The Beginning of The Psycho (Bates Motel 3×10)

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Though this finale featured a whole lot of things that were expected, Bates Motel has thrived on character development, emotional scenes and the strength of its actors to carry the show this far and this episode was no different. We got a really great inside look into the seasons to come and where Norman is really at mentally. Our fears that we have had all season that Norman was getting worse were confirmed and everyone else seems to be content at the moment but all the while facing their inevitable doom.


Emma’s Reaction

Poor, sweet Emma. She’s afraid of dying and for someone who has been living on death’s door for the past few years certainly has had a lot of time to think about it. When you really think about it, none of us really think about death all that often when we’re that young. But Emma has had to contemplate her options everyday with her sickness being her constant reminder. It’s perfectly normal for her to have a freak out about getting this transplant and it really brought the fact that she could not survive this surgery to the audience.

Some part of me really wonders though if she knows that the money came from Dylan. I always viewed Emma as a smart person. Hell, in the first season she was a regular Nancy Drew. So I find it hard to believe she can’t really put two and two together. Dylan (who obviously cares for) leaves for a few days to get a whole lot of money that is clearly not going into his farm and then after he returns, she miraculously gets bumped up the transplant list. Come on now, homegirl can’t be that stupid.

So here’s the catch. I’m assuming the transplant will go well unless the next season takes place right after the events in this episode and though that could be true, the previous two breaks in between seasons have seemed to take place over a long amount of time. So unless they’re just going to have Emma die off screen (and fans would riot if that happened), one might guess that things will go well with the surgery. Well, if not we could possibly see Emma in a worse state than she already is and I’m really not excited about that notion. But here’s what is more likely to happen; the transplant goes well but it’s the transplant that was paid by Chick’s stolen drug money. There still could be some serious repercussions for Dylan and company once Chick recovers and the guilt of that could destroy Emma. Hmm, I think I smell a plot for Season Four.


The Kiss

Okay, I’m just going to talk about my gripe with the spoiler notice before the episode before I get into this. The spoiler note said fans would finally be delivered a long awaited kiss. Before I even watched the finale, I knew the spoiler was about Dylan and Emma even though that description is not accurate. And just to clarify I absolutely love Dylan and Emma but that kiss was not “long awaited”. They had their first real scene together three episodes ago. Three episodes do not warrant the description “long awaited” as much as people have wanted them to lock lips in the last three episodes.

Ugh, okay I got that off my chest. Now we can talk about how adorable they are. I do love the notion of Dylan and Emma together. They are very cute couple to counteract the very dynamic and most of the time heartbreaking couple of Norma and Romero. Emma and Dylan really found a lot of things in each other that they could both relate to. They both know what it’s like to be on the outside of the Bates family (well, Dylan used to be…..he’s much more inserted into things nows) and they both are actually very sentimental people. The kiss was such a great moment to show how far Dylan and Emma have both come. They’ve both matured by the beginning of the series and this whole scene really showcased them having an adult conversation about her surgery.

She didn’t necessarily want the surgery and she wants to enjoy her last days in this life rather than be a lab rat. But of course Dylan convinced her (mainly with his smooches) that she should take a chance on this surgery because there could be a better life on the other side of it. Although there’s a little part of me that hilariously imagines his internal thoughts being like “Bitch, I almost died for this money….now get the damn surgery”.  Anyway it was a sweet and tender moment that was very far removed from the craziness of the Bates house. This is Dylan giving Emma something to live for but also Emma giving Dylan something to love for. Don’t get me wrong, I really do think Norma and Dylan have a solid relationship now (and more on that later) but it’s nice to see him worry about something that isn’t his crazy family.


Good Riddance, Caleb

Ugh on one hand I am thrilled that Caleb left town (although I’m sure he’ll be back in Season Four) but on another hand, I hate that Dylan keeps getting let down. But I guess that’s what you get when you put a whole lot of faith in your rapist angry uncle/father person. Not that he doesn’t have a reason to be but Dylan is quite the brooding character of Bates Motel. He always seems to be moping around about one thing or another. If anything it was nice to see him kiss Emma just so we could get a damn smile out of that kid. So now he has another reason to be upset. His father left him and not only did his father leave but he left him possibly in a pretty shitty situation. Chick is probably going to be super pissed and will seek revenge. Though that’s not confirmed in any way; it sure does seem likely. So now Dylan’s going to have to deal with this shit on his own. I doubt he would worry Norman, Norma or Emma about his troubles with the gun running. You know who that leaves??? Gunner!! Ah yes, that’s a dynamic duo if I’ve ever heard of one.


