Every Man For Himself (FTWD 1×02)

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Okay, it’s official. I am loving this season of Fear the Walking Dead and it’s only been two episodes! Normally when you start a spinoff, you have to sit through a few episodes before it actually gets its groove but with this show….it’s been brilliant from the start. I don’t know why I expected anything else but needless to say, I’m thrilled.

We’re getting hit with a lot of the emotional feels right off the bat and Fear the Walking Dead is showing some wonderful insights into what happens to people when the world just stops. It’s every man for himself and I can’t help but wonder if that is a city mentality. There’s so many people getting infected all at once, you just start to go on auto-drive only caring about what happens to your family. Whereas in more rural areas, it could be that only one or two people got infected and the community was more concerned with helping those people than survival of the fittest.


That Sibling Love

I love Nick and Alicia’s relationship. In my last post I touched on how Nick is very street smart and Alicia is very book smart and if they work things just right; they could be an excellent team. From this episode, we really learn how much Alicia “hates” her brother but I don’t think hate is the right word. It’s more resentment and frustration. But deep down, I’m very excited to watch these two look out for each other. Nick tried to stop Alicia from going over to Matt’s and she stayed behind to help him through his seizure(?) Correct me if I’m wrong on that. His withdrawal was pretty painful to watch so I will say this now and will probably say this again….Frank Dillane is doing a phenomenal job on this show.

Now, Matt is another story entirely. I feel for Alicia. Though it’s easy to write their relationship off as “silly teenager love”, I think there may be something a little more there. Honestly, I think they’re super cute but as we all know….Matt is a goner. There is no way he’s going to survive. These people don’t have the knowledge yet to cut off limbs in order to stop the infection and even if they did….he’s bite is on the shoulder. There’s nothing you can do about that. From the trailer we watched after the first episode, it seems like Matt may be brought over to the Clark house and at some point….a containment unit of soldiers will show up and shoot him to death. This is just a prediction but how horrible would that be? Seriously, poor Alicia. I have a feeling that after dealing with her brother and a possibly brutal death of her boyfriend; she’ll be the strongest one of them all by the end.


Keeping the Family Together

My favorite part of the episode was Travis running to get Liza and Chris. So many families in America today are blended families with divorced parents and step-mothers and fathers so it makes sense that Fear the Walking Dead would focus on a family that is not all in one place. I truly do think everyone will be reunited by the end of the season but right now….the Manawas need to get out of downtown LA.

I really like this family dynamic as well. Chris has resentment towards his father and is definitely on #TeamMom but when it comes down to it, he listened to his father and got out of dodge before anything truly brutal happened. I stand strong in my belief that Liza will become my favorite character even though we haven’t seen much of her. She’s strong and doesn’t take Travis’s shit but as soon as she realized he was telling the truth about the infected people, she didn’t hesitate before saying “Chris, listen to your father”.

And now we meet the Salazars. I completely believe that Daniel Salazar is the new Herschel. He’s all cranky about letting these people in with his family but is doing the right thing because deep down, he’s a good guy. But he’s still suspicious of these other people. I’m pretty sure once the shit hits the fan….he’ll be kicking and screaming like “I won’t leave my barbershop!” just like Herschel with the farm. We don’t know much about the other Salazars. The daughter seems very protective of her parents and the mom seems very religious. Other than that, we’re going to have to wait until the next episode to see what happens and if these are people we can trust.

It looks like the next episode will focus on the Manawas and Salazars getting out of downtown LA in order to be safe from the riots and inevitable herds of walkers. It’s going to get worse before it gets better and I am so ecstatic.


Bad Day for Madison

Madison definitely had the emotional journey in this episode. She literally had to smash in her friend’s face in with a fire extinguisher in order to save Tobias. We have this lovely luxury of knowing that these people are officially dead but to Madison….that was still her friend and she killed him. She made the right decision but at the moment, she doesn’t really know that.

As for Tobias, why on earth did she let him go??? He knows what’s going on! He’s stocking up on food! Tobias is the guy to be around right now! I know he has his family to look after but hell, invite them over! I am ridiculously #TeamTobias and pray that his last scene in this episode wasn’t the last time we’d see him.


I honestly can’t wait for more emotional heartache and mass panic that is definitely in store for the next few episodes. I will pass the time by mentally preparing myself for the next episode in two weeks. As a huge animal lover, I am not thrilled that the next episode is named “The Dog”. In fact, I’m actually very nervous about it. So if it is what I’m thinking, you may see a lot of tears in the next reaction video. But TWD has fooled me many times before with episode titles so let’s hope they do it again.


Who is your favorite character from FTWD so far?


Best Quote:

Nick: Mom, are you gonna tell her? Mrs. Cruz?

Madison: Tell her what?

Nick: Tell her what’s happening.

Madison: Nick, we don’t know what’s happening.

Nick: Yeah, but we know more than she does.


Best Moment:

As much as the Tobias and Madison scene was edge of your seat entertainment….I’m giving the best moment of the episode to Alicia staying behind to help Nick during his withdrawal punching us right in all of our respective emotional guts.


Worst Moment:

I don’t really have a worst moment. So far, I’m loving all the characters and all of their decisions….I’m going to have to go with those creepy ass kids with those creepy ass masks. Ugh, terrifying.




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  1. Such interesting and complex family dynamic going on. I can’t wait to see how they develop! I’m sensing we’re going to get another mass group of survivors that end up turning into one big “happy family.” Also, I agree with you about the wonderful relationship that is Alicia and Nick. It’s pretty clear that they deeply love each other and have supported each other through hard times (especially Alicia, which probably makes her resentful.., but at the end of the day, the love they share for each other and their history together just shines through them. Their relationship developing is the one I’m most looking forward to!

  2. That’s my first post of you, and I freaking loved it! I have to say you have a incredible gift when it comes to writing ! AMAZING. You go girl <3

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