Score One for Caleb (TURN 2×04)

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Anna’s Weird Newfound Romance

Or lack of romance I should say…..I think both Ben and Abe are happy that Hewlett has taken a liking to Anna. But Anna? Not so much. And even though the writers were striving pretty hard this episode to garner up some amount of sympathy for Hewlett, he is quite possibly the show’s worst bad guy. He’s not as charming as Andre and not as sadistic as Simcoe. He’s just kind of there and now Anna has to act like she’s somewhat interested in him if they are going to make any sort of contact with Abigail. I can’t help but think Abigail might get caught in the crossfires of this whole mission. Ben and Abe might push Anna too far and a mistake may be made that would cost Abigail her life. Here’s hoping that doesn’t actually happen.


What in the World, Townsend

I’m confused. Wasn’t Townsend all like never come back here again? Why was Abe so confident when talking to Ben that he could in fact turn Townsend? Did I miss something? Abe’s assumptions (at the end of it all) may have been right all along but I find it a little strange that he just assumed this was the guy who could in fact be turned. The scenes between Abe and Townsend were more of a song and dance than anything else but we did finally get to see Townsend’s true colors as he asks Abe to come back again. So Abe will be able to turn him? Hmmmm, interesting.

But as Abe is leaving Townsend; sh*t really hits the fan. Abe sees Henry Browning while leaving and literally starts chasing him down an alleyway. They are attacked by thieves(? I think) and Browning gets stabbed. Whoops. But before Browning can succumb to his wounds he is able to tell Abe who sent him all along….his father. Of course, Richard has been super suspicious as of late but god forbid he ever just talk to his son. Well, Abe confronts his father and Hewlett diffuses the situation saying they can no longer all hold secrets from each other if they are going to work together. Hewlett has Abe brief him about his recent visit to New York with Richard right there to hear everything. Then in a super bold move on Abe’s part, we hear him blame Browning as a spy and that information about the rebels will be found if he is found. At that moment, Richard knows exactly what Abe is up to and he may actually be putting all of the pieces together. I can’t help but think that Abe is getting a little too cocky in all of this spy business. I feel like he shouldn’t be blatantly pissing off his father like that. His father never struck me as stupid and he’s definitely very loyal to the crown. Better watch what you’re doing, Abe.


So…I’m Really Starting to Like Andre

Oh boy, I know I shouldn’t be rooting for him but I really really do. Especially after this epsidoe. John Andre is exceedingly good at what he does and I am thrilled to see him take more initiative in this second season. Besides Abigail being right under his nose, he really does have quite a handle on most things and his plans are really starting to take off.

But the best part of this episode came when Judge Shippen decided to be a huge a**hole for no apparent reason. He called Andre to his house in order to humiliate him in front of Peggy. Well, John did not take this lightly as he shouldn’t. As the judge was mocking where John Andre once came from, I was shouting at my TV screen wondering how dare he? Well, I guess that’s the moment I knew I was really starting to like John Andre. Well, Andre served it right back to Judge Shippen as we all know he can. He even mentioned the Judge’s slave trading past.

But here’s where it really starts to get interesting…..Peggy is very intrigued by Andre’s confidence and demeanor in such an awful situation. She goes to apologize to him and they have quite the argument which leads to (of course) a very passionate kiss. Though I can’t be completely sure, I feel like this was a genuine kiss from Andre….which could cause a lot of problems later on. If he actually does fall for this girl will this get worse for him or better? Time will tell. Or you know, just read a history book.


Torn Between Arnold and Washington

Have I mentioned that I feel bad for Ben? He is really just trying to be a good guy and do the right thing but he keeps being pulled in different directions. Most of his scenes in this episode were with Arnold to further develop a bond between the two. A bond that we all know Ben will soon regret.

Arnold seems to say all the right things to Ben in order to get him on his side but the one thing I really noticed in this episode is that Arnold is a little crazy and whole lot passionate. So one can see how he will eventually fall from grace and betray his country. But will Ben fall with him? Ben seems to be a little more inclined to bond with Arnold than with Washington but he is also completely loyal to Washington. The problem is at this point Ben knows more than Arnold (at least on certain issues) so we can all hope that he will actually side with Washington for the greater good but for now he’s kind of in the dog house with him. Also he seems to be willingly giving up all sorts of information to Arnold about Lee and Gates and how Washington should deal with them. He’s also fueling the fire by telling Arnold that Washington didn’t defend him after he went through all that trouble to crash that dinner party in order to defend Washington. It seems like Ben may not be super impressed with Washington anymore especially know that Washington seems mostly disappointed in him. But don’t worry Ben….Caleb’s coming with some great intel that will get you back into Washington’s good graces.


The Fight’s Not Over

Speaking of…in this episode, we see Caleb closing in on getting the papers that could be crucial in helping Washington. He talks with some friends who have seemed to swipe the bust of King George and try to buy it off of them. Of course, being pirates themselves…they soon wondered what was so damn important about the bust and decided to hike up the price. While in negotiations, Rogers comes out of nowhere and a big fight starts. Rogers is able to kill the lead pirate but he wasn’t quick enough to stop Caleb from getting the papers out of the bust and hightailing it out of there.

Just because Caleb was able to get away from Robert Rogers clutches and actually obtain the paper that Patience Wright stole; I find it hard to believe that Rogers is just going to pack up and go home. What sucks is I would love to think that Caleb and Robert would make the best team ever if they ever were on the same side. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon and Caleb better get that paper to Ben quickly before Rogers catches up to him.



Best Quote:

Benedict Arnold: (to Ben) You can be a spy or you can be a soldier…..you can’t be both.


Best Moment:

John Andre basically sticking his middle finger in the air with his words as he drops the mike on Judge Douchebag was by far the most satisfying moment of the episode.


Worst Moment:

Hewlett and astronomy. Enough said.

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