Top 20 Tuesday: Most Memorable Moments of Season Five

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I always have to title these posts “Most Memorable Moments” rather than “Best Moments”. More than half of these moments are pretty crappy, heartwrenching moments so I don’t feel particularly great calling them Best Moment but nonetheless here we go…..


20) 5×04: Stannis Loves Shireen


Ah, before it all went terribly terribly wrong…..we got a brief but touching moment where Stannis tells Shireen about when she first got greyscale. He did everything he could to save her and made it clear he is not ashamed of her. It was a beautifully touching moment that got many people on Stannis’s side….but that didn’t last long.

19) 5×05: Missandei and Grey Worm Finally Kiss


This moment may not be very high on many people’s lists but for me, it was something the show really needed. There’s not a whole lot of love stories between two people deserving of love on this show and to see them finally admit their feelings for each other in the good ole locking lips fashion made the show a little less grim for a moment.

18) 5×08: Tyrion and Daenerys Have a Chat


It’s insane how there can be a show where the two biggest fan favorites can spend five whole seasons without meeting. In Season Five, they finally meet and one of the most memorable scenes is when they both finally have a talk about what’s to come. Daenerys showed Tyrion her ambition. Tyrion showed Daenerys he’s wayyy smarter than her. It was a win/win.

17) 5×06: Margarey is Taken


Before the inevitable downfall of Cersei this season, she did play the Game of Thrones pretty damn well. She found a perfect way to pin all sorts of sinful acts on the Tyrells and after Margarey was giving her quite an attitude after sleeping with her son; this whole scene felt kind of great as Margarey was hauled into a cell screaming “I am the Queen!”

16) 5×03: Jon Executes Janos Slynt


If you don’t remember as far back to Season One where Janos was quite possibly one of the worst people in King’s Landing (and that’s really saying a lot) then you may remember just one season ago where he hid throughout the entire Battle at Castle Black. So, all in all this scene may not have been very important to any specific plot point but damn it really felt good to watch.

15) 5×10: Dany and the Dothrakis


I loved Daenerys in Season one. I would still like her to be called Khaleesi so when she was completely surrounded by Dothraki warriors in the season finale…..well needless to say I was quite happy. Is she their prisoner? Will she marry one of them? Only time will tell but I doubt she’ll stay down for long.

14) 5×07: Cersei is Taken


What was more satisfying than Margarey getting dragged away by the Faith Militant? Cersei getting dragged away by the Faith Militant. Sometimes giving away power will just come and bite you in the ass. Still even more interesting is her reaction is the exact same as Margarey’s. Those women are like the exact same person….though neither of them will admit it.

13) 5×10: The Battle of Winterfell/Stannis’ Fate


For a battle that we’ve been hearing about all season long, it wasn’t very interesting.  Stannis lost most of his men because well, maybe some men  don’t want to follow a guy who burns his daughter alive. Who would’ve thought? We still don’t entirely know if Stannis is alive or dead but my money is on that he will survive if for no other reason than to help Brienne with Sansa.

12) 5×05: Tyrion & Jorah VS. The Stone Men


There was quite a few episodes in the middle of the season that were pretty slow moving. The Stone Men really were the saving grace of those episodes. It was only one scene but man was it worth it. Tyrion almost died and Jorah ended up contracting Greyscale which he may die of in the near future. It really started the Tyrion/Jorah bromance and finally made their journey to Meereen interesting.

11) 5×01: Mance’s Death


The first episode started off pretty calm….until the final scene. As we learned later on in the season; Stannis and Melisandre love burning people and more importantly, they love burning our favorite characters. Before the heart wrenching scene later on, we saw what kind of leader Stannis was when he decided to burn Mance Raydar alive for all to see. Sure, Jon put him out of his misery but it was still a pretty painful scene to watch.

10) 5×10: Myrcella Dies in Jaime’s Arms


I so called it. I knew Myrcella was dying all season long. They weren’t really developing her enough to gain her own storyline so I assumed her purpose was to propel Jaime and Cersei’s pain forward even more. After Ellaria swore allegiance to Dorne, she poisoned Myrcella causing her to collapse in her father’s arms. Oh boy Jaime, Cersei’s gonna kill you.

