Top 20 People Who Deserve an Emmy Nomination

There’s a whole lot of Walking Dead and a whole lot of Walton Goggins.

Essentially I would like Walton Goggins’ next role to be on The Walking Dead. Please and Thank You.

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20) Chad L. Coleman (The Walking Dead)- Guest Actor in a Drama Series


So as I said in my previous post, I am thrilled that TWD submitted both Chad L. Coleman and Emily Kinney as “Guest” instead of “Supporting” giving them somewhat of a chance. Coleman has a better chance than Emily given his episode was just so brilliantly written and this might be the one way The Walking Dead can get a little Emmy love.

19) Emily Kinney (The Walking Dead)- Guest Actress in a Drama Series


Emily Kinney inches out Chad L. Coleman on this list basically just because I like Beth slightly more than Tyreese. I think Emily gets a bad rep. She brought a certain amount of lightness and innocence to the role of Beth that was seriously lacking in the show. Will she get the nom? Probably not but one can hope.


18) Michael Kenneth Williams (Bessie)- Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie


As a rule, I kind of think Michael Kenneth Williams should be nominated for everything. And to be honest, he was the main reason I decided to watch Bessie. And of course, he was brilliant as always.

17) Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy)- Lead Actor in a Drama Series


Charlie Hunnam makes this list not just because he was amazing in the final season of Sons but because he is quite the underdog. Jon Hamm and Timothy Olyphant also had their final seasons. Sheesh. It’s a tough category to be in for sure. Honestly, I went from hating Jax to loving him in the final episode. Also, I cried…..a lot.


16) Will Forte (Last Man on Earth)- Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

Phil is too busy calling 'shotgun' to be bothered with his exploding truck.

Will Forte is the only lead actor in a comedy series on this list. Mainly because he’s the only one that needs to be. Will Forte pulled off an entire first episode without any other actors. It was insane. That episode is also one of the funniest things I’ve seen in television this year. I love it.


15) Katey Sagal (Sons of Anarchy)- Lead Actress in a Drama Series


Sorry Charlie but you were kind of outshined by your Sons counterpart Katey. Sure she gets all the best material (it really helps being married to the showrunner) but that doesn’t mean she’s not utterly brilliant in the role. She already has a Golden Globe for this role but the Emmys have not given her any love. Is her final year her lucky year?


14) Ben Mendelsohn (Bloodline)- Supporting Actor in a Drama Series


Here’s the thing about Danny Rayburn. I hate him. Ooooh, I hated him so much. And SPOILER ALERT! I couldn’t frickin’ wait for his siblings to murder him! But I guess that’s just a testament to what a great actor Ben Mendelsohn really was. He was so good that he beat Kyle Chandler to this list. And do you have any idea how much I love Kyle Chandler??????????


13) Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead)- Supporting Actor in a Drama Series


Okay back to The Walking Dead. When you love a show as much as I love The Walking Dead; it’s really hard not to fill this entire list with its actors. The supporting actor I’m giving the support to for this Emmy season is Steven Yeun. He had his biggest season yet with all of the decisions he had to face and there were so many scenes where he just killed it. I know everyone would rather talk about Rick and Daryl but let’s take a moment and talk about this season’s MVP; Glenn.


12) Mindy Kaling (The Mindy Project)- Lead Actress in a Comedy Series


Fox is certainly getting a reputation for cancelling shows that I really love. They cancelled The Mindy project even though critics loved it. Whatever, Fox. Luckily Hulu saved it and this isn’t The Mindy Projects final year. It’s highly unlikely that Mindy Kaling will get a nomination but the critics are hoping for it…..so for once I’ll be pretty happy if the Emmy voters only listen to the critics.

11) Freddie Highmore (Bates Motel)- Lead Actor in a Drama Series


Basically all I can say about Freddie Highmore is who knew this kid had these acting chops? Honestly, he’s either making me love Norman, hate Norman or just crying about Norman. Plus he’s the creepiest guy in TV if you ask me. His ability to take on such an iconic character and make him even better is something that most actors on this list probably couldn’t do.

