But Females are Strong as Hell. (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)


After the loss of Parks and Recreation, I have been very concerned about the future of comedies. Not only did Last Man on Earth have an amazing first episode but Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt premiered on Netflix in order to fill that comical void. I already knew that I was going to watch this show. First of all, it was produced by Tina Fey and secondly, it stars Ellie Kemper. You really can’t get much better than that.


At first glance the storyline is completely ridiculous but that doesn’t make it just as hilarious. Kimmy and three other women were convinced that the world had ended because of a crazy cult Reverend and in turn, spent fifteen years down inside of a bunker. She finally was rescued and decides to give it a go in New York City. If you didn’t get completely hooked on the show by the insanely catchy theme song, you will by the amazingly hysterical performances by these amazing cast of characters.


Without giving any spoilers this comedy threads the line of utter ridiculous humor and caring friendships all wrapped into one. This is not an easy thing to accomplish. Not only do you automatically fall in love with Kimmy Schmidt but you can’t wait until the next scene with your favorite characters whether it be Titus played fittingly by Titus Burgess, Lillian played by Carol Kane or of course Jacqueline played by Jane Krakowski.


All of these brilliant comic actors bring something that doesn’t necessarily come to most comedies these days…..actual uncontrollable stomach-hurting laughter. The purpose of this show is to solely entertain us and make us laugh. It’s not too safe by any means. It was originally supposed to air on NBC but NBC sold it to Netflix because it was too edgy. Watching this show brings to light what most network shows are obviously too afraid to do…..and that’s actually be funny. They are too worried about making jokes that won’t offend anyone and that becomes their main focus. They are less concerned with what is actually funny.


As an alum of The Office, I would expect nothing short of an amazing success for Ellie Kemper and I was thrilled to see that this show was actually as funny as would be expected. The only problem we have is that we will have to wait an entire year for the second season to come out.  So take advantage of this insanely cold weather in March, park yourself on your couch and begin your Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt binge.



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