Bobbi’s Back! (Agents of SHIELD 3×06)

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Okay so I know this post is late. Sometimes life just kicks you right in the teeth. But let’s get right into it shall we?


That Moral Dilemma

So this whole season has really focused on the Inhumans and what is actually happening to the people who are changing. Not just what kind of cool new powers that they have but literally what happens to their actual lives. Are they dangerous to those they love? Are they dangerous to themselves? Now we are presented with two ways of dealing with the problem.

There is of course SHIELD who is focused on taking an approach very similar to the one we saw in Afterlife. Even though Jiaying turned out to be a not so lovely person (because of everything that was done to her of course); she did seem to have a pretty good system in place when it came to Afterlife. The Inhumans were secluded from other people while they could cope with the changes that were happening to them. In a lot of ways; this is watch SHIELD is trying to replicate. Daisy and Mack seem to have a clear vision of what needs to be done with these people. Sure, there are definitely going to be some people who can’t be saved. There is a possibility that a truly evil and horrible person could get destructive powers and make matters worse but because Daisy’s been through the whole ordeal….it’s hard to not look at them as victims.

Though I guess in some ways; the ATCU treats them like victims as well…..seeing as they view the Inhuman gene (for lack of a better term) as a disease. Now to be fair; I think we need to see more of the ATCU before we can make a better judgement. At least I do. Do they do this to all Inhumans? Is there a session of counseling beforehand? Or are they really just putting them all in that containment? That is what it seems like but I’m hoping in the next episode we will explore it more.

I think Daisy and Rosalind need to sit down with each other and try to actually understand each other. I think Daisy’s a little hard-headed when it comes to this subject because of everything’s she been through. And for good reason. I just think the ATCU may not actually have bad intentions. It seems like they might actually just be trying to look out for the good of the people. But I guess only time will tell what they’re actual motives are. At the moment; I really like Rosalind and think she is in fact coming from a good place but I’m also skeptical because as we’ve learned in the past, you can never fully trust anyone on this show.


Fitz Sizes Up the Competition

Although I don’t really know if Will is competition. To me; Jemma wants to save the man that helped saved her life. I believe she is still in love with Fitz and knows that this is a horrible situation to be put into. Fitz seems to be pretty adult about the whole situation and at least (in the brief moments) they seem to be very open and honest about the whole thing. I’m not saying that they won’t completely implode sometime soon but there are handling it fairly well in my opinion.

But of course; Fitz is checking up on Will. He wants to know who he is. He also may be wondering if Simmons just hallucinated the whole thing…..especially with a planet that’s known for making people believe things that aren’t real. Maybe Will died long ago on that mission. I don’t necessarily think that’s the case but it is a possibility.

At the moment; I think Fitz is trying to completely comprehend what happened to Simmons. Sure, there’s definitely a part of him who just wants to know who this guy is but I think it’s deeper than that. He’s really going to find out what is actually going on that planet before Simmons risks her life to go back.


Bobbi’s Back

Goodness; I’ve been waiting for some decent Bobbi action for quite a while. This episode was wonderful showcasing her getting back into action and seeking revenge on Ward. She did manage to kill his right hand man. Though I’m not so sure that Ward really cares to be honest……especially now that he has his new ally? Enemy? You know the lines get so blurry on this show.

Though Hunter may have made a bad call in the last episode; I still love him and he’s still one of my favorite characters. But this episode was all about loving Bobbi. I think May was the perfect character to get her back on her feet because she’s been through it all. I love how Bobbi continues to be the character that can really see things from everyone’s point of view. She’s a very sympathetic woman. She seemingly can still be supportive of Hunter and also join May on this mission. Honestly; I’ve been waiting all season so far to watch Bobbi kick some ass and I was not disappointed.


Holy Moly Lash

Oh Lash…most of us knew you were Andrew. But I’m sure that was a shocking revelation to some people. It completely makes sense why Lash has left Daisy alive in many cases but the thing I’m most curious about is what is actually motivated Andrew to kill these people. Andrew seemed when we met him in Season Two to be a man that genuinely cares for other people. I don’t entirely understand why he would just start killing Inhumans randomly. It makes sense why he killed Frye because he didn’t want his identity to be revealed (or at least that’s what I got from it) but why is he killing all of the other Inhumans? Is he working for someone? I literally can’t wait for all of this to be explained.

And the other part of this whole story that will get messy is May’s involvement. How she acts in the next episode is really going to be important for her character moving forward. I really hope she confides in Phil. And I can already see all of this leading up to a big rift between her and Daisy. I would love to see her try to talk to Andrew but if that doesn’t go well; she needs to let at least one other person know. He is murdering Inhumans right and left. This is not a time to keep this all a secret.





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