Okay Stannis fans……defend that. (Game of Thrones 5×09)

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Well episode nine of this season may not have been as heart-wrenching or epic as its predecessors but you can’t say there weren’t moments that we’re heart-wrenching or epic. I think we’re actually leading up to a pretty big finale. There’s still a lot of fallout to happen at the Wall, Cersei’s fate has yet to be determined and of course the Battle of Winterfell.


The Fighting Pits

Obviously one of the biggest moments of the episode was when there was in fact an uprising in the fighting pits. Though I predicted an uprising….I also predicted a whole lot more bloodshed. Or at least bloodshed from characters that we actually care about and from what I could tell, Grey Worm wasn’t even there! So it was nice to not have to worry about him.

So the Sons of Harpy are back at it again attempting to kill Daenerys. It’s pretty clear I haven’t been the biggest fan of Daenerys as of late but of course, I do not want to see her die. More importantly….I don’t want to see Tyrion die but more on that later. I do think Daenerys was wrong to send Jorah away in the first place without at least hearing him out first but I guess a Queen must do what a Queen must do. So I must say it made me all warm and fuzzy when she finally (essentially) forgave him and let him protect her. But she took his hand! Girl, that man has greyscale. Most people on the internet are explaining that Taragaryens are immune to greyscale. Well, of course they are. Is there anything they’re not immune to? Fire….greyscale…..what else? Can she not be turned into a wight either?

See here’s probably the root of my issue with Danerys: she just seems to have it all. Maybe not so much by the end of this episode but she did obtain dragons and an unsullied army with minimal pain and suffering which might completely explain why she is very entitled. Plus there are all sorts of things that can’t hurt her just because she’s a Taragaryen. Meanwhile in Westeros…..almost every other character has to scratch and claw their way just to survive one more day. I didn’t want Daenerys to die by any means but I’m glad she just got knocked down a little bit. Maybe we’ll see a Daenerys that is closer to the sensibility of Dany in Season One but still obtaining the strength she’s gained throughout this whole time.

So Jorah didn’t die and maybe he will be able to survive the greyscale? Who knows? I was positive he was going to valiantly sacrifice himself for Daenerys but I am glad to see that it didn’t come to that. Tyrion had quite the epic moment in saving Missandei. That will probably score you some points with Grey Worm and if it turns out Daenerys won’t be back in Meereen for a while, I’m pretty sure Tyrion should be calling the shots and making friends with as many people as he can.


Division at the Wall

But what is going to happen with Jon? He has a bunch of Wildlings. His morale is pretty damn low due to hardhome and almost every member of the Night’s Watch want him out of a leadership position. But I guess he still has Sam…..and Ghost. He still has Ghost. But I highly doubt that everyone’s just going to sit together and have a big old tea party. I’m almost positive there will be a mutiny unless Jon can convince everyone to work together.

In Hardhome, we all got just a brief but terrifying glimpse at what the White Walkers were really capable of. This also made the rest of the show seem a bit frivolous. Jon is really the only one trying to fight the real threat of Westeros and if he can’t convince the Wildlings and the Crows to work together against this greater enemy….I have no idea how he will convince all of Westeros of this.


Peace in Dorne?

Ha! Not a chance. I don’t believe Ellaria will ever forget about her hatred for the Lannisters. Not ever. And what was with that creepy scene where she talks to Jaime? I didn’t like it one bit. I’m almost positive she is using her “new found” allegiance to the Prince as a ruse in order to actually stick it to the Lannisters. And I’m almost positive she’s going after Myrcella and if Jaime is caught off guard….it will be devastating for everyone around. What are we supposed to think that Tristane will protect her? The guy who had to have a guard hit Bronn for him? Please. Now you may actually want to see Myrcella die or maybe you’re rooting for Dorne all along. But I for one am not.

On another note, it’s quite possible that Jaime’s promises are completely empty. He doesn’t know Cersei is locked in a cell or that Tommen is crying upstairs in his room instead of ruling. So no matter what he promises the Prince of Dorne… may not actually happen if he returns to King’s Landing and the Faith Militant is solely in charge. Looks like this is going to be a pretty big pickle for everyone involved.


The Fight for Winterfell

I would love to hear what Stannis fans have to say after this episode. Actually, they’re saying quite a lot. Just check the comments to out youtube video. I also thought Stannis was an idiot by listening to Melisandre more than Davos from the start. But this? I honestly can’t believe I’m about to say this but I hope Roose Bolton kicks the crap out of Stannis. I hope he realizes he burned his daughter alive for nothing and he feels like the biggest piece of sh*t.

When people ask me whether or not I’m rooting for Stannis or Roose, I would like to make it very known that I am rooting for Sansa. I know that she has little to no chance in reclaiming Winterfell for her own but who cares? That’s who I want to see in charge at the end of this season but no matter what happens I’m sure it’ll be a pretty epic fight. Oh wait! Can I root for Podrick to be the Warden of the North? Nevermind, I’m rooting for Podrick.

So what are Stannis fans saying after the most horrific display of fatherhood I’ve ever seen on this show? And that’s including Tywin Lannister who puts his children on trial and sentences them to death. Well, Stannis fans are trying to remind us all that Stannis really does think he is Azor Ahai and he truly believes sacrificing his daughter will be for the greater good. Most fans actually believe someone else is Azor Ahai. It’s pretty obvious….but to avoid possible spoilers I won’t really say who. So if Stannis isn’t actually Azor Ahai, he burned his daughter for no reason. But if he is in fact Azor Ahai we might want to be looking out for things that could possible maybe sort of happen because of a sacrifice for the Lord of Light…..get what I’m saying? Anyone?


Who are you rooting for in the inevitable Battle of Winterfell?


Best Quote:

Arya: The thin man wasn’t hungry today.

Jaqen: Perhaps that is why a man is thin.


Best Moment:

Daenerys flies her dragon out of the pit to safety.


Worst Moment:







2 comments on “Okay Stannis fans……defend that. (Game of Thrones 5×09)

  1. As for the fans who defend the all-mighty Stannis in all that he does…I have never felt more sick, in my stomach and in my heart than watching that scene where Shireen is burning alive, calling for the mercy and love of her parents. How horrifying. No amount of false justification could convince me. Is this really a ruler that people want to see on the Iron Throne? A man that could sacrifice his own child to get there? For shame. And I knew it was coming. As soon as we learned the Dance of the Dragons was the name of a book she was writing…and Davvos gave her that gift, I knew she was a goner. But how horrifying. These last few episodes are having a huge impact on my sleep.

  2. I would like to start with the fact that I voted for the Boltons to win the Battle of Winterfell. Why? Well, I really don’t like either family…at all, really. But when it comes down to it, Sansa is married to Ramsay and if the Boltons win, at least she stands the chance of not dying in the battle. My real thoughts on the matter are that Stannis is going to win, Sansa will become a prisoner of war – of another throne-hungry family – and probably be treated better in the long run. After all, her father did defend Stannis’ claim to the throne, right? I’m hoping that she will, at least, be the one to kill Ramsay during said battle. My prediction.

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