Romero’s Decision

A highly anticipated moment of this episode was when Romero and Norma saw each other again. The last scene they had together was pretty explosive to say the least and after that; where do we go from there? I really did love this scene in the finale between these two characters. It was short and sweet but the most important part of it all was that it was honest. Norma was honest with Romero and not screaming at the top of your lungs because Romero has you pinned down honest. She was calm and she just talked and told him how she was feeling. It was possibly the most honest Norma has ever been. It just brought me back to the Season Two finale where she was finally honest to Dylan about Norman and the lie detector. Very slowly but surely, Norma is actually trying to get help from others and these scenes where she isn’t trying to cover up something or lie in order to protect Norman are my favorite scenes to watch.

Now we didn’t get a Normero kiss but in all honesty (as much as I would love to see one) I don’t think they are there yet. It wouldn’t feel right in this scene. This scene was about something much deeper than just a frivolous kiss. This scene was about Norma finally making the decision (as she tried to for the majority of the episode) to be truthful about Norman. She truly believes he is the sweetest boy and let’s not lie, we all know that side of Norman. We all know where she’s coming from and she hates that she can’t protect him anymore. But all in all, she just wants it all to be over. Fate will step in. Obviously whenever Romero and Norma get together there is just a level of acting that sparks so many ranges of emotions but there were a couple of moments that just stuck with me. When Norma said “it would kill me”, you can just hear the whole audience collectively saying…..it will kill you either way Norma! And at the end where she says “We’re all doomed in the end right?” Ugh, what a statement to make and in that moment, I have never been more sure that Romero will in fact be the boyfriend that drives Norman over the edge. They are both doomed but somehow it doesn’t really matter. They’ve both been through so much and both have tried to hold it together for so long that death may not actually be the worst thing for these two. Just like Emma is worried about her little time left, viewers could also look at Norma and Romero in the same way. They could very well be doomed but maybe they can figure everything out before it happens.

But moving on to Romero’s decision….I have a hard time he killed Bob Paris for any other reason than to protect Norma and her family. It is probably going to come and bite him in the ass (maybe, he has been good at covering his tracks in the past) but isn’t it a little suspicious that Romero who has a past with Bob Paris was lurking in the background when DEA raided Bob Paris’s house and he wasn’t inside….then Romero disappeared. I’m just saying….the DEA already seems to be super suspicious of Romero and getting rid of their main target of Bob Paris could not be in his best interests. But the scene where he killed Bob Paris was great. I knew he would be in that damn boat and I knew it wasn’t to make sure Bob Paris got away safely. He kills Bob Paris to ensure Norman’s safety (and probably to prove to Bob Paris who the better man is, never count out Romero’s ego). Romero’s killed a lot before but this one was different. This was someone he knew and probably at some point, someone he liked. And of course once Bob Paris knew he was going to die he got some extra jabs in about Romero’s father. But nonetheless, we got to say goodbye to Bob and though he was probably the creepiest and best villain so far in White Pine Bay, I can’t say I’ll miss him. So now we can rest easy and reflect on how much of a badass Romero has been this season.


The Best Relationship in the Show

No matter if I’m currently shipping Dylemma or Normero, nothing will compare to the beautiful and complicated relationship between Dylan and Norma. If there was a term for shipping people but in a completely non-romantic sense, that’s exactly what I would be doing with these two. They really have come so far and I love that they got through an entire season being each other’s partners in this battle with Norman’s sanity. Though she did have quite the freak out in the middle of the season when Dylan asked her to make up with Caleb, they really have been there for each other throughout this whole season. There were no petty fights or snippy comments. They just supported each other in a pretty difficult situation.

I loved in the first scene when Norma told Dylan that people will disappoint him (in regards to Caleb) no matter what but right after she did something completely undisappointing (yeah, I know…I don’t think that’s a word either). She finally tells him that she is going to look into a place for Norman….a place where he will be safe and people will look after him. There you go Norma! I knew I liked you for a reason. This episode really proved to me that she is relying on Dylan very heavily to get her through this tough time.

