Orgies, Pills and Knives (True Detective 2×06)

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So here we go again with some True Detective reviewing! Sorry these always seem to come out a couple days late but I honestly feel like I have to watch the episode a couple times to make sure I got everything.

What I’ve learned so far from this season of True Detective is honestly how other people’s opinions can really influence yours. The first time through watching this episode; I really felt like I was trying to actually see if this season was as good as the first and I wasn’t really paying attention to the episode as much as I should be. Anyways, I am going to try for the last two episodes to put all of the hype about this season out of my mind. I like this season. It’s different but still good and that’s all that matters.


The Not So Showdown

So we spend the first few minutes of the episode with Ray and Frank sitting across from one another glaring at each other with interrogating eyes. Ugh. So it’s not that I really minded this scene….it’s more that I felt like there wasn’t a whole lot to come from it. If you’re going to end the last episode with somewhat of a cliffhanger, you might want to deliver on the first scene in the next episode is all I’m saying.

But now that I got that off of my chest; I can talk about what was actually said in this scene. Ray confronts Frank because (surprise, surprise) he killed the wrong guy. He goes to settle things with Frank who “used his wife’s rape” to get him to kill someone. Frank denies this claim and always swings back the argument onto Ray saying he was the one who used his wife’s rape to be the man he always wanted to become. Whew, that’s dark.

Well on one hand; I believe Frank. At least I think I do. I’ve learned early on that literally any of these characters could be another thing from what they say. But just the way he treats his wife….I really don’t think he would use a wife’s rape to gain anything. Even at the end of the episode; he was appalled by that poor girl getting her throat slit. He is becoming more and more like a sheep in wolf’s clothing the more I watch.

But I’m not entirely sure I think Ray really wanted to become this awful guy. Maybe I’m just really trying to see the good in all of these characters but honestly; I feel like Ray is a decent man who became filled with rage. And he’s also probably a man who could easily get filled with rage. I thought he might take the head off of that social services lady at any moment. Just because someone has serious anger issues doesn’t mean they necessarily wanted to be that way. But that might just be my opinion.


Goodbye Chad?

One of the saddest parts of this episode was definitely Ray’s realization that he can’t really win this fight of custody for Chad. Or maybe that he shouldn’t win. We join Ray on one of these supervised visits with Chad and it is unbearably awkward. All in all, I just feel really bad for Chad. We don’t know the character well but it can’t be easy knowing your parents aren’t just getting divorce but his dad could actually be one scary dude? I mean he can’t be that naïve right?

So Ray has his final visit with his son and now he goes into complete angry Ray mode. He drinks a heck of a lot and snorts a bunch of cocaine. He then starts smashing the model airplanes that he and his son once enjoyed making together. And not just that, he completely destroyed his own living room. What on earth. I’m assuming this was all to muster up the courage to make that phone call; the phone call where he asks his ex-wife to not say anything about what he did and he wouldn’t fight custody anymore. It was a sad scene but at the end of the day…this might be exactly what Ray needs to get a grip on reality and possibly truly focus on this case.


The Visit

This episode really was jam-packed with some great scenes. The one I particularly couldn’t wait to see was Ray finally visiting the man who raped his wife in jail. I loved it. Mark my words; Ray is going to kill that man. I don’t know if we’ll have time to see it but he will.

To be honest, when Ray visited the rapist in prison….I was almost positive he would have red hair. But I guess that’s too obvious? I can’t really tell whether or not Ray actually thought this man was actually Chad’s father but right now, he just wants to know that he will die. Again, I’m not really sure we have a whole lot of time for this subplot but I would really appreciate it if we could just slightly touch on Ray beating the living heck out of this dude.


Poor Irena

Spoiler alert: Irena didn’t make it. And I have no idea why I thought she would but I did. I was like “Oh good, she’s going to know something about Ben Caspere and maybe where Frank’s money is” but then…..whoops, she got her throat slit. But let’s come back to that.

Frank tortured a member of a Mexican Gang to find out where Irena was. Nothing like a good ole torture scene to up the tension in the episode. And of course the place the man sent him was a trap. Why wouldn’t it be? I believe that Frank is a very smart criminal to have gotten where he is but come on, you gotta be smarter than that right?

So he makes some sort of deal with the Mexican gang and now he can finally talk to Irena; Irena who knows a cop (a white, thin cop) who gave her 500 dollars to pawn Ben Caspere’s things. This leads the investigation straight to Ledo and off of all the important people that are really involved in Caspere’s death. Hm, now the mind leaps to think; could it be Ray or Paul? You know….for shock value. She did say “man” which crosses Ani off the list. But it really could be either of the guys. Otherwise it could literally be any fricking cop in the show. We already know Dixon was somehow involved so who’s next? In a perfect world? It’s that douchebag cop that Ani was banging. Two birds….one stone, you know?

So Frank wants Irena to pick a cop out of a lineup but uh oh; she gets her throat cut. Thems the breaks huh? Now we have to wonder….is this Mexican gang trying to cover up something or did they do it really because she talked to cops? Ah, more questions.


“You get on that bus….and its fuck or run”

Well luckily Ani choose the “run” option of those two. Ever since the last episode, we were waiting for Ani to go undercover at this high end sex party but things really didn’t go as planned. To be fair, I think they could’ve gone a lot worse but Ray, Paul and Ani are alive with Vera! Hooray Ani found her girl! But let’s start at the beginning.

Ani got on the bus and traveled to a beautiful mansion in the middle of nowhere. As soon as she gets there? She is forced to take some kind of drugs. The one girl said it was molly but it could be something stronger. So not only is the woman who has serious sex issues going undercover in a sex party but she’s drugged as well. Great.

Here’s the point where we finally get a glimpse at some of the faces that are involved in this conspiracy. Some are familiar. Some aren’t. And one super creepy man. Well, I guess they’re all creepy. But that’s not really important. What’s important is Ani’s sad revelation. The revelation that she was the last person who should be going undercover at this party. Of course; she gladly does it because she wants to save these girls but it really shouldn’t have been her. We finally get a glimpse at the man who clearly raped her while she was back at “The Good People”. Maybe one of the strongest things someone can do is admit she can’t do everything.

The whole night doesn’t go very well for Ani but she slices and dices a couple of guys and gets Vera to safety so at the end of the day; I’m going to call it a win. Even if Ani entered into the land of reality escaping the sea of denial.


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