He’s Not Dead… He’s Not Dead… He’s Not Dead…. (The Leftovers 2×07)

Say it enough times…and maybe it’ll be true.

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I need to stop watching The Leftovers right before bed. I swear I’m going to be up for hours now. Not necessarily because it was terrifying (which it was) but because now I’m going to spend the rest of the night trying to figure out what on earth I just watched. We got another Kevin-centric episode this week and I was thrilled. Kevin and Jill are two of my favorite characters on this show. I love rooting for these two but in this episode…..Kevin was simply a lost cause. To say The Leftovers is knocking it out of the park this season would be an understatement. At the moment, I’m loving this show. Almost every episode leaves me feeling quite unsettled or completely destroyed. The problem with The Leftovers is that you don’t know if it will actually pay off in the long run. After Lost; most of us are pretty skeptical. Is there a reason to all of this craziness? Let’s hope so but at the moment….I can’t help but praise the show for leaving me completely in awe yet again.

I don’t really know where to start. I guess the first thing I want to talk about is how annoying the two women (excluding Laurie) are in Kevin’s life for this episode. I love Jill to death. She is arguably my favorite but I want her to lend a hand to her dad. The thing I love about Jill and Kevin’s relationship is that they really haven’t abandoned each other. And she’s not abandoning him. But she’s just telling him to fix it. Jill, something a little supportive probably could’ve helped in this episode.

And then there’s Nora. Don’t even get me started. I found it to be very unrealistic that Nora left Kevin because he was seeing a dead woman. And until they had that phone conversation at the end of the episode; I was sure there was a misunderstanding. Why would she leave him when her baggage is just as astronomical? She used to pay people to shoot her and she finds it completely normal that she handcuffs him to the bed. She is a highly damaged woman who needs stability. I guess Kevin was her rock and when he’s broken….she’s broken. Also, she had that pretty chilling conversation with Erika last week. But still Nora what the hell? I am not a fan of yours this week.

Well Patti was right at the beginning of this episode; Kevin had a doozy of a day. He spent the majority of the day trying to rid himself of the fragment of his handcuff and well, Patti. Did it work? He finally got the handcuff off but Patti? Well, that’s all yet to be determined. But let’s not jump ahead.

Something to probably note in this episode was that Kevin did in fact accomplish something else….he incriminated himself in Evie’s disappearance. Great. There’s not a lot of time to worry about all that now but if Kevin isn’t dead….he’s going to have a whole lot of troubles in the near future.

Meanwhile, Laurie’s back. Oh boy. I actually loved Laurie in this episode. Now I do believe that Patti is in fact talking to Kevin but it was nice to see someone try to reach out and say “you’re crazy and you need help”. It was very sweet seeing these two back together even though we barely saw them together in Season One. Laurie knows that she is the reason her family is in shambles and I was glad to see her acknowledge it. But what’s going to happen with Jill? And what on earth happened with Tom? Again, that’s just a whole lot of questions yet to be answered.

I guess this whole episode boils down to the final scene. I was not keen on Kevin killing himself. It seemed like shady business to me. Who knows if Virgil is telling the truth? The only thing we know about Virgil is that he did something that caused John to shoot him in the chest, stomach and dick. So are we assuming sexual assault? Was Patti right when she accused him of being a child molester? I don’t mean to sound like a broken record on these posts but WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??

The last scene played horribly or according to plan….I still honestly have no fucking clue. Michael seemed very upset with Virgil when he left Kevin in his hands. Probably because Virgil clued him in on killing himself. Michael seems to be in on the plan. So if he could let us all in on what the hell’s going on….I’m sure we’d all be grateful. Kevin basically kills himself even though Patti tells him not to and Virgil dumps out the syringe and then shoots himself in the head. Does Virgil know what he’s doing? He said he did this once before with the crazy man shooting in the middle of town but if I’m not mistaken….that man is still crazy right? Like he’s not exactly cured. Seriously what is going on? Is Kevin dead? Did he do battle and Patti’s dead? Also where is Michael taking Kevin? I’m assuming (or maybe just hoping) he’s taking him somewhere to be revived. Is he going to bury him in the ground for a couple of days so Kevin can fly away like a pretty little bird. Ugh, I have no idea…..all I know is this show is definitely keeping my attention.

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