It’s a Damn Hard Life for a Prisoner (TURN 2×07)

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Okay, so I really do have a whole lot to say about this last episode. Some of it’s good and some of it’s not so good. First I would like to make a disclaimer I should’ve stated a while ago when I started watching Turn. I’m not a huge history buff. I enjoy history but I would be lying if I watched this show with a whole lot of foresight about what would happen next besides the typical things I was taught in school growing up. So when this episode centered on a few famous paintings that show Washington in the forests of Valley Forge seemingly praying, I didn’t have too much context other than that.


Washington’s Choice

This episode relied heavily on Washington making a choice about Abe and Hewlett. If he pardons Hewlett; he can save Abe. And if he doesn’t pardon Hewlett….well then that really sucks for Abe. Nonetheless we see him struggle with his decisions. He even gets diagnosed with acute melancholia after he has a vision of his teeth all falling out.

The problem with them making this the entire center of the episode (from a TV critic standpoint) is that no one actually thinks he wouldn’t save Abe. Abe is the main character and if Washington decided to not pardon Hewlett…it would almost definitely mean Abe’s death. I know the show needs to be as factual as possible but I wish Washington’s moral dilemma episode centered around something we could all be conflicted about and really feel sympathy for him.


Abe’s Capture

In what could really be seen as a bottle episode, we got to see the horrible conditions in which both Abe and Hewlett are being held. Abe’s conditions were definitely better than Hewlett’s but it was really a day at the beach. We had to endure an entire storyline where some other prisoner tried to get Abe to confess. I swear this happens almost every time someone in imprisoned in any show.

But the more interesting scene was when Abe’s father finally came to visit him. It turns into a complete battle of control yet again where they are both furious at each other….neither wanting to back down. Abe’s father tells him that Anna is with Simcoe. Ouch. No need to turn the knife that deep. It does seem pretty horrible that Richard would travel all that way to say Abe should stay in prison. Were there actually other motives in store?


Hewlett’s Capture

Man, was Hewlett’s capture worse. I don’t even know where to begin. These rebels are super crazy. They stripped Hewlett of his clothes and shoved him in an outdoor cell where he could freeze. He had to eventually cut off his toe to frostbite which I got to say took a whole lot more guts than I ever thought he had. This episode served as only one purpose to me….and that was to get me to actually like Hewlett. This entire episode could have been focused solely on his capture and I would have liked it a whole lot more than the other bits.

Even though the episode was slow in pace and not entirely pushing the storyline forward, those last few minutes were on point! Simcoe comes. The rangers are killing everyone. He gleefully shows up to kill Hewlett and then Hewlett stabs him right in the gut! Yes! There’s the action I’ve been rooting for.


Going into the next episode, Simcoe is completely determined to kill Hewlett. Hewlett seems to have found his passion for surviving. Caleb and Ben should be en route to go save Abe (right?) and I for one cannot wait.


Best Quote:

Richard: Perhaps this is the best place for you…..until the war is over.


Best Moment:

Hewlett stabs Simcoe FTW!


Worst Moment:

To be honest…..anytime I was watching Washington be torn about his moral dilemma.

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