The Last Man On Earth is the Brilliant Comedy You’ve Been Waiting For

The Last Man on Earth was the laugh out loud, amazing television that I feared I would need to live without since the series finale of Parks and Recreation. When I first saw the commercials for this comedy two things ran into my head. Firstly I thought “How are they going to make a show about literally one man on earth a) interesting and b) funny?”. Then after a fully watching the whole commercial I thought “Oh, it’s Will Forte…’s going to be hilarious” and boy was I write. Besides the fact that network television is flooded with comedies that have very predictable jokes and are more concerned with being family friendly than displaying quality humor, it was so refreshing to watch Will Forte actually do what any man would do if he was the last man on earth.

The first half hour of The Last Man on Earth was highly entertaining and that’s really saying something seeing as there was literally only one actor…..but that actor was Will Forte so I can’t say that I’m surprised. We learn the importance of a margarita pool, relationships with mannequins and most importantly, the toilet pool. It really does take a special type of man to carry a comedy for an entire episode.

In the second half of this premiere, we actually meet a woman. Phil did say that if God could give him a woman…..any woman that he would be content. Well God gave him Kristen Schaal. I couldn’t ask for anything more perfect. Just when she holds up her gun to Phil and repeatedly asks him if he’s a nice person, we know that this show has struck comedy gold. Phil is a character who doesn’t care about anything and Carol is completely obsessed with keeping the rules still intact but it seems like they both lived for one soul purpose….to procreate. Watching these two very hilarious and immensely different characters try to find a way to get alone was brilliant.

Now I’m not entirely sure how long the hilarity of this show will last. And is anyone else wondering where all the bodies are? I know seeing a bunch of dead bodies isn’t comedy friendly but if an entire virus wiped out the world there would have to be a lot of dead bodies no? Or maybe I’ve just watched way too much of The Walking Dead. Anyway I have faith that Will Forte and Kristen Schaal can keep the funny going for a while and I am certainly hooked and ready to continue watching. I haven’t laughed that hard watching a comedy in quite some time.


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