Get Ready for Battle (TURN 2×09)

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Battle of Monmouth, Here We Come

Man, I really would like to start caring about George Washington sometime soon. Maybe caring isn’t exactly the right word. I care because he is such an important character but let’s all be honest….he hasn’t been very likable and he definitely hasn’t been very smart. Lee gives quite a speech proclaiming his loyalty to Washington and blah blah blah and Washington just eats it up.

Now I feel like I have a very unique way of watching this show. There are some time that I know will definitely happen and there are some that I’m hazy about but I am almost positive that Lee cannot be trusted and we should have been listening to Ben since day one. Ben does have that slightly annoying habit of being loyal to a fault….and talking about it all the time but isn’t he right? There are so many people who can’t be trusted and so many people’s disloyalty is what George Washington seems to be ignoring.

I’m assuming the next episode will show the Battle of Monmouth and it will (hopefully) identify the traitors at least in Washington’s camp. And the one person I’m sure is not a traitor? Of course…..Ben. And the one person I care about surviving? Of course is Ben. Well….and Caleb if he makes it there in time.


Benedict Arnold…You Are No John Andre

Not even a little bit. You may be super heroic and like to boast about yourself but if the choices of John Andre and Benedict Arnold were placed in front of me? It’s not even a competition. Arnold of course comes riding in gallantly on his horse coming to save the day and thinks very highly of himself yet again which gets him a private audience with Peggy for a moment.

As the scene moves along you see that Arnold is no match for Andre in any sort of way. He boasts about himself and is very direct in his courting of Peggy. He then very bluntly proposes marriage to her. Damn, Peggy is one hot commodity. She dodges the question…..basically because she is already (kind of married) to Andre. So what’s to come of this relationship? Will Arnold do anything in order to sway Peggy towards his side or will it be the other way around? History basically dictates how this storyline will most likely turn out.


Hewlett Vs. Simcoe

This whole storyline has got to be my favorite of this entire season. At first, everyone was positive that Hewlett was going to get eaten alive by Simcoe and while that still may be the case, he sure is a better match for him now. Hewlett has really proven himself to not be as stupid and cowardly as he’s been portrayed as in the beginning of this show. The problem is Simcoe is just darn right crazy….and bloodthirsty…..and likes to cut out people’s tongues.

Throughout this entire episode we were seeing each man make firing shots of which I’m assuming will end in a battle in the finale. Simcoe literally killed one of Hewlett’s men and though he made it look like a suicide, he wasn’t very shy about his involvement. And with the help of Anna, Hewlett was able to take away Jordan/Akinbode from Simcoe which could prove to really hurt him in the long run.

I really do think we have to have some sort of bloodshed in the finale. All of the main characters are still living for such a high tension show about the fine line between life and death. There will most likely be casualties in both of the battles that should take place in the finale and all in all, we’re supposed to be rooting for Hewlett. Hewlett is (deep down) a good guy and Simcoe is (deep down) a horrible guy but I can’t help but kind of root for Simcoe. He really is just that awesome and that terrifying. What on earth is the show going to do without him?


Hooray Abe! You’re Free….Sort of.

Abe is out of prison and we can all rejoice. I was getting so sick of watching him give legal advice to other criminals. I must say Abe really has found his set of balls in Season Two. Just the look he gives the jailor as he leaves prison is utterly terrifying. Like are we supposed to think that Abe will one day return to New York just to kill that guy? He really has come such a long way since the man we met in the first episode of Season One.

So his work (and Simcoe’s attacks) has finally paid off and he finally gets Samuel on his side. Woohoo! But wait….don’t get too excited. In one of the tenser and very awesome sequences at the end of this episode, Abe and Anna get caught red handed literally with incriminating evidence in their hands by Simcoe’s men. There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide and just by sticking a gun to Anna’s head; Simcoe’s men are able to get Abe to tell them where Caleb would be meeting him. Abe! This may be just about my love for Caleb and my sometimes lack of love for Anna but how could you?

As they head out into the woods, I was thinking two things; How are earth are they going to get out of this one? & Caleb better have fully grown his beard back after that last episode! Good news; they got out of it. Bad news; the beard wasn’t back. Caleb was attacked, knocked out and hogtied while the two men made Abe watch as they sexually assaulted his love Anna. I gotta say it was looking pretty grim for a moment there and then bam out of nowhere Anna starts stabbing the sh*t out of the rapists place that shall not be named. This shocks the other man letting Abe get the upper hand on him. Caleb then wakes up and not long after Abe and Caleb kill the man in a super awesome tag team effort. AND Caleb was still hogtied. They look up to help out Anna but no worries boys….she’s got it. As she continually stabs the man who was trying to assault her (and how is he not dead yet?), she finally gives up and shoots him right in the face. Goodness. That is quite a lot of intense things to digest in the last few minutes of the episode.

But even after all of the horror, Abe turns right to Caleb and gives him the paper that states there will be an assassination attempt on Washington’s life. Caleb wants to stay to help Abe and Anna with the current predicament but Abe orders him to leave at once. Damn Abe, you’re a boss right now. Abe and Anna decide to frame Hewlett’s men for the killing of Simcoe’s men. Oh boy. Well that’s it….we know for sure that this will make Simcoe and Hewlett’s feud erupt into war in Setauket which I’m assuming with have some sort of regrettable casualties. As they get rid of the bodies, someone is watching from a distance but who is it? It could be Hewlett…..it could be Cicero….it could even be Abe’s father who has been lurking in the shadows all season long. Whoever it is will either get a quite exit out of the show by the new badass Abe or could possibly be recruited for the cause….it’s really up in the air right now.


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