30 Things To Keep In Mind When Watching the Bates Motel Finale

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30) Gunner is Still Pointlessly Hanging Around


Does Gunner just sit at Dylan’s farm all day? What an eventful life you lead. Even Remo was like “I’m not staying around for this shit”. Anyways, you would have to think Gunner is there for a reason. As much as it makes sense to have someone guard all of Dylan’s marijuana plants, Gunner hasn’t done anything this season besides open flash drives and have awkward conversations with Emma. So why is he there? Quite possibly to die. I don’t think Chick is too happy right now seeing as he just got the snot beat out of him and Caleb stole 50,000 dollars from him so maybe he’ll send a message? Good ole Gunner might be right in the line of fire. Storytelling-wise, it could actually be a good twist. What if Emma finds out her transplant money is stolen gun money and what if that money gets Gunner killed? Ah, the plot thickens. But this is all contingent on the writers caring enough about Gunner to make his storyline interesting. Nah, nevermind Gunner….you’re probably safe.

29) Caleb is Going to Let Dylan Down Again 


Maybe. A pretty crushing scene at the end of the last episode was when Caleb said he was just going to take off without saying goodbye to Dylan. Even after Dylan was all like “you won’t just leave right?”. I’m paraphrasing but still. So at the end of this last episode, Caleb warns Norma about Norman and basically peaces out. Now, the next episode description mentions Caleb so you’d have to think that he will still be around somewhere. I just think it’s worth mentioning that he was going to ditch Dylan after Dylan asked him not to….god, Caleb you’re the worst.

28) The Bypass is Still Being Built (And Norma Won’t Get Her Exit)


I don’t think this is necessarily vital information for the season finale but it should still be noted that this bypass is pretty much finished. And now that she no longer has the flash drive or any means of getting the flash drive, Norma’s blackmailing hopes have been stunted. There is no way she’s going to get that big sign on the highway so what really is the future of Bates Motel? How the heck is it going to stay afloat all these years?

27) Romero Promised Dylan He Can’t Protect Him Anymore 


There has to be some reason they put this scene in the first episode of this season. Romero can’t protect Dylan anymore. He said it. Unless this scene was just foreshadowing that Dylan was going to get sucked into some pretty nasty business….which he did, I think it might come into play. There’s a whole lot going on in this town and I doubt every single thing will be resolved in the last episode but I think something might go down with Chick and if that’s the case Dylan, you may want Romero on your side seeing as your good ole dad seems to be skipping town. I’m just saying.

26) Dylan and Emma are in Denial About Their Feelings 


Dylan and Emma are having a super big crush on each other right now and it’s adorable. The thing to note is neither of them seems to want to admit it. Deep down, we see they like each other. They are blatantly flirting with each other every chance they get and Dylan’s all trying to save her and such, but because of Norman they are in super denial. Not that Norman’s going to really notice…..he’s like obsessed with his mom and also having some sort of romance with Bradley but eventually, it may come out and I don’t think Norman’s mentally stable enough to handle it.

25) Norman’s Taxidermy Calms Him


Another thing to note about the last episode is Norma packing up all of Norman’s taxidermy. In the scene with James, Norman expressed how taxidermy sort of calms him. He hears a buzzing sound and everything goes quiet. It might be some weird meditative state he goes to in order to not black out. You take that away and we’re dealing with a much more dangerous Norman. Ah, great….just in time for the season finale.

24) Romero Promised to Kick the Shit Out of This Guy


“One day, I’m going to kick your ass and I’m going to enjoy it” . Little mister threatening Dylan and running Norma off the road man is a not-so-relevant in the grand scheme of things but he is Bob Paris main henchman. Let’s be honest, if some sort of Bob Paris showdown happens in the finale, you know this guy will be there and I see Romero as a man who keeps his promises. Good sir, prepare to get your ass beat.

