. It’s brutal to watch but just another scene where we see the great lengths these people will go to in order to keep their identity secret.

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