Top 20 Tuesday: 20 Times FitzSimmons Proved They Were the Best Part of Agents of SHIELD

Images Source: Marvel, ABC & Mutant Enemy 

20) 1×01: When we met them and automatically knew they would be our favorite characters


19) 2×13: When they have a conversation about Andrew and May that completely parallels their own relationship


-He makes her laugh, clearly she still likes him.  And have you seen the way he looks at her?

-Yeah I have eyes, Jemma. Of course I’ve seen it.

18) 1×09: When they are so proud of themselves for coming up with a brilliant plan to prank Skye


17) 2×19: When Fitz whispers “Be Careful, Jemma” under his breath as Jemma goes on her mission alongside Ward


16) 1×07: When Simmons was so worried about Fitz’s first Field Mission that she packed him his favorite sandwich


15) 2×01: When the audience realizes Fitz was imagining Simmons in order to cope with his brain injury


14) 2×15: When they both hold hands after the “Real” SHIELD takes control of the Playground


13) 1×06: When they had their famous argument about “The Cat”


12) 1×22: When they have a sweet and meaningful talk about death on the bottom of the ocean floor


11) 1×07: When they were reunited after Fitz’s first Field Mission and Fitz tells Simmons that her sandwich was delicious….even though Ward threw it away before Fitz could eat it


10) 1×06: When Fitz was willing to jump off of a plane in order to save Simmons after she jumped off the plane to save the whole team


9) 1×20: When Simmons reassured Fitz that she wasn’t Hydra to make him feel better after Ward’s betrayal


8) 1×19: When Fitz was asked if he was stranded on a desert island and there was a box; what would be in that box? He says Simmons.


7) 1×06: When Simmons thanked Fitz for being the real hero that saved her life


6) 2×16: When Fitz and Simmons trick SHIELD 2.0 in order to get Fury’s toolbox back to Coulson


5) 2×22: When Simmons finally admitted that she felt the same way about Fitz


4) 1×13: When Fitz comforted Simmons after Skye was shot and all the pressure was on Simmons to save her


3) 2×22: When they set up the cutest date ever before Simmons gets sucked into the monolith


2) 1×06: When Fitz works tirelessly alongside Simmons in order to find an anti-serum that could save Simmons’ life


Because I’m pretty sure that every minute of every day, you’ve been stuck in a lab right beside me. You’ve been beside me the whole damn time.

-Fitz to Simmons

1) 1×22: When Fitz sacrificed his life in order to make sure that Simmons survived right after he finally admitted that he was in love with her


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