23) Caleb Has a Temper


Obviously. Caleb went ape shit on Chick. Whether or not what went down was Chick’s fault or not, Caleb really didn’t give him much of a chance to defend himself. Plus, Caleb’s wanted for beating a man nearly to death. Do we think that wouldn’t happen if something else were to go down? Would Caleb go as far as to beat up Norman? Oh boy, wouldn’t that be interesting. I’m just saying in a man that’s as unstable as Caleb, an uncontrollable rage followed by violence is probably not the best recipe.

22) White Pine Bay is Not Happy with Romero


Something to still keep in mind is that the drug war in Season Two has really hurt Romero’s reputation around White Pine Bay. Now, he completely disposed of the other Sheriff candidate so at least he doesn’t have too much competition in that arena but people still aren’t happy. People went to jail. People lost their jobs. People have lost so much in this town seemingly because of Romero’s decisions so in order for him to keep his job; will he have to do some less than pleasant things? Will these less than pleasant things benefit Bob Paris? Or will Romero just kill Bob Paris and all of his men? Hm, that seems more likely.

21) Bob Paris Hired a Private Investigator


Or did he? I guess I should say he said he hired a private investigator. In this town, if you don’t seem someone do something then it quite possible they didn’t do it at all. Nonetheless, he’s got a whole bunch of information on both Norma and Romero. He knows about Sam’s death. He’s super suspicious of what went down with Shelby (shout to the Bates writers for bringing Shelby back into the fold). He probably knows things about Zane Morgan and Nick Ford. But does he know that Dylan is Norma’s son and the role he had to play in that whole mess? Point is; we don’t know what exactly he knows and this man has way too much information to keep breathing.

20) The DEA Will Probably Investigate Romero


Speaking of….it’s not just Bob Paris’ private investigator we have to worry about. There’s a new special agent that seems to be very skeptical of Romero and his actions over the past few years. And he gave her the damn flash drive. She has a whole lot of information about people that Romero may have possibly protected over the years…..and these people were criminals. Now I do believe Romero has covered his tracks pretty well but you probably shouldn’t hand them a flash drive of evidence that could incriminate you. Plus, the investigator was all like “we have a lot to do in the next 24 hours”. What the hell is happening in 24 hours??

19) Norman is Sexually Attracted to his Mom


As much as Norma tried to disprove this notion, Norman wants to have sex with his mom. Maybe not the Norman we all know and love, but possibly-blacked out scary Norman? That guy wants to bang his mom. Throughout this season we’ve seen a whole lot of sides to Norman. One side that has stuck with me is whenever we see him act more like her husband than her son. I mean, the bed cuddling is creepy enough. But he questions her like a crazy jealous spouse when she gets home. He’s very upset about her sleeping with James… more than Romero is and that should say something. And he was super creepy mad when Norma gave Romero the head of the table at the Last Supper. As much as he hates to admit it, he loves Norma in a very inappropriate way and this sexual attraction is going to destroy him or at least prevent him from being whole heartedly sexually attracted to anyone else. Just like when a husband knows he shouldn’t cheat on his wife, Norman knows deep down he can’t cheat on his mother. It doesn’t help that Norma shows up looking fine as hell whenever he may get the chance to be with anyone else.

18) Chick May Not Be What He Seems or He May Be Exactly What He Seems 


Wow, the internet sure isn’t too concerned about Chick Hogan. Everyone’s all like “well, I’m so glad we don’t have to see him anymore”. First of all, Chick Hogan is quite possibly the best member of White Pine Bay we’ve met since the beginning of the show. Second of all, I don’t think anything’s over. Now there is a huge chance that Chick could actually be a FBI informant like Caleb suggested. There’s got to be a reason that people keep getting arrested around him. But if he isn’t that, he could really be the guy we’ve been seeing all this time. And that guy is frightening as hell!!! I doubt we’ve seen the last of Chick Hogan and I’m either way, I’m excited to see who this guy really is.

