Trust No One (Agents of SHIELD 3×07)

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Last night’s episode really hit me in the feels….which is probably because Simmons, Fitz and May are my three favorite characters. They all seem to be going through a lot at the moment. I can’t express how amazing this show has become this season. This show is getting beautifully complex and they’re not resorting to typical tropes or stereotypes to drive their characters forward.


Shady, Shady Rosalind

I should’ve known! I’ve never been completely sure that Rosalind or the ATCU should be trusted but I was kind of hoping that they would be. Of course that is never the case on SHIELD. You can trust no one on this show. Now….we don’t entirely know what her association is with Malick but I think we can all assume it’s not a good one.

She’s a very convincing woman though. Even though most of us still raise an eyebrow whenever the ATCU is around; her scene with Daisy earlier on in the episode was eye-opening to me. When it comes to the Inhumans; we are starting to see why they are doing what they are doing. The whole episode really did come full circle when all of the characters became a front row witness to the effects of going through this change. It happened to one of their own. If it doesn’t stop; he will be lost forever. This whole story is certainly giving the ATCU a little bit of credibility.

But not enough. Rosalind has really moseyed her way over to Phil Coulson’s heart or so we’re led to believe. I’d like to think Coulson always has his guard up. The worst part about this storyline for me is the inevitable “I told you so” coming from Daisy. Let’s just all remember Coulson had suspicions about Skye/Daisy’s mother but he didn’t say “I told you so” after Jiaying tried to kill her own daughter. Let’s hope Daisy follows suit.

It looks like we won’t have to wait long to get at least some answers regarding the ATCU or at least Rosalind. This all seems to be unfolding in the next episode according to the promos. This season is absolutely insane. We are already dealing with so many storylines that in past seasons would have taken at least ten episodes. Sure, there are some storylines that will be a slow burn. Ward’s to be exact but the writers are keeping us captivated every single episode.


Let’s Watch the Sunrise

I’ll be the first to admit that when I watched episode five….I was so furious with where they took Fitz and Simmons’ storyline but honestly this whole plot is really sophisticated and beautiful in a way. The writers understand that relationships are complicated. They know that things are not always black and white….especially when dire circumstances happen to people.

Fitz made a discovery in this episode; a discovery which tells me Will may not be exactly what he seems. Thank god. Listen; I like Will but if there’s any way we could turn him into a lying douchebag…I’m all for it. #TeamFitzSimmons. It turns out Will could have been sent by some ancient order instead of NASA. I had a feeling this whole NASA thing wasn’t really checking out. How could NASA have all this information about the portal when SHIELD knew absolutely nothing about it? So maybe Will was a part of the group of men we saw in the first scene of episode two and he just didn’t age. Maybe Will’s not even alive. I don’t know….there are a lot of questions surrounding him.

Now let’s get back to the feels. FitzSimmons had a whole lot of feels this episode. As soon as Fitz said that he was going to go through all of the recordings….I knew it would end up in me crying. The fans who think Simmons jumped hopped in a bed with someone else really should watch that scene. Fitz is the reason that she survived and Fitz is the man that she is in love with. It’s a simple as that. But what’s done is done. She’s not crying about it. She’s been completely honest with Fitz and in the end; that’s all going to be for the better. I think Fitz and Simmons have a bumpy road ahead but at least Fitz knows how much she relied on him and how much she really does love him.


May’s Decision

Again, I have to give props to the writers in this episode. I feel like almost any other show would have dragged out May knowing about Andrew. She would try to keep it a secret and then it completely blows up in her face. She didn’t do that. Of course she went to talk to him one on one first. I think most of us would have done the same in that situation.

I feel absolutely horrible for May. I feel like she just climbed out of a pretty dark hole that she’s been in since Bahrain and now this. She finally got to be happy at the end of Season Two. She was able to actually put the past behind her and start fresh. And now this happens? This woman needs a break. I loved every scene between Andrew and May in this episode. I felt like the entire storyline was a beautiful showcase of a relationship that has really been through a lot of ups and downs.

At the end of it all; May is faced with a decision and it isn’t an easy one. I love how she asked Daisy what she would do. Daisy has been pretty against what the ATCU is doing to the Inhumans. But when it comes to May; she gave her support no matter what. This was a scene I’ve really wanted to see between May and Daisy and I’m glad we didn’t have to wait for it. The ATCU can not necessarily be trusted so in hindsight; we really don’t know if May’s decision was the right one but in the moment; it really did seem to be her only option. If Lincoln was right (and by the way I’m still thinking about what Andrew said about Lincoln…..) then Andrew will eventually just become Lash. If there’s a way to fix all of that; the precautions need to be taken in order to accomplish that goal.

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