You Better Shape Up ‘Cause I Need a Man (The Leftovers 2×04)

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I have to admit, I get pretty excited whenever I see the episode will focus on Kevin and Jill. They have both come out of Season One as my favorites and I really love watching them cope with all the craziness that surrounds them. This episode was a welcome escape after the last one. Not that the last one wasn’t good…it was just intense and I’m not really sure how I feel about Laurie and Tom.


Nora’s Desperation to Feel Safe

The whole point of coming to Jarden, Texas was to feel safe and in the first scene of this episode we are all pretty aware that Nora no longer feels safe. She wakes up and Kevin is missing and within moments she spirals out of control. I love Nora and all of her insanity but man; Kevin is going to be held on a pretty tight leash. By the end of the episode she has him handcuff himself to her so she knows he’s not going anywhere. Most of us look at that scene like she’s certifiable but Kevin probably thinks it’s a good idea. No more waking up in drained out lakes when three girls have gone missing. Plus, he fully accepts Nora for who she is. After all, who is he to judge?

Then we meet Virgil; the man who told Nora that he was sorry for her loss. Boom! You really can’t escape everything that you’re running from. That truly does seem like it’s the theme of this season. But it really does seem like some people in this town may actually have psychic or supernatural powers. Ugh this is feeling more and more like Lost as the show goes on.

I have a feeling though that Patti was right when she said they are both clinging onto each other in order to feel safe. I don’t know if they actually have that deep of a connection. I always wondered what would happen if Laurie showed up saying that she wanted to put her family back together. I believe Kevin whole heartedly loves Laurie and it could tear everything apart. Kevin and Nora seemed pretty adamant about the fact that they weren’t going to split up when adopting the baby but I’m assuming Laurie will make her way to Jarden at some point and there will be another big mess to figure out.


Matt’s Miracle

The one part of the episode that I was pretty excited to see was the scene with Matt. I love Matt’s story and don’t like that he’s been significantly underused in the first four episodes of the season. But I completely believe that his time will come. When Nora goes to visit Matt after witnessing him spew a bit of the town’s crap during a prayer; she confronts him about what he believes.

He then tells her about how Mary woke up one night. They talked, they laughed, they cuddled, etc. I’m hoping something happens with Mary this season. I am a very big fan of Janel Maloney but besides that; I would love to see some serious feels between both Mary and Matt. Also, this show doesn’t have a whole lot of good moments. Janel Maloney is in the opening credits this season so let’s hope she has another “miracle” happen to her soon.


The Search for Evie

I really don’t know what to think about the girls who have gone missing. Patti says that they departed and so far; Patti’s been right on the money but something tells me that may not be the case. Of course; I do believe there is something very supernatural going on in this town….or just the world in general. But the car was parked by the lake that was completely drained of all its water….right where Kevin woke up from his sleep walk. Something happened there.

Even though Evie may be in some serious trouble; if she’s out there, I have full faith that her father will find her. That man is scary. I liked how Kevin and John bonded in this episode. Though I should state that it doesn’t make me trust John anymore. It seems like John really tried to keep order in the town and it’s possible that he had to resort to some unorthodox methods. But let’s just take a moment and talk about Erika. Erika is a ride or die wife. She completely has no problem taking a bullet out of her husband’s gut. I’m definitely not sure how I feel about John but I do know that I love their marriage.


Jill & Michael Sitting in a Tree…..

BAHHH! I’m so excited. These two are insanely cute and may just be what the other needs. Michael is reeling from the fact that his sister may have departed. He’s even scratching that sticker off of the outside of his house but I think he may actually find comfort in Jill. She’s been through a lot and lost a lot including her brother and mother. I don’t entirely know if there is a love connection between the two but I would like to go on record saying that I wouldn’t mind it.


Talk to Patti

Patti seems to know a lot. I’m starting to think there a certain people that are chosen. Chosen to do what? I have no idea. It seems Kevin’s father has been talking to dead people for a while now and at this time, I think Kevin just needs to embrace it. For the moment; Patti’s been right about a lot of things. She knew where the cell phone was and she seemed to have a pretty good idea about Nora and Kevin’s relationship. It’s definitely possible that Patti is Kevin’s little angel or devil on his shoulder but for some reason….I think she’s real and I think he needs to start talking to her.

And he does. He finally talks (well, yells) at Patti. She asks him why he wanted to commit suicide if he loved his family so much? He said he didn’t. But at least he’s finally talking to her. I normally root for characters to run in the opposite direction of crazy town but at the moment, I think this may be the only way Kevin is going to get any sense of peace. Kevin does love his family but things are driving him insane. But once he starts listening to Patti; what will she encourage him to do? Is she really an angel? Or has she been a devil all along?



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