What Will Paige Do? (The Americans 3×12)

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Maurice….You’re a Dead Man

The whole storyline with Lisa and Elizabeth this whole season has probably been one of my least favorite storylines. Not really because it’s not well done but just because it doesn’t seem to grab you as much as all of the others. But of course, the writers have their ways of spicing up even the most boring storylines by bringing in an abusive husband who is biting off more than he can chew. Really, he doesn’t know Elizabeth can kill him with her bare hands but she can.

He’s decided things are going to go his way from now on and Elizabeth is letting him have one win but I believe that’s all she’s letting him have. I wouldn’t be surprised if Maurice winds up dead in the finale. Not surprised one bit.


Agent Aderholt Confronts Stan

The problem is he is confronting him about the right things. Take a seat, Aderholt, take a damn seat. I wasn’t a big fan of him at the beginning of this season but this agent just seems to be barking up all the wrong trees. He is accusing Stan of placing the pen in Agent Gaad’s office and though there may be some reason to suspect Stan of certain things in this show regarding his allegiances with the Russians; that’s not it. Are the writers going to try to frame Stan for the pen? Would Philip actually do that in order to keep Martha safe? I really hope not and not just because I like Stan a lot more than I like Martha. I just feel like it would be great to see Stan finally get a win.


Speaking of Martha

It was a big episode for our beloved receptionist. She’s finally figuring out that she is a whole lot of trouble. Well, she knew she was in trouble before but she never seemed to care. She is so blinded by her love for Philip that she in fact is fine with lying to everyone at the FBI….even though it could get her caught or worse.

But first let’s talk about that scene that gave me a heart attack. Are you kidding me? Just as Philip is about to go visit Martha; we see her already in her apartment entertaining…..Stan! BAH! Even with Philip’s disguise, Stan would recognize him right away. It’s insane. Luckily, Philip was waved off before he could actually enter the apartment in what would have been the most awkward confrontation ever. But let’s dive into what the scene between Stan and Martha really means. I’m starting to lose all sorts of faith that Martha is in fact spying for the FBI. Not that I want Philip and Elizabeth to be found out by any means but that would have made Martha a whole lot more epic and her character just so much more interesting. If she was spying….why would she be so alarmed about Stan coming to visit her? Anyway, let’s talk about Stan. What was Stan actually doing there? Stan suspects something is up with Martha and I’m almost positive that he will do his best to figure out what he can. I can’t imagine he was there in any sort of personal capacity no matter what he said. So yes, Martha is in deep sh*t and she has every right to freak out.

Which she does. Oh boy, Martha is losing it. In the final scene, we get a very epic shot of “Clark” trying to convince Martha to stay (once she is almost definitely about to book it and leave him in the dust) and in doing so, he takes off his wig! Oh. My. God. I was literally shouting at my TV screen. This can’t be a good idea right? She’s cracking! And/or possibly working for the FBI! What on earth are you doing?? Don’t give her the information of what your actual hair color looks like. I know it may never happen but if Martha draws up a sketch of “Clark” and Gaad draws up a sketch of the woman that attacked him and then Stan just looks a said sketches, you are screwed. So this makes me wonder, does Philip actually care about Martha? Like deeply care? Ugh this is going to get so messy.


Long Live the Mail Robot!

Of course I want to see the mail robot survive. If it doesn’t then sweet Betty’s death would have been for nothing! Arkady is getting very frustrated with the lack of information they seem to be getting from the robot. It is only picking up small talk and he feels like they are wasting their time. Once Oleg and Tatiana have a little talk themselves, they are able to convince him that even picking up the small talk from these agents could give them vital information about how to eventually turn one of them. I got to say, I hope they pick up something soon and maybe will have a role to play in framing someone other than Martha at the office. My money is on Aderholt.


Don’t Piss Off Abassin Zadran

Well his name was in the title of the episode so one might assume he would be a character that demands a certain amount of attention but damn. He is one bad mother-effer. He was on his way to meet with Senators in order to get technology to be able to blow up Russians. Well, Elizabeth and Philip’s long con at the hotel finally paid off and came to fruition when they were able to get Zadran alone with them. Still, I couldn’t help but be very concerned in this scene. He is known for mutilating and decapitating his enemies. But nonetheless the talk was a success as Elizabeth and Philip entice Zadran to think that his Afghani colleagues are not who they seem. Then they let him go on a rampage against America effectively turning him over to their side. They convince him that he should meet the Senators alone and well, he took that literally. The next time we see him he is standing over the other two (now mutilated) Afghani colleagues. Wow, he’s a peach.



Claudia is back! Can she be back for good? I like Gabriel and all but come on! She’s Claudia and one of the most badass characters in this show. Anyways, Gabriel and Claudia talk about what is actually happening with Paige. Both are concerned that Philip will slow progress with her. No shit. And Gabriel wonders whether not turning page into an agent would be the right solution. Wow, that’s the first time we’ve heard Gabriel say anything of the sort. However, Claudia doesn’t seem too pleased when he suggests such a thing. Claudia gives him a pep talk. Gabriel seems back on board but it’s not really Gabriel you’re going to have to convince.


Will Paige Go to Russia?

If only Gabriel and Claudia knew about all the side eye glances and cutting words coming from Paige about this whole spy thing. Paige does not (currently) seem to be on board but that could be due to all of the lying her parents have been doing for her entire life. She tries to sneak away to Pastor Tims for a night. This could possibly be because she just wants some peace and quiet or it could be that she may actually confide in them after all. Ugh. Pastor Tim is a dead man regardless. It may not happen any time soon but Philip is going to kill that man.

Anyways, Paige is having a whole lot of struggles trying to cope with her parents lies which is completely reasonable so now it is up to Philip and Elizabeth to convince her that they are not bad people but their lifestyle requires them to lie. Philip has a pretty sweet moment with Paige when he does his best to convince her that not everything was a lie and at the end of the episode, Elizabeth plays the trump card and asks Paige to come to Russia with her. It is so important that Paige actually experience something real about her parents and their past. I got to say, I do not hate this decision. They are thinking about what it’s the best interest of Paige and not their jobs. Plus, it’ll get her away from Pastor Tim for a while. Philip can be like “Oh! It was so horrible! He got hit by a bus when you were gone!” Though Philip and Elizabeth are trying to be honest with her, I think it’s all going to get a lot worse when the Center becomes more and more concerned with her development as an agent.


Best Quote:

Claudia: Think out loud all you like…’s a free country or haven’t you heard?


Best Moment:

The scene where Stan visits Martha. I had so many damn heart attacks thinking Philip was about to show up.


Worst Moment:

Agent Aderholt decides to confront/intimidate/accuse Stan. Oh please. You’ll be framed for the pen by the end of the season.

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