Woman Crush Everyday: Mindy Kaling


I have never understood celebrity crushes; people fantasizing about characters from television shows or actors from movies as if they had a chance with them. I never understood them until Mindy Kaling. To be fair, I’m not sure if I want to marry her or just be her. She is the most underrated comedy actress in television today with one of the funniest shows on the small screen. Getting a lot of tips and experiences from her eight year stint at The Office, Mindy’s writing has become comedy gold and her own show is no different.

When I started watching The Mindy Project, it was clear that Mindy Kaling definitely wanted to focus on things that most women in their twenties and thirties seem to be concerned about like dating, weight loss and career life but did it in a such a hilarious and unedited way that we can’t help but fall in love with the show. We see Mindy go through so many situations some of us know all too well i.e. sexting conversations gone wrong, literally being the other woman and relationships with coworkers going awry. Though we did see Mindy struggle through a lot of dating and relationships, there was a light at the end of tunnel. I’m not even sure Mindy Kaling saw Danny and Mindy coming and she’s the creator of the show.  Not only are these two able to portray a chemistry that can’t be matched but their encounters with each other often end in hysterical laughter. The sweet moments and hilarious scenes between these two are just too much to bear and very soon, everyone wanted to see them lock lips. And thank god we didn’t have to sit through five seasons of will they/won’t they sexual tension. They are finally together and we’re going to get to see this odd couple blossom in Season three starting with the appropriately titled season premiere “We’re a Couple Now, Haters!” (originally named We’re a Couple Now, Bitches but I’m assuming Fox made them change that last word).

Not only does she have a hysterical view of dating but she also lets all of the people around her shine. Ensemble comedies are always more entertaining and her supporting cast could not be any funnier. Jeremy, Danny, Morgan and Peter are the best guys to have carry on her comedy vision. Mindy has absolutely no problem sharing the lime light with these hilarious actors or writing for that matter. Taking a note from The Office, Ike Barinholtz who pays Morgan has written plenty of episodes and storylines for the show. At the end of the day, I was estatic that Happy Endings got cancelled. Sorry Happy Endings fans, but Adam Pally playing Peter Prentice is comedy gold.

Honestly, I don’t think I can even match Mindy Kaling’s beautiful genius into words so you’ll just have to watch The Mindy Project for yourself. This is the show that I can always count on to make me laugh; not just chuckle but stomach hurting and tears coming out of my eyes laughing. The premiere tonight is sure to deliver and I can’t believe I’ve had to wait four months for this. Mindy Kaling is everything I have always aspired to be: hilarious, gorgeous and smart. I was thrilled to hear about the Season Three pick up of The Mindy Project and I have no doubts that this will be just as charming and side-splittingly funny as the first two seasons.


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