So Many Damn Cliffhangers (Game of Thrones Season Five Finale)

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Oh my word….where to even begin. I have complained in some of my previous blog posts that Game of Thrones dragged its feet a little bit in some of the episodes prior to the finale but it definitely made up for it in this last episode. Every scene was important. I do believe maybe the Dorne storyline or Brienne and Podrick’s storyline could have been shortened a little bit seeing as very little to nothing happened with both of those all season. But nonetheless let’s just talk about the finale.


The Battle of Winterfell

Well, I know feel like I have to tread lightly when talking about Stannis and the battle at Winterfell. Stannis fans are pissed and looking for an excuse to tell you how stupid you are for not supporting him. Most of the time Game of Thrones fans are super passionate but they sure bring it to the next level. Here’s how I feel about the whole thing. I never particularly liked Stannis. If you haven’t read the books….there’s not a huge reason to.  He’s done some awful things (sacrifices) and though he has had some epic moments; it’s hard to like a guy who does those things especially when he doesn’t come across as very charismatic at all.

But all in all, I do think the Stannis fans have a point when it comes to the Battle. A lot of us don’t like Stannis right now and probably hope he dies but when you think about it. Wouldn’t you rather have Stannis in Winterfell rather than the Boltons? We are now going into Season Six with the Boltons still with a tremendous amount of power and nobody likes that.

But I still think it’s a stretch to say that Stannis’s sacrifice worked. Yup, Stannis fans are staying true to the fact that Shireen’s death meant something. Now I’m not going to be a negative nancy here but it really seems otherwise. His army left, his wife killed herself and he was then captured and/or possibly killed by Brienne. How on earth did it work? Even Melisandre high tailed it out of there to go to the real Azor Ahai.

Anyway the saddest part of this whole thing was Davos. That’s one thing everyone has to admit….Davos loved that girl (in my opinion) so much more than Stannis. Seeing Davos learn of Shireen’s fate broke my heart and once he finds out it was in fact the red woman? God, I hope we see Davos kill her horribly.


Theon Greyjoy is Back!

Goodbye Reek! Nobody liked you anyway!! Here’s another storyline that I think was completely drawn out in order to have that great epic scene in the finale. I believe Reek really changed his mind about defying Ramsay during the rape/wedding night scene but they needed it to last a couple more episodes. Anyways, I’m just glad we finally got there. Ding dong! The bitch is dead. Myranda went flying to her death when THEON pushed her in order to save Sansa. In a very tense couple of moments following Myranda’s death, we got to see Theon whisk her away and save her life.

But then it all went…..kinda wrong? They decide to jump off of a pretty damn tall building (I’m still trying to determine whether or not that was where Bran fell in Season One) into what could be a lot of snow. Or not….the snow did seem to disappear around Stannis. Is it that farfetched to think it didn’t do the same in Winterfell? More so than any other storyline in the finale (yes, even the final scene) I hope Sansa and Theon survived and they are able to flee to safety. Best case scenario? They meet up with Brienne and Podrick (and Stannis?) and escape to safety. Can we please let that happen? Once Ramsay sees Myranda is dead and Theon and Sansa are gone, he’s going hunting. Let’s hope when he goes hunting…..Brienne is waiting for him and slices him open.


Will She Be Arya Stark or No One?

To me, Arya’s storyline this season has been interesting but also very frustrating. I would just like one Stark to really seek the deserved vengeance on all of the people that have wronged them. We don’t seem to be getting Lady Stoneheart, Jon Snow just died (for the moment) and who knows where Bran and Rickon are? I cannot express enough how I do not want her to become a faceless man. I want her to be Arya f*cking Stark and people will fear her name. Her name. I don’t want her to be no one. The scene where she kills Meryn Trant gave me “more pleasure than a thousand lying whores” (Tyrion quote FTW) and I just want her to grab needle and somehow start her journey in revenge. Ugh, if only the Hound were still around.

But of course she heads back to the House of Black and White where we have one of the weirdest scenes in Game of Thrones history. Of course Jaqen if punishing here for what she did. And first we thought he was taking his own life but then he blinded her after basically revealing that no one in that place is someone and they’re all no ones…..or it’s possibly one no one. See doesn’t that all make sense? Um what?


Myrcella’s Kiss of Death

As soon as Ellaria planted that kiss on Myrcella, I knew it was over. I was calling Myrcella’s death since the beginning of the season. It just one more thing that may let viewers sympathize (depending on where you stand) with Jaime and Cersei and it finally gets some revenge on the Lannister family. Myrcella’s death is just the beginning of the downfall of this family.

However I do believe this will wake up some sort of anger from Jaime and a ton of rage from Cersei, it may all be too late for their characters. The Lannisters are on a steady downfall and even if Cersei survives her trial, she will probably need to deal directly with the Tyrells who she played a huge part in imprisoning.


Dream Team in Meereen

I am of course referring Tyrion, Grey Worm, Missandei and Varys. Yes of course Daario and Jorah are very important and looking for Dany and blah blah blah but all I saw was the Game of Thrones writers putting four of my favorite characters together. Hooray!

On a more serious note, Meereen is in shambles and Daenerys is nowhere to be found. Well, she’s on some grassy land with Drogon but nobody else knows that. And now, we’re getting to see her get back to her roots as she is approached and surrounded by Dothrakis. Yay! Although, I’m pretty sure whoever she convinces to marry her (because come on, we know that’s where this is going) will not be as great as Drogo. Because let’s be honest, nobody can be as great as Drogo. Daario has been trying for seasons now and it’s just kinda sad.