17) Romero Still Doesn’t Know Everything About Norma


Norma telling Romero the truth was huge plotline in the last few episodes of the show. Romero now knows exactly what happened to Sam but he really doesn’t know everything about Norma. That’s fine. I mean, I’m sure Norma doesn’t know everything there is to know about Romero. Ugh, double standards. But unless Romero was raped by a sibling and produced a child of incest….Norma’s secret is worse. But to be fair, that is the last thing that Romero doesn’t know about Norma’s life and it makes sense why she wouldn’t want to come out and tell that to someone she may have a romantic relationship with. “You know that brother you sat next to during dinner at my house? Yeah, he super used to rape me but we’re like cordial now.” Um, what?

16) The Arcanum Club Has a Sex Room 


Let’s travel back to the beginning of Season Three where the Arcanum Club had a very Twin Peaks-esque sex room. That scene was very creepy and unsettling. Then, it wasn’t mentioned since. Sure, a lot of shit has been going on in White Pine Bay that has distracted us but what on earth is that about? These guys at this hunting club have so much wealth, they can have secret creepy sex parties on their property. And seeing as two of their sex workers ended up dead…..we should be a whole lot more concerned about this fact.

15) The Last Supper Had to Mean Something 


We still don’t know what it means!!!! The episode was called the Last Supper. Now it could actually be that this would be the last time they all can have a pleasant meal together because well Norma and Romero imploded, Dylan and Caleb did a super dangerous drug run and Norman, well he’s headed straight to crazy town but could it still mean that someone is going to die? People have speculated that it’s Emma because she’s the only one with white wine at the table. People have also speculated that she has white wine because she is the only innocent left at the table. As much as we’re all very positive that Bradley will be the one to die, you have to wonder what that Last Supper really meant. Is it that last happy moment for these people? Will someone die soon? What does it all mean???

14) Dylan and Norma Still Need to Have the Talk 


Man, these two have been putting off this talk so much; I kind of forget it’s even supposed to happen. The two people with Norman’s best interests at heart need to have a serious conversation about what to do with him. Throughout the entire season, both Norma and Dylan have gotten a whole lot of hints that Norman is not going okay and it might be time to do something about it. So Dylan wants to have a conversation about it. They initially put it off because Norma wants to have a lovely dinner with the people she cares about but then it gets put off because Dylan went on his supes-dangerous gun run. But now the gun run is done….and Emma has her money so please Dylan can your next step be going to see Norma? I know all the stuff that’s happening is very distracting but I think you might want to check in with what’s going on with Norman before your mom becomes his next victim.

13) Norman is Blacking Out More Often


I know the word “duh” must come to mind. I feel like this season in comparison to the previous two could be called “Norman’s Big Blackout Season”. We got an entirely different Norman this season. In the previous seasons, Norman was mostly a normal teenager and sometimes blacked out. Now, I think he’s almost always near his blackout phase and the sweet Norman almost never comes back. And seeing as the finale is called “Unconscious”, we should be a little concerned.

12) Caleb and Norma’s Past is Complicated at Best


Ugh, I don’t even know where to start. We’ve only gotten little tidbits of information about what really went down with Norma and Caleb in the past but at least in Season Three, the picture has gotten a little bit clearer. Caleb and Norma were in a very bad living situation. Their mom was certifiably crazy (imagine that) and heavily sedated on drugs for the majority of their childhood. Their father was a very angry and very violent man. Caleb even said their father was the most violent man he ever met and that’s saying a lot. Caleb’s met himself right? So they relied heavily on each other and things happened. Not so appropriate things happened. It is unclear who initiated them at first but eventually Norma finally figured out it was wrong and wanted to stop. Caleb refused to stop. In his own words “he couldn’t let her go”. I think Caleb protected Norma from many violent outbursts from her father and for that she will always be grateful but he still raped her. And he’s admitted he’s raped her on many occasions. She’s not making it up people. Between the love she has for her brother for helping her through her childhood, she probably has the same amount of resentment for everything he did to her. His actions in their childhood probably shaped who Norma has become and could deep down be the reason her relationship with Norman is so bizarre leading Norman to believe he’s more of a husband to her than anything else. Like I said; it’s complicated.

