There Goes the Neighborhood (FTWD 1×03)

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I am having a love affair with this first season of Fear the Walking Dead. I feel like the show keeps getting better and better. The first few episodes are starting to address things that we never really got to see in The Walking Dead because we didn’t start from the beginning. In this episode, we got to see the panic, the riots and later the National Guard.


The Dog

I want to talk about the name of the episode and the dog that we eventually met in this episode. Like a lot of people, I hate seeing animals (specifically dogs) die in any TV show or move. Why is that though? Are we just so used to seeing people die on TV? I think it’s because in general we see dogs an innocents. For the most part, dogs don’t do some of the awful things that people have a chance to do in their lives. They don’t manipulate or hurt other dogs. And honestly, the whimpering sound that we hear we a dog is in pain is too much to bear.

As you can see in the reaction, I was quite worried about watching the dog die. Honestly, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. We saw the dog briefly before its untimely end and we didn’t have too much time to get overly attached.

The part of the episode I would like to talk about regarding the dog happened at the end of the episode. Listen, I’m almost positive Patrick’s been dragged into quarantine somewhere and/or shot to death to avoid the infection from spreading. At the end of the episode Madison questions one of the National Guard about Patrick and the guard doesn’t seem so concerned about Patrick’s wellbeing. But when the guard asks about the grave in their backyard…..he seems genuinely sorry that Madison’s “dog” passed away. I really felt that this was a subtle jab the writers decided to put in to make us all feel bad that we care so much whether the dogs live or not but when actual people die….we couldn’t care less.


Daniel Salazar Is My New Favorite

Daniel, you are everything sir. As soon as Travis started opening his mouth about how he feels about guns, you could cue the serious eye roll that was going on our couch. You’re going to need to learn how to use guns and pronto. And if you don’t want to learn, don’t stand in your sons way of learning. Goodness.

Daniel had quite a great episode. He took care of the walker that wandered into Madison’s house. He seems to be all about taking care of his family and he’s not so sure of Travis because Travis is weak. I’m with you Daniel, I’m not so sure about Travis either. The good people die first. Now it seems like everyone’s staying put for a moment. Daniel and Travis may have some new opportunities to bond and learn how to work together. Travis, you do not want to get rid of Daniel…..he’s the best soldier you got yet.


Nick’s Gonna Be a Problem

Okay, I want to start this section by saying that I really like Nick. As druggies on TV go, he’s the best one. Still, he needs to pipe down when it comes to his disrespect for his mom. She’s the only reason you have drugs so please just be quite. However, I understand withdrawal has got to be a bitch and he’s got some tough times ahead.

Because of that (and some of those scenes in the promo), I’m pretty sure that Nick is going to get himself into a lot of trouble. I’m almost positive he’ll see something he shouldn’t really see while he’s searching for drugs. But even if he doesn’t, the National Guard may think he is infected when he is really just going through withdrawal. Neither of those scenarios seem really great when it comes to their current situation.


All in all, I think it’s going to be interesting to see how these three families could possibly merge into one big family. Again, I don’t hate any of the characters so far and I am going to love to see how certain characters will bond with one another.

In my early predictions of how this season will turn out. I believe that Griselda may not last very long….which may make Daniel even more of a grouch. She just doesn’t seem like she is in the best shape to me. I also have this feeling that Travis may not make it much longer. Just the one scene between Liza and Madison made me fall in love with the dynamic between the two and as much as I really do like Travis; his death would definitely form a strong bond between these two very strong women.


Best Quote:

Daniel: Good people are the first ones to die.


Best Moment:

The brief but very powerful moment between Madison and Liza where they both realize they need to pull together in order to survive.


Worst Moment:

Nick complains about Madison giving drugs to Griselda and all I want to see is her slap him right across the face.


Who Should Be the Leader of the Group?




2 comments on “There Goes the Neighborhood (FTWD 1×03)

  1. Also, while Madison may not be my favorite, I do like that strong women in the Walking Dead shows continue to be prevalent. Liza and Madison as a team could really turn out to be a bunch of badasses. And c’mon, Liza’s a freaking doctor. She’s going to outlast most of them, especially her weak ex-husband. Just my opinion.

  2. I was not excited at all about this episode, but thankfully (unlike you) I muted the hell out of that tv. Nope. No dog whimpers for me. That was rough. You’re absolutely right about that sensitivity to dogs dying in shows and movies. They are innocents in the human sense of the word. All they do is loyally stand by us, protect us, or just cuddle with us. Abuse to them just breaks my heart horribly. But they weren’t as graphic as I thought they were going to be (i.e. remember that horse? :() Also, I love ya, Nick, but knock it off with blaming your mom for not having enough drugs in the fricking zombie apocalypse. For goodness’ sake, it’s not like she can go to the drugstore and a woman is dying. Calm yourself.

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