The Beauty of Betty (Americans 3×09)

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Almost never does The Americans really give you an insight into the horrible things Philip and Elizabeth are forced to do. We see them time and time again take lives or at the very least ruin them, but it all gets masked so well by their badassery. We don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the fact that they are doing terrible things to possibly very innocent people. In this episode, we got to experience an intimate and gut-wrenching moment between Elizabeth and Betty as Elizabeth is forced to kill this sweet woman. Ugh, you sure do know how to pull on the heart strings Americans.


Goodbye Sweet Betty

Given the amount of intense situations surrounding The Americans at the moment, I didn’t think we would be slowing down for a sad tribute to the terrible things Elizabeth has been forced to do. In a packed episode with plots moving forward quickly, we spent a long time learning about Betty and her life. At the start, you can probably predict that Betty wasn’t going to leave that room alive but the more she spoke, the more you wish she would. Elizabeth repeatedly tells herself she is doing work for the greater good….in order to convince herself and to eventually convince Paige. But this episode, Betty flat out tells her how it is: that she is in fact an evil person and that killing is probably one of the many things that makes her evil.

Wow, those are some harsh words. But to be fair, Elizabeth is forcing the poor woman to kill herself. From the moment the scene started and Elizabeth referred to herself by her own name, you know Betty wasn’t going to survive. Elizabeth had Betty die the most humane way possible and tried to get her to be at peace with her death promising her she would she her late husband soon but the whole scene was very haunting in a way. We just met Betty and now we know what a toll Philip and Elizabeth’s actions can take…and it’s horrifying.


Oleg and Stan’s Plan

In another storyline we haven’t visited for quite some time; Stan and Oleg device a plan to “out” Zinaida. Not a very good one I might add. We all knew (if we’re paying attention) that Oleg was going to be in the hotel room but he was less than threatening and really didn’t get any information out of her….but he only had her for a few minutes, what information was he supposed to get out of her? The whole plan seemed very strange and not well thought out to me. If this woman is brave enough to come to America and denounced Russia (even if she is a spy….correction especially if she is a spy) what makes you think holding a gun to her and telling her to go back to Russia will break her? You better pray Nina gets back on her own because she’ll never return if it’s up to you two idiots.


What Will Martha Do?

The entire beginning scene with Martha and “Clark” made me feel all sorts of different ways. She just found out the truth (that her husband is not who he says he is) and now she seems super fine with it…..even though she could get caught and put in jail for….well forever. There is something seriously wrong here. Is this woman stupid enough to still trust Clark after all the lies? Does she really not have any sort of backbone? My theory is that she is wearing a wire….or something. Come on, she really can’t be that stupid. What woman is okay with all of those lies? If she is, I am losing what little respect I ever had for the character. Martha finding out the truth was a huge deal ever since the first season and now that it’s happened (or partially happened), she doesn’t seem to care her husband is not the man she married. The fact that she is still giving him intel makes me believe she’s trying to get him to trust her and that she’s playing him. At least for Martha’s sake I’m hoping that’s the case. Otherwise I completely do not understand her character at all. The sex can’t be that good.


Hans is an Idiot

I think this goes without saying but I didn’t like Hans from the start and now I think it’s almost confirmed that he is creepily obsessed with Elizabeth… much that he would kill a poor college student in order to keep working with her. Now, Elizabeth can handle herself but I don’t trust this kid.

So Hans makes the brilliant decision to shoot Todd in the head….except it doesn’t work. He blows Todd’s eye out and doesn’t even kill him! Throughout this entire scene, I was screaming at my television hoping Todd would get the upper hand and either get away or kill Hans instead. Unfortunately, this did not go as I had hoped and Hans was able to kill the poor guy.

Hans tells Elizabeth expecting what? A pat on the back? They spared his life for a reason you idiot! I don’t know if I can deal with Hans much more in this show. Hopefully bodies will start falling soon and Hans will be the first.


Scrabble Talk

And it all comes back to Paige. In one of their many fun scrabble sessions, Philip tells Gabriel what’s up. We see Philip becoming more and more distant from Elizabeth and now he’s basically declaring war. He tells Gabirel that he’s furious with him for not protecting his daughter and now it’s Philip’s turn to protect his family…..because no one else will. Chilling. I’m so excited to see Philip and Elizabeth come to blows over Paige. I’m not sure Paige is going to be happy with the idea that her parents have killed people but I hope she knows Philip has her best interests at heart. But after all this bonding, I have a feeling she will side with Elizabeth. And Henry will remain clueless. Because Henry will always remain clueless.


Best Quote:

Betty: That’s what evil people tell themselves when they do evil things.


Best Moment:

The entire exchange between Elizabeth and Betty. It was both beautiful and heartbreaking.


Worst Moment:

Stan and Oleg’s sad attempt at getting a confession out of Zinaida. Love both of them but seriously; poor execution.


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