That. Just. Happened. (The Americans 3×10)

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Zinaida is a Double Agent….and Who Here is Surprised?

Zinaida spends way too much time embracing the American life she was so graciously given, it’s all but written on her forehead that she is a Soviet double agent. What is great is that it seems like Stan will be able to figure this one out. I mean, he basically already knows she is a double agent….he just has to prove it.

And with the help of Oleg he will….which again will cause more problems for Oleg than not. On the surface, Oleg is doing the right thing hoping to save his love Nina from a Russian prison. But side note: she seems to be doing just fine without your help, Oleg. And now, if he truly believes that Zinaida is a double agent; how does he think this won’t blow up in his face? It was made all too clear in this episode that Zinaida under the name of “Willow” is directly working with Arkady and Oleg is messing with his bosses first real chance at getting some intel from the FBI. Oi vey, can this show get complicated?


A Big Episode for Stan

Though it may not seem like it, Stan’s story is propelling forward quite a bit in this last episode. Sure, he spent the majority of it bonding with poor Henry. Man what are we going to do with you Henry? This kid is super into Stan’s soon-to-be ex-wife and has really taken the whole hiding a playboy under you bed to another level. Guess that’s what happens when you’re a son of two spies. It’s practically in his blood.

But Stan not only is right on the nose of Zinaida being a double agent but in one of the last scenes of the episode, we pretty much find out he knows about Martha. Oh my goodness! This is so exciting! I mean, poor Martha….she’s really get the sh*t end of this stick but good for Stan! Hey if he can’t figure out about his neighbors being public enemy number one? At least he can try to get rid of the rest of the spies in life. Good luck Stan, we’re rooting for ya.


A Bigger Episode for Paige

This is what the entire season has been leading up to….and we have so many episodes left. I can’t tell you how happy I am that we didn’t get a “Paige finding out the truth in the last scene of the last episode” cliffhanger. After a series of yet again very suspicious behavior from her parents, she called them out on it and in one big not expected scene; Elizabeth and Philip tell their daughter the truth. How is she going to take this?

Well, at first she’s very calm. I think she’s still trying to process the whole idea that everything she’s known about her parents has been a lie. That’s always a tough thing to get over. The question now is will she keep her parents secrets? So far, she hasn’t even told Pastor Tim…..which is good. Every time we see Pastor Tim and Philip in the same room, it seems like Philip is just waiting for a reason to kill that guy. If Paige told Pastor Tim the truth, we all know he would be dead. Deader than dead. Philip would have a field day. Might be kind of hard to explain that to his daughter though.

Anyway, you would think that Paige learning the truth would be the most intense scene. And though that scene was jam packed with emotions, it seems like the ending scene had way more tension and weight than any other scene this season. Stan comes over as he’s been known to do for dinner and Paige quickly realizes her parents best friend is nothing but a source of intel. She looks on in fear as Stan, Elizabeth and Philip have a few laughs. So what’s going to happen next? How is Paige really going to take this new information? Will she stick with her parents? Will she warn Stan who is just a good guy trying to help the USA? Or will she run off with Pastor Tim? Oh, the possibilities.


Best Quote:

Elizabeth: We’re here to help our people. Most of what you hear about the Soviet Union isn’t true. Everything we’ve told you about being activists….about wanting to make the world a better place…

Paige: So you’re-?

Philip: We work for our country….getting information. Information they couldn’t get in other ways.

Paige: You’re……spies?


Best Moment:

Come on, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…..Paige finally learns the truth.


Worst Moment:

All of the scenes where they try to make Henry relevant. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to them develop him more but every effort so far seems so forced.


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