Bates Motel Renewed for Not One but TWO Seasons!

Image Source: A&E 


After weeks of waiting for A&E to announce that they are giving Bates Motel a season four pickup, we finally got an answer even better. Throughout these past few weeks, we have been hearing the producers of Bates Motel talk about Season Four and even confirm that Freddie Highmore will be writing and episode for it. But there was just one problem……it was officially confirmed.

Now fans can rest easy knowing that Bates Motel didn’t just get picked up for one more season but two. We can all relax as that will give the writers enough time to tell the story the want to tell. The producers have always planned Bates to be a five season show and now they will really get to dig their teeth into some massively wonderful writing in the next two seasons without feeling any sort of urgency.

Bates Motel has drastically improved since its first season (even though the first season was still pretty damn awesome) and I can only imagine as the seasons move on so will the epic telling of these beautifully complex characters. So now everyone can breathe easy knowing that we will soon be reunited with Norman, Norma, Romero, Dylan and Emma in whatever adventures they decide to go on in the next two years.

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