I’m not sure about the future of Meereen or if a Dothraki army will in fact help matters but hey, at least it’s a better plan than lay down and take it right? I’m sure none of us expect Daenerys to actually do that. But all in all, I’m thrilled that Tyrion will be in a position of power. We all love him and we know he is the smartest person on this damn show. Well, maybe only second to Varys. But hey! He’s there too. I would love to see Tyrion rule for a while and hopefully clean up something of this awful mess that keeps happening in Meereen.


The Scene We’ve All Been Waiting For

Most of the fans of Game of Thrones have been waiting for the scene where Cersei finally gets her. A woman who puts the upmost importance on pride has finally gotten a taste of her own medicine. Yes, I am a Cersei fan and to be honest this scene probably resonates well with Cersei fans. It’s like all of the other fans of the show walk behind us with a bell repeatedly saying “Shame” when they find out we actually like her.

I’m not going to go so much into this scene as I went pretty in depth with my previous blog post but all I will say is this scene was pretty awful to watch just on the surface of what it was. I do believe that Lena Headey is the best actor or actress they have on this show and I was so thrilled that she was able to pull this scene off so beautifully.

But what comes next? I don’t believe Cersei can be easily broken but now she will soon get news of another one of her children being killed. All of her efforts to save them has not succeeded thus far and it really doesn’t seem Tommen will survive much longer either. So what happens now? I believe there will be a trial and I do believe she will survive the trial. The biggest mistake anyone could make in King’s Landing is knocking Cersei down but not killing her. They took away her pride (one of the very few things holding her back before) and now she can seek all sorts of vengeance on everyone who wronged her in King’s Landing. I don’t know how many allies she has at the moment but I do believe that the Faith Militant will rue the day they made Cersei complete her Walk of Penance.


Jon Snow’s Dead or Is He?

The internet is exploding (sort of) because of the inevitable death of Jon Snow. If you think our reaction (in the video) was not as intense as it should’ve been…’s because we saw this coming from a mile away. If you didn’t, you might not have been paying very close attention. All season it was clear to me that the Night’s Watch would make an attempt on Jon Snow’s life in order to restore order to the Watch. And once they left Jon Snow’s scene for the last scene? Yup. Of course we knew he would not be making it out of Season Five.

To be honest, I really liked/like Jon Snow but he wasn’t someone I was going to completely freak out over dying. I think he was very important to the show and I think he still is important. Maybe I wasn’t completely freaking out because I don’t really think he’ll stay dead. They have been building up his character to possibly be a Taragaryen, possibly be Azor Ahai and most definitely be the biggest hope against the White Walkers. Why else would they show Melisandre at the Wall?

There are a lot of theories of why he will definitely be coming back. Kit Harington has said he will not be returning for Season Six but I’m pretty sure that’s a load of sh*t. So fans, you could possibly ease your minds knowing that he may definitely come back. And if he doesn’t? Well then this should teach you once again to not root for good characters…..especially if they’re a Stark. I mean really? Haven’t you learned anything?


Is Stannis really dead?
What happens now with Theon and Sansa?
What path would you rather see Arya take?
What are you most looking forward to seeing happen in Meereen in Season Six?
Did you feel bad for Cersei during her Walk of Shame?
Will Jon Snow come back to life?


Best Quote:

Arya: You know who I am. I’m Arya Stark. Do you know who you are? You’re no one. You’re nothing.


Best Moment:

This is such a tough one for this episode but I’m going to go with Theon finally realizing he still has balls and saving Sansa. Let’s be optimistic that they survived that fall.


Worst Moment:

The Sand Snakes kill Myrcella…….and we all pretend to care.




6 comments on “So Many Damn Cliffhangers (Game of Thrones Season Five Finale)

  1. jon snow was a big part of game of thrones and them killing him left me in total disbelief.they need to find a way to bring jon back from the dead.we love jon,without him the show to me just lost its excitement!

  2. Pretty boring. I’m just wondering if everything in the new season is going to be a departure from the source material considering the books not out yet.

  3. What an incredible episode! You were so right about the buildup and about how the show was leading up to an epic and very intense season finale. So many emotions, so many moments we were all waiting for, and so many more that we’ll be waiting for until next season. Ahhh, the suspense! I, for one, am a firm believer that Jon Snow is going to come back. I mean, he has to. I’ve read all of the theories circulating the internet and I can’t help but be convinced. When we’ve lost other characters on this show, their character arcs were over. Their stories completed as well as they could be. Jon, himself, feared a mutiny and it shows in his face for a good deal of the season. It seems to me that when a character, themselves, anticipate and worry about their seemingly righteous and correct actions and the people around them that don’t agree with them, that you have a ruler in the making, someone who has a great deal of compassion, but knows that their decisions might not always be favored. I feel like his arc isn’t over. And c’mon…they zoomed in on his face for such a long time! That ending was so “Here it is! Jon Snow is dead!” that I couldn’t help but feel that their choosing to focus on him for so long was a hint as to how important he was/is. A tactic to really shock us and perhaps really throw us for a loop when he comes back. (Damn, wouldn’t a lot of us be really disappointed and silly if he actually stays dead.)

    Anyways, great episode, great post…I SO cannot wait to watch your reaction video. My reactions, for one, were pretty extreme.

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