Well, that was rough. (Grey’s Anatomy)

For some reason, I will always find myself coming back to Grey’s Anatomy. It’s not the same show as it started out being and god knows, it doesn’t have the all the same characters but you have to admit that there is a reason this show has been so successful for how long it’s been on the air. No matter what, Shonda Rhimes has been able to come up with fresh storylines for the characters and continuously break our hearts.

After last season, I truly decided that I would no longer watch the show on a weekly basis. When Cristina goes, I go. The only two characters I genuinely love in the show are Alex and Arizona. Given that the show has sidelined these characters in the past, I figured that I would keep tabs on the show and whenever they have a plotline worth watching; I would tune in. So during the lack of television in December, I felt the urge to watch the mid-season finale of Grey’s to see what was going on and what I found was a storyline that crushed my soul. Damn you, Shonda.

Jackson and April have been a sweet couple that people have wanted to see finally get together on this show and it finally happened. But of course, in true Grey’s Anatomy fashion; the happiness does not last long. In the mid-season finale, we find out that their baby is diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. For those of you like myself who do not know what that means; the baby will more than likely die soon after giving birth. Both April and Jackson were put through the ringer while waiting to hear about the type of Osteogenesis Imperfecta and when they found out it was type 2, their fears were confirmed. The longest a baby has lived after birth with type 2 is 18 months.

What I have loved about Grey’s Anatomy over the years is that it has never shied away from controversial issues. If you know anything about these characters; April is extremely Christian and extremely pro-life. There were some hard conversations to be had by the now married couple. Jackson put forth the idea of termination. He knew that the baby would be in pain the entire time that it was alive and it seemed cruel to let that happen to their own child. Obviously April may not have entirely agreed with what Jackson was suggesting but what was refreshing is that they seemed to handle it like an adult married couple. Sure, April had a freakout and yelled at both Jackson and her mother after they were arguing about what need to be done. But for the most part, Jackson and April were completely respectful of each other’s opinions realizing that there is no good outcome of this situation and there is no right answer.

After being told that the baby’s bones were breaking in the womb and it was in pain as they spoke; the only word to describe April and Jackson is devastation. The scene that got me crying hysterically was when Jackson’s mother came to console her son and his very conflicted wife. Catherine was skeptical of the marriage between Jackson and April at the beginning because of things like religious conflicts but eventually she embraced April completely as her daughter-in-law. In this scene, she literally becomes a mother to April offering her the best case scenario in this worst-case time of need. She knows April would never forgive herself if she terminated and she said that they should induce labor and let Jackson and April hold their baby for as long as he lives. It’s just tragic that this had to happen to such wonderful people but I felt this scene was just as heartwarming as it was heartwrenching. We see this family band together and support each other in an impossible time. There is something very beautiful about that.

As we go on with this episode, we uncomfortably watch as Jackson and April wait to give birth to their child. But not only are they preparing for the birth of their child, they are preparing for the death of their child. All in all, this episode is pretty unbearable to watch. There’s nothing anyone can do to make their lives better and they simply just have to go through this together. When Dr. Herman gave Jackson and April the birth certificate to sign and moments later, gave them the death certificate just broke my heart. To watch April basically question her faith in God because of their situation is again just unbearable to watch. I got to admit Grey’s, this is one of the most heartbreaking things you have ever done on this show…..and that’s saying a lot.

April is induced and gives birth to her baby boy. He only lives for a few hours and in that time he is loved and held by his parents. He is also baptized. It was the best thing for both Jackson and April and their baby. This whole storyline was brutal and devastating but I will say it was great to see Jackson and April pull through and become an even stronger couple in this horrific time. Tragedy really will define what kind of person you are. So now when I keep tabs on what’s happening with Alex and Arizona…..I’ll also check on Jackson and April too.

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