What Will You Do To Get What You Want? (The Amerians 3×06)

Nina Will Do Anything to Survive

Now I’m not saying I really had any sympathy for Nina’s cellmate to start with but I got to say watching her getting carried out kicking and screaming was tough to watch. No more than watching Nina’s stoic face as she accepts the fact that she destroyed this woman’s life. It will be very interesting to see how long Nina will stay in this prison. She can’t be in there forever can she? Maybe she will become the prison’s go-to spy. That would be fun. Last we heard Stan and Oleg were trying to find out a way to get her out of her Russian prison cell. That may not be the best plan. Nina might come back with a taste for revenge and according to this episode, that woman has a heart of stone.


Stan’s Confusing Love Life

It’s not too often that this show focuses on Stan’s personal life (unless of course it had to do with Nina). In this episode, we were able to see a very realistic depiction of a marriage that is in its final stages. Everything we’ve seen lately has shown that Sandra and Stan’s marriage is completely over but in a time of need, his family came over to comfort him. It just proves that no matter what happens in someone’s relationship, it’s still difficult to just turn off those emotions and pretend like you don’t actually care about that person anymore.

But let’s skip on over to Tori. It’s true, as a HUGE Rescue Me fan, I may be a little biased to Tori. Callie Thorne is an amazing actress and the more we see of her the better……AND she’s giving us the crazy vibes. That woman plays crazy so well. We’re starting to see what could actually be a healthy relationship developing between Tori and Stan which might actually be good for him. Not dealing with Nina has done Stan some good but even if things work out with Tori; who’s to say that he won’t fall into the same habits he had with Sandra? Work first and relationship later. Supposedly Sandra and Stan’s relationship was great until his work (and Nina) consumed his life. But what if (and this is a huge what if) Tori was actually a spy as well? Oh my god, that would be perfect. Poor Stan.


The Cost of Having Sex

The end of the episode before this one gave us a polarizing look into the world of a KGB spy and how they are able to train to have sex with anyone. The struggle for Philip in regards to Kimmy Is still very prominent in him and he has avoided having sex with her for quite some time. It seems like he was able to get a handle on the situation for the moment, but how long will that last?

Poor Philip has been going through so much in this last season. He just found out that his “son” is now over in Afghanistan fighting a losing battle. Gabriel gives Philip this information in order to convince him that his work is important and the value of keeping a relationship running with Kimmy. Philip can’t bear to have sex with Kimmy and he will try his best to avoid it as much as possible. We’ll see how long this will last and if Philip would actually give in in order to save his son’s life.


The Secret War of Paige

Both parents are doing everything they can to out-bond the other one with Paige. They both know how the other feels about Paige becoming a spy herself and they will do anything they can to get their way. In the beginning of the episode, we watch as Philip and Elizabeth both force fake smiles as they watch their daughter get baptized. These two amazing actors are so good that you feel the tension even though the characters are putting on the performance of their lives.

Throughout the episode we see both of the parents approach Paige without the other one knowing in order to bond with her and talk to her about where she is heading in life. At first, Philip makes it very clear that she doesn’t have to feel pressured into doing anything she doesn’t want to do. Paige thinks Philip is of course talking about the church whereas he really is talking about her mother. Philip wants his daughter to know that he will protect her when it comes down to it without giving away any more information.

Elizabeth, however, was much more forthcoming with information. I was almost thinking she was going to spill the beans about everything for a moment. She talks with Paige about Gregory and tells her that they have more in common than she may think. Elizabeth does have a very good point. It does seem that Paige only wants to do what’s right and that on the principle of being a spy; it would seem like a great fit. However, it also requires her putting her life in danger….even if she just had an office job. I mean, look at Nina.


Best Quote:

Elizabeth: (when talking to Paige about her church work) I brought you here because I wanted you to know that I’m more like you than you think.


Best Moment:

Elizabeth and Philip share a joint and instead of fighting, they bond over their daughter’s choices in life


Worst Moment:

The cringe-worthy moment when Kimmy drops her towel in order to seduce “James”.

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