A Rude Awakening (FTWD 1×04)

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So the first season of Fear the Walking Dead is taking a very close look into what people actually went through at the beginning of the apocalypse. I’m going to start this post off by saying I definitely think this episode was necessary; it just wasn’t that enjoyable to me. The people of this community are definitely in the dark about a lot of things and some seem to be very content with that fact. Others seem to know something is up.

I think my biggest disdain with the entire episode was how the portrayed the military. I don’t mind that the military means business or that they are using every resource to contain this mess. I mind that here is another representation of the men of the military being insensitive and just darn right assholes. They care more about playing golf and hooking up with the local beauty than doing their jobs and helping people. So here we go again, the men and women of the military are seen as heartless machines that are everyone’s enemies instead of their allies. I’d like to think as the episodes go on that we will see at least some of these guys show that they are in fact decent men who signed up for the military to protect people. Anyway, I’ll stop my rant here.


There’s a Light….

One of the more interesting plotlines of the episode was Chris’s obsession with the light he saw on top of Madison’s roof. His father doesn’t really believe him (until the end of the episode) but Madison sure does and makes a break for it. She makes her way outside and sees bitten people dead. She also sees people who weren’t bitten being shot down.

Now we all know that the virus is airborne and those people could have been walkers without the bite. But I’m thinking the message that the writers are trying to get across is the military may be in a shoot first, ask questions later sort of mindset. Whatever the cause of all of these dead bodies, the one thing we can agree on is it was a horrifying sight. Madison really didn’t get to inspect the light but she did manage to cut a hole in the fence. I have a feeling that whole may be a detriment to the community later on or a means for people to escape when shit hits the fan. And we all know shit is going to hit the fan.

The light of course was a representation of the entire episode. I think why many people (myself included) felt like this episode was slow moving and not in the good “Clear” way in Season Three of TWD was because the writers were trying to show that people are getting comfortable. People think it’s all going to blow over. The military’s here and therefore everything will be okay. Chris sees this light and tries oh so desperately to figure out a way to find the people who are clearly signaling him for help. These people are ignoring the signs that things aren’t okay and in the final moments of the episode….Travis looks on as whoever was shining that light gets shot to death. At least, I’m assuming that’s what happened. We can’t keep ignoring the signs people! Especially now that three main characters were last seen riding off into the very creepy and unknown sunset.



I know I may be in the minority but why are people so mad at Liza? This is driving me crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly think Madison has every right to be furious that Nick was taking without her permission. I really want to see her saddle up and hunt those people down just like Rambo. I would love to see that. She, however, needs to pipe the eff down when it comes to blaming Liza. Liza was trying to help Nick. And at the end of the episode? Liza went with Nick! Madison needs to realize that Liza is going to help Nick survive or Nick is going to help Liza survive. Either way. Liza was trying to get Nick the medical attention he needed and for once an actual doctor showed up!

The person Madison should be upset with is in fact Nick. Yes, Nick is an addict and his addictions are going to be pretty tough to kick. There were drugs and he took advantage of that. In Madison’s defense, she did beat the crap out of him so I think in a way she’s furious at him as well. I would like to think that her random anger towards Liza will pass once she calms down.

Where Are They Going?

So the end of the episode was the most exciting part of the whole thing. Daniel tells his haunting story of what happened to the people in his village back in the day and now, the walkers may be the least of these people’s worries.

At the end of the episode, Griselda, Nick (and voluntarily Liza) were whisked away to a facility for them to get “better”. There are a couple of scenarios that could happen at this point.

  • They are actually going to a medical facility. I think that the doctor is at least trying to help. I don’t think she would ask Liza to come along if they were just going to line these people up and shoot them.
  • What I just said….sick people are now seen as a liability and they have no use for them anymore. They will be taken out somewhere far away and killed pretty quickly.
  • They are using the sick people to experiment on. I don’t like the sound of this or the fact that this is a theory I came up with. A virus is killing everyone in America and there’s no way to stop it. Looks like we have to start taking extreme measures against people who may already be on death row so to speak.


I’m hoping they show equal amounts of where Liza, Nick and Griselda are heading as well as the military protected community. It seems like there has been quite some time passing before this episode took place and these people needed a serious reality check. Just in the beginning of the episode Madison was complaining about her house becoming a casualty in all of this. Oh, if she only knew what was to come. I think these people are still in denial (except for Daniel….he knows what’s up!) and the last scene was a rude awakening for all involved.

I’m not sure what I hope for the next two episodes. I would like to see Nick, Griselda and Liza (and maybe the doctor) team up and try to get back to the community (though I’m nervous Griselda won’t make it). I also would like to see Travis put some faith into Chris and actually listen when his son is talking. I would like more badass Madison and less pointing the finger Madison. And lastly, I would like at least some members of this military to not be as villainized as they’ve been portrayed in this episode. I have faith in the writers and hopefully the next two episodes are going to be epic.

Where are Nick, Griselda and Liza going?






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  1. Also, even though Nick isn’t shining in this particular episode (or the last), I have to say, these teens have it going on! The actors are amazing and the characters seem to be more real than some of the adults. Except for Daniel. He’s such a badass. I’m sensing a Darryl of FTWD.

  2. Ok. So I’m a little late reading this post and have already seen the next episode. But here are my thoughts. A) Liza is amazing. In fact, whether this is a popular opinion or not, I like her a hell of a lot more than I like Madison. This is a strong woman who has her faults, who went through a divorced and supports her child, who is trying to better herself by going back to school, and who, despite her feelings towards her ex-husband’s new girlfriend (I mean, who could blame her), she is realistic and knows how to work with others. Madison annoys me. B) I agree about the military portrayal…however. I do think, at this point, maybe they are trying to portray them the same way they’re portraying the neighborhood people…as though whatever is going on is going to “blow over” and that maybe they’re wasting their time. I think they’ll quickly realize the real danger they’re in and, probably, not too soon after, will be in over their heads. We know how TWD goes…

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