TWD Countdown: Day 14) 100 Most Memorable Walking Dead Moments (80-61)

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80) 2×03: Shane Shoots Otis


Aw, Otis was a stand-up guy. Sure he shot Carl, but he made sure Carl got to Herschel in time and when Herschel said he needed supplies, he volunteered to go with Shane right away. The scene in the school proved to be a very stressful one to watch. At any moment, Shane or Otis could have been walker food. Towards the end, Shane had hurt his leg and the two of them were barely getting away from the walker horde following them. Well, Shane couldn’t have Otis outrun him so he shoots him down and leaves him to be an open buffet. It’s possible all Shane was really thinking about was Carl and getting him the proper meds but it’s hard to imagine he wasn’t just trying to save his own ass. Man, you’re a real jerk Shane.

79) 4×01: The Three Questions


How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why? Those three questions are the things you need to answer in order get by in Rick’s group. Though initially, Rick’s encounter with Clara in the first episode of season 4 may not have seemed that important then, it was complete foreshadowing for the rest of the season. This woman who seems to broken from the world just wanted to be with her husband, something that could never happen. She is just a shell of a person she used to be much like many of our beloved survivors at the end of Season 4.

78) 2×01: Carl Gets Shot


Right when Carl was enjoying the beauty of this world looking at a deer, he gets shot right in the mid-section. Good grief, these people can’t catch a break. It leads to very emotional second episode of the second season with Lori wondering if it would be better if Carl died this way than being torn apart by walkers. Carl made it and all was good with the Grimes family but let’s look at it this way, if Otis never shot Carl, we may have never have met Herschel, Maggie and Beth and that would’ve been awful. Thanks for taking the bullet, Carl.

77) 5×16: The Wolves Set a Trap


In the fifth season finale, one of the more stressful scenes was when Aaron and Daryl were caught in one of the Wolves’ traps. It led to some pretty awesome walker kills (Aaron with a license plate and Daryl with a chain) but it all started to get a little too real when they got trapped inside of a car together. Daryl was ready to sacrifice himself but Aaron wouldn’t let him do that. They fight together….even if it is to their deaths. Luckily, Morgan showed up and we didn’t have to see either Aaron or Daryl take one for the team.

76) 3×10: The Dixon Brothers to the Rescue


The Governor couldn’t handle there being another successful survivor group in town, so without any hesitation, he brings the prison a big present……full of walkers. Great, Glenn just left and Rick is just downright crazy so that’s all we need. At least Michonne is doing her part with her katana and Carl and Maggie are taking out as many as they can but it looks pretty grim for a moment there. Once Rick is pinned down by a group of walkers, it doesn’t look good for our troubled hero……until an arrow busts through one of the walker’s heads. We all know what that means, Daryl mother-fucking Dixon and his badass older brother Merle are here to save the day and because of them, no one that day lost their lives (well, except Axel). Doesn’t mean Rick had to be happy to see Merle again. Best reaction ever.

75) 4×09: Carl??? What Are You Doing?!?!!!


Okay, Carl, I’m trying really hard to like you but when you decide it’s a good idea to shoot your dad before you know if he’s actually dead, you make it kind of hard! It’s kind of clear that Carl holds a decent amount of resentment towards his father over various terrible things that have happened to them over the seasons but when he’s faced with decision to actually kill Rick, he can’t do it. Thank god. Because Rick wasn’t dead!!!!! Goodness. Check a pulse next time.

74) 3×01: Herschel Loses His Leg


Speaking of losing body parts…..Rick wastes absolutely no time saving his dear friend’s life by chopping off his leg after he is bitten. It was brutal. It was disgusting. It was necessary. It also told the audience that if you chop off a limb that is bitten in time, the person can survive. This is very vital information to have. I wonder how many limbs will be lost by the end of the show’s run……probably quite a few.

