::Sigh:: No One Believes The Druggie When The Apocalypse Happens (FTWD 1×01)

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So last night, we had one of the most anticipated nights in television for the year. We got to see a spinoff of the most successful show on television. Fans are pretty split when it comes to Fear the Walking Dead. You’re either like me who think it’s going to be amazing because it consists of the same writers and team behind The Walking Dead or you think it’s a complete waste of time. I think the verdicts still out after the last episode but I, for one, am very excited to a lot of new characters that I will grow to love.

The first episode for me was very reminiscent of the first episode for The Walking Dead in terms of pace. We got to see a lot of how people were reacting to this new disease sweeping around the nation and Fear the Walking Dead thread that line very well. We did have some people say how it was all fake and others who are a little more prone to believe what was actually going on (yay Tobias!). The walkers are pretty terrifying because at this point….they’re not decaying at all. It’s damn near impossible to tell who is actually a walker from afar and who isn’t unless they have some significant wound. And I’m sure that’s going to come up soon or later.


We’re All One Big Family

In this episode, we are introduced to a very blended family. There’s a lot of single parents around and a three almost grown kids that I can count. In the first episode, they focused mostly on Madison, Travis and of course Nick but we were introduced to everyone within the family unit as far as we know.

The first impressions I got from a lot of the family were not that bad at all. I actually see many of them making it pretty far in the series. Of course, we have learned that having potential doesn’t always guarantee you safety in The Walking Dead universe but it really can help. And leave it to The Walking Dead universe to introduce a bunch of characters that I can see myself rooting for. There was no one that made me roll my eyes thinking they were for sure the next to die.

Travis and Madison may not seem as ready as Rick and Shane were in The Walking Dead but they definitely showed that they were smart and cared about their family above all else. We didn’t see much of Liza in this episode but if you’ve read any of my previous posts…..you know that I’ve already decided she’s probably going to be my favorite character.

When it comes to the kids…we see that Chris has a bit of resentment towards his dad and if I’m correct as to why; it makes perfect sense to me. His dad leaves his mom and then shacks up with one of his friends’ moms? I would feel some sort of way about that myself. Alicia is quite possibly smarter than all of them but does she have any street smarts? We’re not entirely sure. And Nick? I was full-on prepared to not like the junkie but they made him so damn endearing. When he was trying to figure out whether he was insane really broke my heart. I didn’t think it was such a great sign for him to call up his dealer but when we found out that he did that to figure out what the drugs actually were….it made me like him again. Plus, you know what they say….the first step to become a recovering drug addict is run over your drug dealer two times after shooting him in the chest.


Where’s Matt?

On a very quick side note, I would like to discuss Alicia’s missing boyfriend. The two seem to be very much in love or whatever the high school equivalent to love is and they made plans to meet up but Matt didn’t show. DUN DUN DUN!!! Well, the audience basically assumes he’s already dead but for some reason I’m thinking he might just gone for the time being. You have to assume that at the beginning of the apocalypse, everyone is dealing with their own shit. What if he came home to find his whole family dead? Or something to that effect? I think that could keep anyone busy. But at the end of day….he wasn’t even answering his phone. That is some pretty good evidence that he is in fact dead. So thoughts? What do you guys think?


Can Tobias Please Live?

I keep going back and thinking that Tobias is going to really have to use that knife at some point and he isn’t going to have it. Tobias will always have “I told you so” rights for the rest of his life on this show….even if that’s not very lone. I guess we could say Nick would also have those rights too. I’d love to see Tobias actually make it but I’m not sure that’s in the cards for him but maybe go to him for some survival tips? The kid seems to know what he’s talking about.


All in all, I was pretty impressed with this episode. I really think we’re going to see this show tackle a lot of things that The Walking Dead skipped over. When there is such a national crisis; what measures will the military go to in order to contain the disease? We already saw Atlanta get bombed in a Walking Dead flashback so we could probably assume the same will be done to LA.

I’m also looking forward to seeing how quickly these people will adapt to surviving in such a highly populated area. They haven’t introduced any characters yet that have skills that would already be useful for the zombie apocalypse. There’s no Rick, Daryl or Shane……just some teachers and teenagers. So we will truly get to see what a regular person with no survival skills just yet will do in order to survive and to keep their loved ones safe.

2 comments on “::Sigh:: No One Believes The Druggie When The Apocalypse Happens (FTWD 1×01)

  1. And I have to say, while I agree that Matt is likely dead, I feel like it was a little too soon and obvious to kill off a person. I mean, it’s a realistic portrayal of what could happen in this world. Someone goes missing and we never hear from them again. Or, maybe he is alive…an interesting twist. But I don’t know. I’m thinking we’re going to deal with another Sophia moment where Alicia is confronted with her “love.” Time will tell…

  2. I think this was an awesome premiere episode to the spinoff. The pace was slow, but that’s the way it should be. We are in a whole new universe, one where the people are still trying to sort out what’s happening and, let’s be real, even though we spoiled Walking Dead fans know what’s what, in a real life situation, how the heck would the average person think “ZOMBIE!” right off the bat. I think we will see an interesting look at how people figure it all out.

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