And It All Ties Together (Agents of SHIELD 3×08)

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This last episode finally brought all of the stories together on Agents of SHIELD. As much as I have praised them for having various wonderful storylines at the start of the season; I should have known it would all tie in together eventually. I can’t wait to move forward.


Rosalind’s Not Hydra

Well, I guess she still could be. You really never know with this show but at this point and time; we are fairly certain she was in fact duped by Gideon Malick. I have to say I was pretty excited to see that Rosalind is in fact trustworthy (for the most part). I may not be a huge fan of her and Coulson’s relationship but I love her character. I think she’s a strong and sensible woman who has just happened to be working with a scumbag.

The whole infiltration of the ATCU was a whole lot of fun…..especially with Bobbi’s new enhancements but the big revelation came when we finally saw that the ATCU was not actually working on a cure for the Inhumans but they are actually creating as many as possible to build an entire army. This of course is going to get more complicated as time goes on. We only have a few more episodes until the mid-season finale and I have a feeling this is all going to come to a head very shortly.

At the moment; it looks like we can trust Rosalind and Banks which is going to be quite helpful I think. I can’t help but think that someone may die in the mid-season finale. SHIELD is getting mighty big at this point and I wouldn’t be surprised if they trimmed the fat a little bit going into the new year.



This whole FitzSimmons storyline is enough to drive anyone crazy. They’re the best of friends. Most of us know they belong together very early on. Then the bottom of the ocean scene happens and we can’t wait until they get together. But no the second season is like torture for FitzSimmons fans…..little did we know that was absolutely nothing in comparison to what we’d go through so far in Season Three. This is some weird punishment that no one knew we deserved.

Well, finally we got a kiss from FitzSimmons. It will definitely go down as a fairly iconic moment for the characters and even though show. I can’t help but think though that this whole mess is far from over. But I feel fairly comforted that the end game of the writers is to get Fitz and Simmons together. That’s what they want. Hell, that’s what we all want.

The scene was beautiful and tragic all at once. Fitz finally lets loose but he’s not mad at Simmons. Of course he’s not…’s an awful situation for anyone involved. Lots of fans really dislike this storyline and they should. It’s meant to make you uncomfortable. The writers did a really excellent job in invoking the same emotions in us that Fitz and Simmons are going through. Fitz is in love with Simmons and Simmons is in love with Fitz. But Fitz thinks they’re cursed. I don’t think that’s true but damn, he really does have a good point. Though this was an insanely big moment for FitzSimmons; I have a feeling more is to come….a whole lot more.


Ward’s New Role

Throughout all of Season Two; the writers were playing around with what kind of person Ward really is. Well, it seems like they made their decision. He is awful. I still love him….in that bad guy sort of sense and I’m not entirely sure I want to see him die but again, I think it’s inevitable to happen at some point. Ward spent this episode torturing men (Gideon’s men so I don’t feel that bad), putting an entire plane of innocent people at risk and exposing Andrew so that Lash truly comes out. Ugh, stop it Ward!

Ward is teaming up with Gideon although he definitely seems a little skeptical. Ward definitely has a fair dose of crazy in him but the way he looked at Gideon definitely reminded me of how he looked at Garrett back in Season One. It’s probably true that Ward’s a sociopath but I highly doubt he’s all in for just worshiping some other leader on the other side of this portal.


Is Will the Leader?

Speaking of let’s talk about the fact that Hydra worships a horrible demon leader on the other side of that portal. I think we’re meant to believe that it’s the angry smoke monster (sorry I really can’t think of another thing to call it Lost fans) but what if Will and the smoke monster are in the same? At the end of the Simmons flashback episode….we see Will walking alone. Was that because he defeated the monster? I doubt it. It could be that he is the monster. He strummed up as much peril and danger when Fitz showed up to make Simmons stay back for “Will”. He may not have banked on Simmons choosing Fitz over Will.

This is just a theory but I would love it if this were the case. Because I need literally any reason to hate Will, okay writers?? I would really like it if we could all just hate Will and get this FitzSimmons show on the road. And the way they inserted the line where Fitz said that he looked for dirt on Will but didn’t find anything made me believe Will is more guilty than ever. Let’s plant those seeds of how great a guy Will is so that it’s extra horrible when he’s evil. However if this theory is true and Will is some evil leader….it doesn’t make sense how he has any sort of record of being someone from earth that eventually got put into the portal. Now it could be possible that Will just died very early on (why he didn’t want to show Simmons the dead bodies) and the monster is using his image to seduce Simmons. But seduce her to do what? If all of this is true….and yes, I know I’m letting my crazy mind run wild; I have a sinking feeling that a pregnancy could be what the monster was after all along. I really hope that isn’t the case….I will literally start throwing things.


There’s so much going on in the next few episodes leading up to what the actors are saying is a pretty epic mid-season finale….which kind of makes me nervous. Next week; it seems like we’re dealing with Ward head on but I have a feeling the promo is a little misleading. Maybe a rescue mission for Andrew is underway. I highly doubt there will be an actual showdown to the death between Ward and Coulson. Although that would be pretty damn entertaining.

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