73) 5×12: Rick Shaves


On paper, this sounds like a pretty silly moment to put in the Top 100. However, when Rick shaved off his beard….it was literally a new beginning for him and his family. The amount of pain and suffering this group has gone through since the prison fell in Season Four is ridiculous and Rick was the main reason they all managed to survive. When Rick shaves; it shows that he is willing to start over again. Now, whether or not that is actually possible had yet to be determined.

72) 1×01: Yeah, You in the Tank? You Cozy in There?


Rick? Going into Atlanta was probably not one of the smartest decisions you ever made. Also getting yourself stuck in a tank surrounded by hundreds of hungry walkers? Again….not a great decision. Rick seems like he’s ready to end his life when a voice contacts him inside the tank via walkie talkie. And who is that voice? None other than the fan favorite Glenn. Glenn is able to get Rick out of there alive and they start their wonderful journey as BFFs in the zombie apocalypse together.

71) 2×13: Losing the Farm


A shot rings out and the dinner bell has been rung. After a season of being seemingly safe on Herschel’s farm, it all comes crashing down for everyone there. A huge horde of walkers come in and puts everyone’s lives in danger. We lose Patricia by getting eaten straight out of Beth’s arms and Jimmy by being torn apart in the RV. Luckily, no one else was killed but the greatest loss of that night was the loss of their home and sanctuary. Herschel even screams that he will die there however Rick did convince him to leave after all was lost. Though it was fun to watch everyone go to town and kill as many walkers as they could and to see Rick and Carl light the barn on fire to distract and kill another big fraction of the walkers, it sucked to watch our band of survivors get run out of the place they spent so long to protect and make their home.

70) 4×13: Not Alone Anymore


The thirteenth episode of the fourth season gave us a good look into what happens to you in this world when you’re left alone through Bob’s eyes. We see him in the beginning of the episode as a broken down man ready to give up on life. Lawrence Gillard Jr. has stated on various occasions that Bob was the only one who didn’t suffer a loss after the attack on the prison because at the end of the day, he was with Maggie and Sasha….which made the moment when they all decided to stick together and face this world as a unit despite all of their differences so touching. Maggie and Sasha are his family now and it seems like he would die for either of them……oh, poor Bob.

69) 2×08: Two Guys Walked into a Bar…..And Rick Shot Them


After Herschel’s realization about the walkers, he goes into town to drink away all of his sorrows. His wife and son were dead and now it was time to lessen the pain the only way he knew how……drink everything in sight. Let’s just say Herschel drinks like a fish (I guess we know where Beth gets it from) but Rick and Glenn go into to town to find him and bring him back if for nothing else, his two little girls. After they get him to quit his drinking and are about to head out on their merry way. Two guys walk into the bar looking for a new place to call home…..or to rape and kill Rick’s group and take all of their resources. Whichever.  Rick, Glenn and Herschel all get a bad vibe from these guys when they start asking where they are staying and if there are women. So not too much longer, Rick shoots them. Boom and boom. Better safe than sorry. And from what we learned from Randall later on, he made the right decision.

68) 4×04: Rick Banishes Carol


What a heartbreaking scene. When Rick learns that it was Carol who killed Karen and David, he makes the tough decision to leave her during a run they go on for supplies. He explains to her that he’s doing it for his children and is not trying to make any decisions for the group. Carol pleads for a moment with Rick, but when she realizes that he has made up her mind, she accepts her fate. She seems to understand his position and even gives Rick a parting gift before they go their separate ways. Man, this show really has a thing for watches. It’s understood that they both love each other but this is a decision that Rick has to make for his family. Little did he know that place that he calls home is about to be destroyed and it probably would’ve been pretty helpful to have Carol there. Oh well, hopefully they’ll reunite someday (especially seeing as Carol currently has Judith). There’s a lot of speculation about what will happen that day but it seems difficult to believe that there would be any malicious feelings towards each other. Rick and Carol both know what it’s like to make difficult decisions and for that, they really do understand each other.

67) 5×01: The Trough


What an opening scene, am I right? It’s hard to think of the fifth season premiere without reimagining those men being lined up right beside Glenn, Daryl, Rick and Bob and then slaughtered like animals. I’m surprised AMC let them even show this scene. This scene was the epitome of what people in this world have become and it’s absolutely terrifying.