11) We Haven’t Had a Big Death in a Hot Second


Not that this is a show that relies on character’s death to keep it moving but you have to think… is a show about a serial killer. And to be fair, he hasn’t killed too many people. He killed Sam. He killed Blair Watson and he killed Cody’s father. By standards of deaths on this show, both Dylan and Romero (and probably Caleb) have him beat on the death count. In order to keep up with the plotline of this show, you would think Norman would have to kill someone soon and probably someone we all like. It seems pretty obvious that it will be Bradley that gets that honor but who knows? The writers could rip our hearts in four different ways; Norma….Romero….Dylan….Emma. Just be prepared.

10) Norma and Romero are on Rocky Ground


Ha! To say the least. After a lovely season of mostly sweet moments between the two…..she lied to him and he gave up the flash drive. Well, shit. If only these two realized they could actually be a great team together. The super intense scene in the last episode really does beg the question; where do they go from here? It is said in the episode description for the next episode that Romero makes a decision about his future in the town. I’m assuming his choices include sticking with Norma and her crazy ass family, working along with the DEA or eventually falling in line with Bob Paris. Norma and Romero continue to have one of the most complex relationships on the show and you never know where they will lean on each other or when they will bite each other’s heads off. So what will we get in the finale?

9) Norma is Relying Heavily on Dylan


Dylan, don’t you dare leave your mom dealing with crazy blacked out Norman all on her own. I say this knowing Dylan has a whole lot of shit on his place. I feel like it took forever for Dylan and Norma to get to a place where she would rely on him heavily. Back when she initially got the flash drive, she only trusted Dylan with it. For once in her life, she is not alone in the complicated battle that is dealing with Norman. I just have this really bad feeling that Dylan will be otherwise occupied (dealing with the aftermath of the gun run) and Norma will have to make some drastic decisions by herself about Norman. It is the finale and it’s fair to predict that something big will happen with Norman and as much as we all love some good Norma/Norman crazy scenes, it would be nice to see Dylan step up and actually help out the family he’s so desperately wanted to become a part of.

8) Emma’s Father is Holding onto Stolen Gun Money


Why is no one else concerned about this??? All I’ve seen on the internet in the past few days is “Aw, isn’t Dylan the sweetest?” and “Emma finally got her money and Dylan saved her”. As much as it is super sweet that Dylan went to such dangerous lengths to get the money for Emma….it’s stolen gun money. Stolen from Chick Hogan! Are we supposed to think Chick Hogan won’t seek revenge on Caleb and Dylan for what went down? Not only did Caleb take the money, he took more than what was even owed to him. Oh boy. AND NOT ONLY THAT. He took the money….told Chick to never come near his son again or he would kill him and then he left! Oh. My. God. Dylan is super vulnerable right now and I already made my comments about the fate of Gunner. Now it’s quite possible that Emma will get to use that money and Chick won’t seek retribution for what happened. She will survive the surgery and she and Dylan will ride off in the sunset together to start their happy lives! Oh wait, I forgot….I’m not watching Happy Days….I’m watching Bates Motel. Come on, people…..get nervous.

7) Norman Will Soon Completely Believe Norma is the Real Villain 


That scene where Norman suggests that it was Norma who killed Sam all along was terrifying? There’s a reason why we all believed that Norma Bates was the real villain in Psycho. It’s because Norman was fully convinced she was. He may soon believe she killed Sam and he definitely believes that she killed Blair Watson. That’s the only way he was able to pass that polygraph test. And now that he has the ability to completely personify “Norma” when he blacks out, it is highly likely that he will fully believe “Norma”/Norma is the villain. He could want to get rid of such a terrible evil presence in his house which may ultimately lead to Norma’s death. Ugh, I’m getting scared.