9) 5×06: Ramsay and Sansa’s Wedding Night


This was mostly the moment I was referring to when I said this list couldn’t be regarded as “best” moments of the season. This was a moment that reminded us all that Ramsay is in fact the worst and Sansa really is in big danger. Fans weren’t happy and rightfully so….how many times do we have to see Sansa get beat up before she starts killing people and taking names?

8) 5×10: Arya Kills Meryn Trant/Loses Her Sight


Speaking of……Arya’s time at the House of Black and White could be considered an annoyingly slow moving storyline. Whether you’re a fan of the faceless men or not; not a whole lot happened until the last few episodes but man did the finale pay off. Arya finally crosses off another name on her list epically but in true Game of Thrones fashion, it all comes crashing down before we can all celebrate.

7) 5×04: The Sons of Harpy Attack/Barristan Selmy Dies


Why couldn’t it have been Daario?? Like really. Well it was obvious throughout the last season and the beginning of this season that there are a few people who are not happy with Daenerys and her conquering Meereen. In the fourth episode of the fifth season; it all came to a head when the Sons of the Harpy made their initial attack. To their credit; Grey Worm and Barristan took out like thirty men before they went down so that has to count for something right?

6) 5×10: Theon Saves Sansa


Notice how I said Theon saved Sansa? I’d like to believe he is no longer Reek and he made his choice. This was my personal favorite moment of the episode because we have been waiting oh so long for it. And yes, I teared up when they held hands before their jump escape. SO. MANY. FEELS.

5) 5×09: Stannis Burns Shireen


Here’s another memorable moment I didn’t particularly enjoy. And by “didn’t particularly enjoy”….I mean I cried a whole lot. Shireen was the best damn thing about Stannis’ storyline and this moment ripped my heart out. Just to win a battle you didn’t actually win? I know Stannis fans are angry at all the Stannis hate but honestly…..I really don’t care.

4) 5×10: Jon Snow’s Death


Why is this not number one? Because if you were paying attention….you should’ve saw it coming. I personally was not very shocked at the ending of this season. However, it’s a huge moment. It proves the Night’s Watch are not taking the threats of the White Walkers seriously. Is Jon Snow coming back to life? Probably. So don’t fret those of you who freaked out….Melisandre is back at the Wall.

3) 5×09: The Fighting Pits/ Drogon Saves the Day


This whole scene was action packed and long time coming. You cannot be a conqueror who wants to be feared and loved all in the same….and maybe if Daenerys got Tyrion as an advisor earlier on; things would’ve turned out better. But nonetheless the scene was epic and just when you thought all was doomed…..Drogon comes in like a boss to save his mommy.

2) 5×10: Cersei’s Walk of Penance


Go ahead Lena Headey; get yourself an Emmy. The walk of penance was pretty tough to watch. Though there are many Cersei-loathers out there that enjoyed watching her finally get hers; it was a magnificent scene. To see what she has fallen to and to see Cersei go from embarrassment to pride to devastation to rage made this a moment we will certainly remember in the seasons to come. Plus, now she has the Franken-mountain to come to her rescue and we all know that damn lady with the bell is as good as dead.

1) 5×08: Battle of Hardhome/ Jon Kills a White Walker


After quite a few episodes of a very slow-moving show…..the fans were all rewarded with Hardhome. The battle was amazing. And in those few minutes; one could argue it was better than Season 4 Episode 9. There were some many epic moments to discuss but the one that obviously sticks out is Jon Snow’s amazing White Walker kill proving to everyone he really is a force to reckoned with and climbed to the top of the list of everyone’s favorite characters. Really are we supposed to be surprised that he got stabbed to death in the finale?


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  1. A slow-moving season for sure, but still a lot of amazing moments and some not so happy, but equally important ones. Thanks for ripping my heart out again by reminding me…R.I.P. Shireen. 🙁 I love how a good number of them happened in the last episode! We have so many things going on at the end of this season…next season is going to have a lot of very interesting storylines and a whole lot of cliffhangers to work with…

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