Time for me to Find a New Favorite (FTWD 1×06)

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Okay so yes, I know I didn’t post last week. It just didn’t happen. To be honest, I was thinking about putting off writing about the finale because I’m not completely sure how I felt about. All in all, I think it was a good episode….I just felt it lost a little bit of The Walking Dead flare we love so much. I think this season had a lot of emotional moments that we could cling onto and the ending scene of the season was arguably the best scene the season had so why do I feel so “meh” about the finale?


Who in the World is Strand?

Believe me, Strand is one of the most intriguing characters the show has produced but I’m still a little bit hazy on what his motivations are. He wants to get out on a boat (this to me is a writing ploy to get the main characters out of the bombing zones and then place them on dry land when it’s all over) but why did he bring this family with him? If he is completely out for himself which is the message he seems to want to convey, why is he brining these people? Strength in numbers maybe? I just think something doesn’t seem right. And why is he packing up suits? He already said the people with grande lattes will be the first to go so he seems to be practical about survival….so again I ask; why the suits? There’s too many questions and not a lot of evidence to really delve into who Strand is and what his motivations are. I believe he will be a main cast member in Season Two and the writers and producers may drop little hints as to who he really is during the off season.


Hey, Everyone….You Can Join the Military and Not Be a Scumbag!

But not according to this show. Maybe my disdain for the last few episodes of the show has been completely brought upon my annoyance with how they portray the men in the military. Not only were there instances that a soldier would never do (handing a civilian his gun just to shoot some walker) or the wrong protocol taking place; they’re just poor representations of men in the military. Does every single soldier need to be a huge scumbag?

We got a little heat in our last reaction video by commenting on the “not-so-great” light they were shining on the men in the military. I would like to reiterate that it is not because of the plotline at all. I understand that it makes sense to quarantine the survivors and go to extreme measures to contain this terrible infection spreading literally everywhere.

My issue comes with the personalities of these characters. First, we have LT Asshole who likes to joke about shooting civilians (the PR mess he would get into alone…) and telling Travis “I’m not a social worker”. I haven’t been a military wife for long but half of the stuff my husband does for a living could very much be qualified as social work. These men are caring people who decided to sacrifice their lives and freedom for the benefit of civilians.

But it could just be that LT right? There were a few examples of men in the fifth episode that didn’t seem that bad. The soldier getting tortured for one…..but nope; not in this episode. Listen I don’t think it’s completely out of the realm of possibility that soldier would come back and want to settle some unfinished business. But does he shoot Daniel? No. He shoots the women he supposedly cared about a lot….very randomly if you ask me. But of course, men in the military are a bunch of crazy gun nuts right? Yep.

Now that may not be the best example because well, he was tortured. He could not be seeing straight and if he got on that compound….there’s a very big chance he saw lots of his friends die in front of his eyes. But that’s not it…..let’s talk about the rapey soldiers now. The soldiers that steal a car from two kids, beat one and then threaten to take the girl along for some good ole raping. As the kids say nowadays…..I can’t even with that shit.

Sorry, I know that was a rant and not entirely too important to the episode……just needed to get that off of my chest. And even in the Talking Dead afterward, it seemed pretty clear that the military will be the villains in Season Two. Just great. I can’t wait.


Alicia and Chris: I’m Not Mad About It

It seems like the writers are trying to set up some kind of romance between Alicia and Chris. I didn’t really know how I felt about Chris in the beginning of the show but he’s really growing on me. He stepped up to those asshole soldiers….even though he got knocked out in the process. I think it could be an interesting development at the least. There’s not a whole lot of love on these shows so to be honest, I wouldn’t be entirely upset if they ended up being honeys for a little bit.


The Good Man

Here’s where I eat my words. I was positive Travis was going to die in the finale and the writers were going to make Madison and Liza very strong female leads for Season Two. The episode was literally called The Good Man; a name Daniel referred to Travis as….also while stating that good men don’t last very long. Well, from The Walking Dead, we know that’s true.

The writers said the first season had to do with people you may not expect to be strong finding a way to survive. They were clearly and whole heartedly talking about Travis. For the first few episodes Travis was anti-guns and a very strong believer in trusting others. He still held onto those morals until mid-way through this episode. He lets the soldier Daniel tortured go in order to save his life but he comes back and shoots Ophelia. Then, Travis goes nuts. I was really excited to see this side of Travis come out. I love Cliff Curtis and did really want him to stick around (even though I thought for sure he was a goner). Could you imagine if the soldier shot Chris instead? That guy would’ve really died.

I like this family unit that has eventually been formed even though I see a lot of problems arising in the future. I think Madison and Travis’s relationship is going to be deeply tested in the next season. I’m not sure they’re on the same page when it comes to a lot of things. And it’s almost guaranteed people might have some problems with Daniel and the way he handles situations. Maybe you shouldn’t torture people and they won’t come back and shoot your daughter….just for argument’s sake.

I think Travis will hold onto his “goodness” for a while. We don’t know if he’ll go on the same path Rick went on….straight to crazytown. But I think as long as he still has a family to protect, you may not want to mess with him anytime soon.


R.I.P. Liza

Well, my favorite died. Ugh. Just great. I did cry so there was definitely a lot of emotional build up to that moment so let’s talk about it. I think I was holding it together pretty well until she started crying. So many times on The Walking Dead; we’ve seen bitten people have to take their own lives. They seem at peace with it (Andrea for example); it’s sad that their fight is over but at the end of the day, they’ve accepted their fate.

Liza hasn’t been in this terrible apocalyptic world long enough to comes to terms with that….so she cries. When she cries….girl, I cried. She doesn’t want to leave her son because I feel in some way she only thinks he’s safe with her. She wants to live and survive and make a difference. Now, none of that will happen. Kudos to Travis and Liza for such an amazing scene. The last scene of course made me cry but it also made me remember why I love The Walking Dead universe so much. As fans, we’re gluttons for punishment. Why do we continue to watch shows that rip our hearts out? Because they make us feel something.  They have gotten us emotionally invested in fictional characters so much that it could take weeks for us to recover. That didn’t happen here….I don’t think Liza was on the show long enough to really emotional scar us but I think it really is just a preview of what’s to come.

Does Travis have what it takes to survive?


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