6) Bradley May or May Not Be Real


Of course no one came into contact with Bradley last episode. Of freaking course. Now, I mostly believe that Bradley is actually there. It would be strange that Norman was able to ride all around town in a car that didn’t exist with a girl that didn’t exist…..unless it was all a delusion. Oh my god, what is he was blacked out in the basement the whole time or in his creepy rocking chair? Sorry, my mind is wandering. It just seems like Bradley is actually there and her only purpose of being there is to die. Honestly, I’m not looking forward to this storyline that much. As much as I know it’s important, I feel like it is so predictable that Bradley would be the one to die. On the other hand, I don’t really want anyone else in the main cast to die so I guess I’m okay with it. But think about it, how likely is it that Norman was chasing his dead dog in order to get away from his mom and he just happens to bump into Bradley who just happens to be standing in the middle of the road? And it should also be noted that Norma isn’t the only woman Norman has had delusions of. In the beginning of the season, he saw Blair Watson at school. I’m just saying, Something seems strange.

5) Borma has Some Interesting Agendas


Norman’s mind is a scary scary place and now with the more frequent addition of Borma, I am thoroughly more confused than I ever have been before. Borma seems to be angry anytime Norman may be sexually attracted to anyone else. She appeared right before he killed Blair Watson and in the latest episode while he was having sex with Bradley. But something to note is we also saw her earlier in the season when Norman was in the bathroom. She didn’t look sexy. She didn’t have that blue and white flowered dress on….and she tried to convince Norman to kill himself. She told him he should submerge himself in the bathtub in order to see if he killed Annika Johnson. So it should be noted that we’re not just dealing with the jealous Borma, we could be dealing with a whole lot of Vision Normas. Oh boy, am I going to have to give them all names? I’m not looking forward to that.

4) We Don’t Actually Know What Happened to Annika and Lindsey


Here is still one of the biggest mysteries of the entire season. The season started with two women dying and while we know a whole lot about the fallout of their deaths….mostly including a very specific flash drive, we do not know what actually happened to them. Lindsey was found in the water and Annika was shot but able to drive all the way to the Bates Motel to give Norma a flash drive. So what do we know? We know both Lindsey and Annika were involved with the Arcanum Club and that they were in fact hired sex workers. We know Lindsey had a very special relationship with Bob and that she was his favorite girl. We know she seemed to have gotten accustomed to a certain rich lifestyle with Bob Paris and started to resent him when he treated her like just a sex worker. We know he wanted a threesome with Lindsey and another girl (Annika). And we know they both ended up dead. Was there a plot of revenge? Did Bob Paris find out and have them both killed? Were they actually hunted down by the hunters of the club? How did Annika narrowly escape? So many questions and I have a bad feeling we’re not going to get answers to most of these questions.

3) Norman Has Been Trying to Control Himself


Okay, it’s time for me to do a whole lot of Norman defending. This season definitely wouldn’t have had the same impact if we didn’t all fall in love with Norman in the first two seasons. He was a very likable guy and now he is seen more as a villain than ever before but let’s just take a moment and talk about the Norman we know and love from the first two seasons. I feel like we’ve only seen him a couple of times during this season but all of those times, you’re heart breaks. He is completely mortified by what he may have done during his blackouts. He is terrified he will hurt the ones he loves and he is trying to stop it from happening. I mentioned the taxidermy stuff previously. That may be one way he’s trying to keep himself occupied and less like to go over the edge (no matter how creepy it is). He was completely shattered the night Annika wound up dead because he thought he may have played a part in her death. He also tried to commit suicide at the end of Season Two when he found out he did in fact kill Blair Watson. He’s a danger to those around him and he feels that he needs to be taken out of the equation before anyone else gets hurt. But Norma convinced him to stay alive in the guilt trip of all guilt trips. She basically told him if he killed himself that she would go too. Damn, that’s some pressure to put on the poor boy. So he doesn’t kill himself but that doesn’t stop him from trying to figure out what’s wrong with him. In an interview, Keryry Ehrin let us all know that Norman didn’t take Norma’s dress to be creepy or to wear it but he took and hid it so he knew if he saw Norma in it… was really Norma. The point is Norman when he’s the Norman we love is trying probably harder than any other character on this show to control Norman: the Villain. Just something to think about…..everyone’s worried about a main character dying on the show and all along, we’ve been watching a very beloved main character dwindle before our very eyes. RIP Real Norman, you will be missed.

