Finally. Score One for Washington. (Turn 2×10)

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The Season Finale of Turn did not disappoint in a variety of ways; it had lots of action even though a bit of the battle wasn’t shown, a lot of character decisions and truths came out and above all, some gut wrenching moments.  It did give a great amount of plot points to charge into Season Three with. The only problem is we still don’t really know if there will even be a Season Three. But in this case, I’m glad the show decided to finish strong because there could really be a huge possibility they will get their Season Three pickup and we can all let out a big sigh of relief.


Abe’s Predicament

So where to start? I’m assuming we have to start with Abe seeing as that’s where the show started with at the beginning of Season One. Abe had a pretty decent season. Though I may be more interested in other character’s plotlines; he really evolved from a shy, flip-flopy spy in Season One to a full on JamesBond, no-remorse kind of spy in Season Two. He is even suggested killing people in cold blood. While he may have been able to stop Hewlett’s letter from getting out of Setauket, he obviously didn’t completely get himself out of harm’s way as he was soon captured by Robert Rogers. Of course they left this little development as the Season’s biggest cliffhanger and could you blame them? Rogers has been taking a bit of a back seat as of late and this bring him right back into the game.

The other aspect of Abe’s storyline that I believe drastically improved from the first season was the warped love triangle between Anna, Abe and Mary. Obviously Anna and Abe love each other very much. We’ve known that since the first season but I would like to talk a little bit about Mary. Honestly I thought Mary was just going to be Abe’s “wife” and that she would be naïve for the majority of the show but I’m really starting to think that I was wrong. Mary is completely dedicated to Abe; she is not dedicated to either side of the war in particular….just Abe. Though Anna is indeed Abe’s partner in crime and might have more common sense than Mary, it was very nice to see Mary do what she needed to do in order to protect her husband. Will these actions draw Abe closer to her? Will I eventually be rooting for Mary instead of Anna? I guess only time will tell….that is if we ever get a Season Three pickup for this show.


Abigail’s Change of Heart

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of John Andre so that last scene with him was very heartbreaking but also pretty heartwarming once you saw Abigail and her son. Abigail has been slightly pushed against her will to spy for the rebels and though she has been very happy to do so; it seems like she might finally have a change of heart. After seeing Jordan/Akinbode with his freedom papers because of Simcoe, she might have already had a little bit of a change of heart. Side note; did anyone else just melt when Jordan promised to come back and rescue her? Let’s all let out one big collective swoon. Plus, Andre really has been quite lovely to her. It really showed at the end of this season that she may be having quite a difficult time spying on Andre anymore. Maybe because her intel could have been what lost Andre the battle and now everything is crumbling around a man who has only been nice to her. Man, do people always switch sides on this show that often? I guess that’s why they call it Turn.


Score One for Washington

Obviously this was a pretty big episode for Washington. He won the battle and he sniffed out some terrible traitors. Everything would have been perfect if Caleb had only been able to grow his beard back. Well, we start off exactly how I thought we would with Ben being stuck with a bunch of traitors and seeing as I am a viewer who is unaware of many of these character’s fates. I must say I was terrified for him. Ben all along has been the only one I am positive is not a traitor. He’s the furthest thing from it and to finally see him get justice for all of the hard work he’s put into exposing them was wonderful. I still don’t know how I feel about Washington’s “I knew all along” confession. I mean, that may be true but poor Ben through this whole season! How rude, Washington, how rude.


Oh, The Tragedy of it All

I give massive props to JJ Field this season of Turn because the story I am most interested in is his love story with Peggy that doesn’t seem to have a happy ending…..yet. Though as I viewer I am hopeful that this will all turn around in the favor of both Peggy and Andre, I’m thinking it’s not that realistic. Ugh, Arnold gives me the creeps and Andre is just so wonderful on some many accounts so when Arnold basically forces Peggy to be married to him, it makes my skin crawl.

The last thing we see in regards to this storyline is John Andre literally drinking his life away because he wasn’t able to win the battle (and in turn win Peggy back). He can’t handle the fact that he left the woman that he loves in the arms of Benedict Arnold. Though he knows she’s strong, he will eternally feel guilty about the whole situation. I’m with you there, Andre. Arnold is so full of himself and so utterly consumed with what he wants that he won’t stop until he has Peggy.

And has Peggy he does. In the most real and traumatizing scene of the entire show. We essentially see Peggy get raped by Arnold while holding on to the one last dear thing she has of Andre. I know saying the word rape could be controversial because of the fact that she did initiate the idea of having their wedding night but honestly, that was the word that came to mind.


Honestly, I truly hope we get another season. Turn seems to be one of those shows that keep getting better as time goes on but on another hand, it definitely doesn’t have the same amount of viewers as some of the other AMC shows. It may be a while before AMC confirms or denies Turn having a third season. We’re coming up on Emmys season and maybe they are seeing how well Turn will fare in those regards. Though I can’t imagine Turn will pick up nearly anything with all of the competition out there. So I will end by saying this….Turn is a very unique show in a sea of dramas that all seem to be very similar of one another. It’s captivating and from what I can tell, historically accurate. There doesn’t seem to another show like that coming any time soon.


Best Quote: 

Ben: As you said; secrecy is the key to security. As long as the ring is secret, it is secure……

Best Moment: 

That sweet scene between Abigail and Jordan/Akinbode just made me feel all the feels.

Worst Moment: 

Poor, Poor Peggy. That whole sequence was just tragic.

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