Countdown to The Walking Dead: Day 12) Survivor Spotlight: Maggie

Here is where we take a look at the eldest Greene sister; Maggie, a woman whose faith and strength has gotten her through most of the series successfully. It has also gotten the fans to adore her. Maggie is one of the most relatable characters of the show. She’s not a trained hunter or sword expert, she is just a woman who loves her family and her husband and will do whatever she needs to in order to keep them safe. Having characters like Maggie is so crucial to The Walking Dead because they rely greatly on making these situations seems as realistic as possible. People can look at Maggie reacting to the situations she’s put into and it seems like something we all might do. This makes her one of the most beloved characters the show has to offer.

One might say her strength is more emotional than physical (though I wouldn’t bet against her in a fight). She’s shown on various occasions that she can adapt to almost any situation if it means saving those that she loves. In the beginning of the third season, we see an entirely different Maggie from the woman in the second season screaming and crying for Glenn to save her when a walker grabs her in the pharmacy. In season three, she has become one of the strongest fighters in the group….so much that she joins Rick, T-Dog, Daryl and Glenn in clearing out the entire prison. And later on in the third season, she taken by the Governor and is sexually humiliated by him during which she told him to do whatever he was going to do and go to hell. The strength she exhibited was after that scene though. How she dealt with what happened to her was amazing. She didn’t really dwell on it and actually was more upset with Glenn who kept bringing it up; making it more about him not being able to protect her than just being there for her. She would gladly go through any amount of pain in order to save Glenn’s life and she’s not sorry about it later.

One would think her emotional strength had to come from somewhere and it’s not like we have to search very far; Herschel. Her bond with her father is so strong that we can see parts of Herschel come through to Maggie in many parts of her life. Herschel always made a point to tell everyone that life is not worth living unless you help the people around you. Maggie is always the first to volunteer or protect anyone in the group. Do you have an idea how much strength it took for her to be there to deliver Lori’s baby and help Carl through that tragic time for their family? She even went back into Woodbury after escaping to save Daryl from the Governor. The hope and faith that her dad has instilled in her shines through and we especially see it when she’s searching for Glenn at the end of season four. She never gives up hope that Glenn is still alive and she does everything in her power to find him.

This brings us to the most important aspect in Maggie’s life; her husband Glenn. The two of them together gives us some lighthearted relief in an awful and hostile world. We see her love for Glenn very early on in the show when she has faith in him before anyone else in the group. She sees him as leader and as one of the most valuable assets the group could ever have and of course she was right. Maggie gave Glenn all he needed to become the man he is today and two of them will always be stronger as a unit than they would be as individuals.

I think it’s very clear that in season five, Maggie and Glenn won’t be leaving each other’s side after all they went through in order to find each other. Most fans were freaking out when Maggie decided to burn the picture of her shortly after they reunited saying that Glenn won’t need it anymore. Is that foreshadowing that she’s going to die? Or they’re both going to die together? Another theory that is floating around the fandom is that Maggie could be pregnant. I guess there is a chance of that. We honestly don’t know how much time has passed from the beginning of this last season to where they are now. As we learned from Lori, being pregnant is almost like a death sentence in this world so I’m hoping she’s not. And can you imagine how protective Glenn would be of her then? Just seems like a very stressful situation to me. Hopefully that isn’t the case and hopefully they both make it through this whole Terminus mess quickly. And then what should they do? Go. Find. Beth. Jeez, Maggie, at least care about your sister a little bit. Season five will probably be a very stressful season for most Glenn and Maggie fans; the writers have let them be happy and alive together for years now, do you really think that’s going to last? So, let’s enjoy their beautiful relationship while we can and hope for another year of Maggie kicking ass and taking names.


Maggie’s Greatest Hits:


  • Relationship with Glenn


  • Relationship with Hershel


  • Making the Signs


  • That Scene When All Was Right in the World Again


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