2) Norma is at her Breaking Point


Norma is done. She started off this season fairly happy and content with her life. Norman wasn’t going to prison and her relationship with Dylan was pretty amazing. What more could a mother want? I truly believe this season was really about Norma getting to the point where she physically and emotionally cannot handle Norman anymore. As the season goes on, we see her become closer and closer to those around her and distance herself from Norman. As an audience, we love seeing this happen but all in all, it’s not going to be good for her in the long run. But even as the season progressed, these people she loved and trusted have slowly turned on her. Dylan was shacking it up with Caleb and (in her mind) forced her to make up with him and Romero gave the flash drive to the DEA. All of the leverage she ever had with Bob Paris is gone and she’s almost positive that she will be dead soon. But she still does everything in her power to protect her son. She will scour every single edge of White Pine Bay to make sure he didn’t kill Annika Johnson and if he did….to cover it up before anyone found out. She will blackmail the richest, most influential man in the town in order to ensure a future for both Dylan and Norman. She will do literally anything in order to protect Norman from going to prison. Not to mention this whole season, Norman has been really less than pleasant to her. There are so many times where I wanted to reach through the TV screen and slap the shit out of him for how he’s treated his mother. She’s done dealing with his nonsense but I don’t think she would ever truly go against him. In “Norma Louis”, she talked about being a mother and how it is like “The Giving Tree” where the boy takes everything away from this tree until it is a stump…..and then the boy sits on the stump. It’s clear that she views herself in this way and she doesn’t really care what she has to do or what she needs to give up in order to keep her sons safe. Pretty soon, Norma won’t be Norma anymore. She’ll just be a stump for Dylan and Norman to sit on. Uplifting right?

1) Somebody is Going in that Damn Pit


That pit. That fucking pit. We all know someone’s going in that damn pit. For the last couple of episodes, we’ve been staring at someone’s grave! We know it. The characters just don’t know it yet. Well, I’m pretty sure Romero knows it and after her conversation with Bob Paris, Norma knows it too. Now fans are hoping and praying that it will be in fact Bob Paris that goes into that pit. Wouldn’t that be just the best karma ever? But it seems pretty likely that it could be Bradley that will end up in the pit? I don’t see her (if she’s real) surviving the next episode and then Norman could be all like “Hey look….a convenient pit.” Part of me really hopes I’m not right about this….just because I think it’s so predictable and I hope this isn’t the big moment the writers a banking on for the finale. But as this list proves, we do have a whole lot more things to cover in the finale and there might be some twists and turns up ahead. Nonetheless, it seems like Bradley is the most likely to go into the pit but the interesting thing will be if Norma will be privy to her death. I know I’m jumping the gun saying Bradley will most definitely die but come on. Will it just be Norman who buries Bradley in the pit? Or will Norma help him? You see Dylan this is why you need to stick around!

Though those things are really important things to keep in mind before watching the Bates Motel finale, the number one thing that should be in your minds is that it isn’t renewed for a Fourth Season yet. In the years before, it was announced in April that the show would come back for another season but we haven’t heard squat this year. So if you’d really like an answer to all these questions and to let Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin know you would like to see them tell the full version of their story, you might want to let A&E know that. Get the numbers for finale up and watch it live. Or on demand. Like the Bates facebook page… know the drill. How depressing would it be if we never get any answers or finally see the fates of all of our beloved characters? Let’s try to make Season Four happen.

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