Congrats Leftovers; You Have Again Shaken Me To My Core (The Leftovers 2×05)

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I really don’t entirely know where to start. I watched this episode a few days ago and I’m still reeling from it. The Leftovers has this knack or just really shaking you to your core when you least expect it. We were due for a Matt episode and his centric episode is Season was pretty brilliant but this one? It completely takes the cake. The best episode of the season by far.

Matt has always been a man of faith and a good man at his core but his faith has been tested on occasion. We start the episode with him doing the exact same routine he did when Mary woke up. He again has faith that she will wake up again. The amount of faith in Matt is admirable but as the episode goes on….we all wonder; did she really wake up? I’d like to think she did…..for a few reasons. I don’t want to see Matt go crazy. I would love to see him be right in this scenario. There’s something about Matt’s character that is so calming to the others and I need him to be okay. The other reason is simply because of my love for Janel Moloney. The West Wing will go down as one of my favorite shows of all time and she simply must have more to her character and at least some lines instead of just being a symbol for Matt.

The whole episode really read like a mini-movie. When they first got called into the lawyer’s office in the hospital I really thought…..oh my god she has a tumor. Matt can’t catch a damn break but that wasn’t the case. Mary is pregnant. And we all collectively go “Say whaaaa?”. She’s pregnant which at first is really music to Matt’s ears but wait….this is The Leftovers; there will be a catch. And the catch is that every single person is going to believe that he raped her. I think Kevin and Nora give him the benefit of the doubt and they should…..especially with all Kevin’s seen.

Throughout this whole episode Matt is tested to his core. He has faith and he now has a little family to take care of. I just got to say the heart melts when watching Matt do all of these things because at the core of who he is; he’s doing these things for Mary. We should all be so lucky.

While we watch the episode; we are also getting a glimpse of the people on the outside of Miracle, Texas. These people who are so desperate and hell bent to get in and also the people who are taking advantage of the people who are completely obsessed with getting in. There is a bunch of weird people doing all sorts of weird things on the outside of Miracle and we got to experience it first hand with Matt and Mary.

At least Kevin and Nora had their backs. Watching Kevin walk in to help out Matt was such a huge sigh of relief but then of course; John was there. And everything got very awkward very quickly. Something did happen to John. Matt was right about that. I can’t wait to find out what. Matt hit a nerve with John and at the end of the episode; he let John know (in so many words) that he wasn’t scared of him. Something that I think Kevin has failed to really get across.

But I’d like to get to the end of the episode….I don’t really want to this post to go on and on about how much I love Matt. Which I do. But at the end of the episode; Matt gets Mary safely back into Miracle so that they’re baby can grow. There really may be something about this place. But Matt goes outside of the walls and takes the place of the repenting naked man. Did Matt do this because he is just such a good guy? That really is a possibility. Or did he do this because he actually needs to repent? Matt is probably one of the more innocent characters in The Leftovers but that by no means concludes that he is perfect. He will repent…..until Nora sees him like that and she cuts him out with a chainsaw.

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