66) 4×06: He’s Back


It was a somewhat quiet the first five episodes of the fourth season without our favorite one-eyed serial killer in the mix. And when the camera panned out at the end of Internment, we all watched as the Governor was staring at Rick and Carl from a distance. Uh oh. Here we go. It seems like Phillip has gone through some things after killing his entire army. Martinez and Shumpert left him and he now had no one in his corner. That’s okay. Apparently the Governor can reinvent himself at a moment’s notice and start fresh. He then becomes Brian and makes a whole new family. But first to completely purge his life of the past, he burns down Woodbury in one of the most iconic shots of the series.

65) 4×03: You Breathe, You Risk Your Life


We can all use some fatherly advice from Herschel from time to time and when Maggie tries to stop him from going into the sick ward to help people, he lets her know that it doesn’t matter if you die (because they’re all going to die), it’s what you do before you die. “The only thing you can choose is what you’re risking it for”. Herschel would gladly sacrifice his own well-being in order to save others which is one of the many reasons why we love him so much. This speech was so powerful and put everything into perspective. We love you, Herschel and this is just one of the many reasons why we miss you so much.

64) 5×01: Carol Leaves Mary


Carol is a stone cold killer and why wouldn’t she be? These people kidnapped and tried to literally eat her friends! Honestly, I think she let Mary get off easy. From a brief moment before Carol let in all the walkers to kill Mary….they had a moment of brief sympathy. They both know the terrible things that need to be done in order to survive but nonetheless, Mary can say that she had no choice as much as she wants but she did. And Carol didn’t even look back when she opened up those doors and let the walkers in to eat her.

63) 2×13: Meet Michonne


After the barn went up in flames and all of the survivors dispersed at the end of Season 2, Andrea was all by herself. She was able to grab a bag of guns but being alone in the forest with walkers lurking everywhere you turn, it seemed like she was a goner for sure. Then out of the blue, slicing up walkers like she was born to do it, comes Michonne; our favorite katana wielding badass. This iconic image with Michonne and her two pets was all fans had to cling to for an entire summer between Seasons 2 and 3. We waited to see what she had in store for us and none of us were disappointed.

62) 4×10: Maggie and the Bus


Dear Walking Dead writers, Stop putting us through scenes like this! Sincerely, everyone who ever watched this show. Maggie’s only lead to find Glenn was the bus she left him on during the prison battle. Once she located said bus, she needed to not only kill every single walker inside, but she needed to see their faces. As she goes through them one by one, she comes up to one at the front of the bus who (from behind) looks a lot like Glenn. NO! She kills the walker and slides into a seat crying hysterically. Are they tears of joy??? Or heartbreak??? Of course they won’t tell us. Or show us that walkers face. Until we finally see Glenn is alive in the next scene. Ugh. Longest. Commercial Break. Ever.

61) 2×05: You’re Every Bit as Good as Them. Every Bit.


After watching the majority of “Chupacabra”, if you weren’t a Daryl Dixon fan already, you were now. He goes through hell and back to try to find Sophia while everyone else seems to be distracted by other things going on the farm. He gains the first real lead in finding Sophia when he finds her doll and as he returns, he gets shot in the head. Thanks Andrea. After laying out where he found the doll to Rick, Carol comes up to Daryl in a touching moment telling him that he’s just as good as Shane and Rick. Maybe even better seeing as he’s the only one who isn’t giving up on her little girl. This is probably the first positive thing anyone has ever said to Daryl in his life. He seemed uncomfortable to take the compliment but as we all know, it started a beautiful relationship between him and Carol.

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  1. Ugh Andrea. That moment that we thought she killed Daryl…oooo that bitch is lucky he survived. And Carl doesn’t seem to have many good moments, does he? Just a lot of reasons for a lot of us to want to seehim as zombie food. Maybe one day, the writers will finally five us our wish. *fingers crossed*

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