But then it gets worse….a whole lot worse. The conversation with Norman about the place she could send him didn’t go so well and by the end of the episode he crazily decided to run away with Bradley and in a confrontation, he throws Norma down the stairs. Heh, you’re going have to try a lot harder than that to take Norma out of play. That woman is squirrely…..just ask Romero. She gets up and whacks Norman in the head knocking him unconscious. She then drags him down to the basement and ties his hands and feet together. Oh no Norma! You were doing so well. In her defense, she did think her very crazy son who does some very strange and possibly very violent things when he blacks out was about to leave to run away with a girl she knew was dead.

So she calls Dylan. Thank god. I was praying she would. She calls Dylan to help her out with Norman and he shows up in record time. I’m loving this mother-son duo were seeing here. Norma sends Dylan down to the basement to check on Norman and was anyone else terrified that Dylan wasn’t going to survive this scene? Ugh how terrifying. But alas, Norman escaped. I guess he’s squirrely too. And now last thing we see is Dylan and Norma frantically looking around for Norman. Great….don’t look too hard, you probably won’t like what you find.


The Birth of a New Norman

This was the episode we were all waiting for. This was the episode that we finally saw Norman go “full psycho”. And even though I predicted almost everything that would happen in this episode with Norman, I thought it was brilliant. Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga are geniuses and they really brought so much more to these characters than I could ever expect.

The first scene we see Norman go over the edge is when he talks with Norma about being sent away. Norma really is trying to do the right thing in this episode and she just gets completely shit on by Norman. He tells her that she’s just given up on him which is probably the worst thing you could ever say to Norma. How dare you? After all she’s done for you. This is where we start to see how bad things are getting for Norman and as much as we are rooting for Norma to do the right thing, we all know it won’t end well.

So we move on to the final scene after Norman escapes Norma’s custody and runs away with Bradley. I think we all knew where this scene was headed but that didn’t make it any less perfect. Norma comes out of Norman and he kills Bradley. He kills her pretty brutally I might add. Poor Bradley. There’s nothing like being brutally murdered by the only person in the world that you trust. I loved the decision to show Norma killing her instead of Norman. When filming this show it has to be pretty difficult to make decisions based on the Norman/Norma transition. You want to do the film justice and you want to make it realistic and credible. I absolutely loved it and when Norman returns to being Norman, the horror on Norman’s face was just perfect. The thing I really loved was that no one knows this happened. For all Dylan and Norma know, Norman could have just been delusional that entire time. So we now know Norman is capable of extreme violence towards other but there will be no consequences to his actions. Bradley’s car in gone and so is her body and even if they do find her….she’s supposed to be dead possibly in that same body of water. Sheesh, blackout Norman is pretty smart. And the final shot. Well what can I say about the final shot? It was amazing. The music….the setting…..Norman creepily staring at the water in a very peaceful manner. I can’t even express how great it was.


Best Quote:

Norma: We’re all doomed in the end right?

Romero: Well, maybe…….probably.


Best Moment:

The final shot of the season. It was beautiful, creepy and terrifying all at the same time.


Worst Moment:

Um the few moments we had to endure watching Caleb? Other than that, there really weren’t any.


What Was Your Favorite Moment from the Finale?

2 comments on “The Beginning of The Psycho (Bates Motel 3×10)

  1. Ha ha! “Don’t look too hard [Dylan and Norma]…you won’t like what you find.” I just burst out laughing. So true.

  2. An excellent ending to an amazing season! But I am sad that we have to wait a whole YEAR for the next season!! Ahh!! So many terrific moments in this episode, from the Dylemma kiss to Norman’s plunge into his movie persona…oooo that last scene sent shivers up my spine. And did anyone else freak out when Norma ties Norman up in the basement?! That brought total flashbacks to the movie where “Norma” is telling Norman not to lock her up in the basement again. AHH! So creepy! Now we know why Norman plays out that scenario in the future. I’m getting more and more scared for the people around him who we love and what their fates might be. Now that we’re seeing how close we are to movie Norman Bates, it’s only a matter of time before the people around him are gone and/or dead.

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