10) Matthew Rhys (The Americans)- Lead Actor in a Drama Series


MATTHEW RHYS WAS SNUBBED LAST YEAR! Last year, when the noms came out I was screaming about how the Academy could ignore arguably the best performance of last year. So yes, again Matthew Rhys had a phenomenal year where his character goes through the torment of deciding between his country and his family.

9) Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation)- Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

Parks and Recreation - Season 6

Well if you’d like to cry for a half hour, watch Leslie and Ron. And it’s not even the finale! Ron Swanson will go down in TV history as one of comedy’s most iconic characters but why on earth won’t the Emmys give these characters the kind of love they deserve? It’s so annoying.


8) Lois Smith (The Americans)- Guest Actress in a Drama Series


She was in one episode. Scratch that, she was in one scene! And she made me ball like a little baby. Betty gave Elizabeth a little insight into life and the importance of being a good person before Elizabeth was forced to kill her. That’s some heavy stuff right? It was the best scene of The Americans this past season and I could cry just thinking about it.


7) Noel Fisher & Cameron Monaghan (Shameless)- Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series


Yes, I’m grouping these two together. Cameron Monaghan got some love at the Critic’s Choice Awards but where was Noel Fisher? They were both amazing in this last season of Shameless. Ian dealing with his bi-polar disorder and Mickey trying to be the most loyal lover I’ve seen on TV in a long time. Ugh, it was so emotional to watch especially when Ian kidnaps and runs off with Mickey’s kid. Talk about a gut-wrenchingly tense episode.


6) Walton Goggins (Justified)- Supporting Actor in a Drama Series


Boyd f*cking Crowder. He is the indisputable best thing about Justified. Is he really a bad guy? I guess. Do we all still love him anyway? Yes. He’s been nominated for his role as Boyd Crowder before and let’s hope he will again giving Justified one final last chance at the Emmys.


5) Walton Goggins (Sons of Anarchy)- Guest Actor in a Drama Series


Oh hey, Walton Goggins….here you are again. If you think he’s brilliant in Justified, just watch him in Sons of Anarchy. Kim Coates and him moved me to tears in that scene of Sons (if you watch Sons, you know the one I’m talking about)…I even wrote a whole blog post about it. How Walton can play a masculine possibly psychotic criminal and a poised beautiful woman all in the same year is beyond me. He’s just perfect.


4) Lena Headey (Game of Thrones)- Supporting Actress in a Drama Series


It’s no secret that I have a whole lot of love for Lena Headey and for Cersei specifically. She was nominated last year for Supporting Actress so you would think this year would be a slam dunk. The Walk of Shame was one of the hardest things to watch on television this year and she deserves a damn Emmy for that performance.


3) Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead)- Lead Actor in a Drama Series


Come on, you knew he was going to be pretty high on this list. The number one person who gets snubbed when it comes to Emmy Nominations is Andrew Lincoln. He is the best actor on TV right now. And yes, I believed he was the best actor on TV even when Breaking Bad was on the air. He is overlooked because he is on a show with zombies but no one can bring me to tears like he can or bring me to my feet cheering.


2) Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel)- Lead Actress in a Drama Series


I will be holding my breath when they announce the category for Lead Actress in a Drama Series. Mainly because there is little to no hope that Vera Farmiga will get a nomination and there is no one in that category more deserving than her. Not even Taraji (though I love her as well). This past season of Bates was the best one yet and most of that is thanks to the brilliant performance of Vera. Her performance in Norma Louise and that scene with Romero (you know which one I’m talking about) gave me chills. Give this woman an Emmy nomination now.


1) Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation)- Lead Actress in a Comedy Series


Who can beat out Vera Farmiga on this list? The one person who deserves an Emmy more than anyone else in TV right now. Amy Poehler deserved an Emmy for Leslie Knope a long time ago and this is well overdue. I don’t just want her to get the Emmy Nomination…..she needs the Emmy Win. Watching Lead Actress in a Comedy Series is always the best award to watch because of the little skits Amy comes up with. She is the funniest woman on television and just an amazing person all around. Please don’t let her be the Steve Carrell of women in comedy. Give her the Emmy she deserves.





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