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I must say, the second season of Turn is getting better and better by the episode. Even though I wasn’t a big fan of Valley Forge, I still can recognize a much improved season. The second season has a lot of moving parts and is focusing more and more on several characters whereas the first season was almost completely focused on Abe the entire time.


The Beginning of the Turn

Probably the most anticipated plot point of the second season is Benedict Arnold and what will in fact make him become America’s most infamous traitor. In previous episodes, we have seen him become very emotional and frustrated with many people he keeps company with and his vengeance really may outweigh his loyalty in the end. Well, actually we can almost all be sure of it.

In the beginning of this episode we see Washington come out with a pretty ballsy plan to attack New York City in the winter. He believes they have the element of surprise and while Lee seems very against this decision, Arnold is all but foaming at the mouth. However there is a little wrench that gets thrown into things when Lafayette shows up to tell Washington that Franklin and Adams has secured an alliance with the French. Hooray! Everyone cheers and seems to be quite excited at the prospect of having some sort of advantage finally. But Arnold will not be so pleased. Because of this new alliance (and probably his injuries as well) Arnold is now being sent back to Philadelphia which is nowhere near the fighting. Arnold loves the fight and now feels like Washington is pushing him aside and listening to who Arnold is almost positive are traitors.

If anyone was wondering at what point Arnold really starts to turn, it was definitely in this episode. However I do find it quite obnoxious that Arnold seems to be so offended about being sent to Philadelphia. To be fair, he is still injured and has quite a difficult time getting on and off his horse. And the fact that he’s (somewhat) throwing a hissy fit because Washington doesn’t want him near battle is very unappealing.


Love or the Mission

John Andre has really become such a strong character in this season. Not that he wasn’t in Season One but now we’re starting to become very aware of how strong he really is. Ah but the problem is he fell in love and most of time, that complicates things. After he got his orders to leave Philadelphia, he and Peggy decide they will leave together and elope. Man, this is quite the love story that is brewing. Andre and Peggy seem to very much be in love with each other and now that love is going to go through some serious tests.

Once finding out that Arnold is coming to Philadelphia, Andre had a change of heart. Not a change of his love for Peggy but a change in how he was going to handle it. John Andre believes that if he can successfully turn Arnold that Peggy’s father will find him a worthy suitor for his daughter. He will become a hero and be able to marry the woman that he loves. The problem is I don’t believe that’s how this will end up. At the moment, Peggy and John seem very much in love with each other. I keep having to tilt my head ever so slightly and mouthing the word “Awww” every time they are on screen together but I really doubt everything will go accordingly to plan. What if she falls for Arnold in the process of turning him? So many things could go very wrong.


That Beard!!!!

Okay, this particular shaving wasn’t as traumatizing as when Rick Grimes shaved his beard earlier in the past season of the Walking Dead but it was all for nothing! Caleb refuses to let Abe sit in prison and die so he finally uncovers that barrel thing Sacket was working on. Apparently, it’s called the turtle and it’s a underwater transportation machine. Caleb successfully sneaks into New York in order to save Abe but not at a price. In order to pose as a member of the British army, Caleb makes the ultimate sacrifice and shaves his very epic beard (RIP). He looks so strange without it!

He finally gets an audience with Abe and Abe tells him he needs to stay….even after finding out Hewlett is “dead”. What an ungrateful son of a b*tch. At the end of the day, Abe is a man who is very dedicated to his mission and will do anything (even die) in order to help out the Continental Army. Though it is super brave, it does such that Caleb did all of that awesomeness….for nothing.


Simcoe VS Hewlett Round (I Can’t Keep Track Anymore)

If the second season of Turn accomplished anything in my eyes, it was redeeming Hewlett. Goodness! I can’t believe the guts that man actually has buried deep down somewhere inside of him. He even hid in a cow to avoid capture. Well Simcoe returned to Setauket and as a matter of fact, so did Hewlett. They’ve got to being romantic adversaries to just being plain old adversaries. The final scene between this two wasn’t the most epic showdown they’ve ever had but at least these past few episodes have put them more on even battleground. I always looked at Hewlett as a very weak man and that given the chance, Simcoe would eat him alive. That may still happen but Hewlett is putting up one heck of a fight. I can’t wait to see who ends up on top.


Will Rogers Turn?

To know that the King you’ve served all this time would rather kill you than pay you is a pretty deep stab wound to the gut. Of course, Rogers wasn’t killed. He’s way too smart for all that but it would be a nice turn of events to see him possibly work against the crown for once. He has no money and no way to go out west. He also barely has any friends on either side of the war so what’s a man to do? I’m pretty excited to see what he plans to do next. He may not have many friends, but he is possibly the smartest person on the show and I’m sure he has something up his sleeve.


Best Quote:

Caleb: Culper is dead….but you don’t have to be.


Best Moment:

Caleb’s bizarre adventure into New York City finally let us all see the Turtle in action.


Worst Moment:

Richard attempting to lie about his son’s whereabouts in order to keep him in prison was the most cringe worthy part of the whole episode.

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