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Glenn is Alive! Glenn is Alive! Glenn is Alive! Glenn is Alive! Glenn is Alive!

I am so thrilled that we finally got resolution to what went down in episode three. This whole episode had a lot of highlights which was very comforting when most of us thought it would be a much slower build up episode. Sure; we’re all anticipating how the show will handle No Way Out but we’re getting some great insights and some food for thought while we wait.


Glenn is Alive!

Did I mention that Glenn is alive? Okay, so let’s talk about his journey in this episode. The more I think about it, the more I am madly in love with Enid and Glenn together. Glenn is completely the right guy that will get Enid over her fears of getting attached. Glenn’s whole ideology is that you don’t leave people behind. You can’t leave people to die. Once you start doing that; you start to die yourself. Glenn and Maggie are the people that drive this group with hope and if Enid were to spend some quality time with anyone in Rick’s group; I’m glad it’s Glenn.

Watching the relationship between these two unfold was a treat in the episode not too many of us were expecting. However, I will say I am quite worried. The writers are giving Glenn are pretty amazing season this season which only leads me to think that Glenn is alive for now. If they do not start focusing on some other characters soon; giving them some big moments and relationships; I’m very worried. They love to build up characters just to kill them. It’s almost definite that someone major will be saying goodbye when Negan shows up in the sixth season finale and right now….odds are it could actually be Glenn. I’m already freaking out about it.

Moving forward with Glenn and Enid; I’m pretty sure Glenn is going to convince Enid to go to Alexandria once they realize that the walls are down. She will be hesitant because people “always die” but maybe Glenn will convince her otherwise. Maybe Glenn and Enid will save some people together showing her that you can make a difference and if you stick your neck out; the rewards can be so much greater than the losses. We love you Glenn, don’t ever change.


I Still Don’t Trust Ron….

Ron’s going to fuck up…..he’s either going after Rick or Carl. But he’ll probably miss….because well he doesn’t really know how to shoot. Then Rick and/or Carl will realize Ron is going after them and machete him in the face. Okay maybe, they won’t do that but one could hope. This walker horde is kind of convenient if you think about it. “Oh my god…..Ron just happened to get eaten up by a ton of walkers. I know it’s so sad, Jessie. But you’ll get over it”.

Ron is having a lot of issues with Carl but his biggest issue has to be with Rick. Rick did in fact shoot his father in the face publically. And is now banging his mom. I don’t really think that’s something you can get over that quickly. I’m just nervous Ron will do something stupid that no one will see coming. I have a feeling Rick and Carl are save from Ron’s wrath….even if they are his intended targets but maybe someone else could be caught in the crossfire. I swear if Ron comes anywhere near BABY JUDITH! There will be blood!


Morgan VS Carol

There will be a showdown. Most definitely. These two characters are on the completely opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to dealing with enemies….specifically Wolves. Ever since episode two, it’s being set up for a smackdown. Will it turn into an actual fight though? I actually think so. It’s a pretty fair fight if you ask me. Carol’s come a long way from being a typical housewife but Morgan went to Ninja School. God help them.

Also you know who’s going to get caught in the crossfire? Sweet, sweet Denise. Let’s not kill the only doctor. Let’s also not kill Tara’s love interest. I don’t know if Denise is on #TeamMorgan officially. I think it would be smart for her to work on the Wolf (as long as he’s tied up and subdued) for practice. Why not? She needs the practice and he’s as good as dead anyway…..especially if Carol’s coming for him.


This is not really going to be as detailed of a post that I’m used to writing because it’s so late and I have limited time to write it. But I will put up some predictions for the mid-season finale to hopefully make up for it…..


  • No Way Out will span a few episodes…..the mid-season finale will just be the start of it. The two really big moments involving some separation of body parts will probably happen in episode nine or ten.
  • We won’t see much of Daryl, Sasha & Abraham. Maybe they will just confirm the voice on the radio is Eugene and they will be notified of what’s happening in Alexandria.
  • Glenn will convince Enid to try and help the people of Alexandria.
  • I have a feeling some of the Alexandrians will get it in this episode…..suspects are; Deanna, Jessie, Denise, Heath, Scott or Spencer.
  • This may be more wishful thinking……but I’m expecting a great Rick and Michonne moment to trounce any sort of stupid Rick and Jessie moment that may happen.
  • Ron is going after someone. Carl puts down Ron??? Please???
  • Maggie will try to make it out of Alexandria to find Glenn. I am thoroughly ready to have a million heart attacks.
  • Morgan VS Carol will come to a head…..and it won’t be pretty.


  1. The buildup in this episode was so intense. We definitely were in for an epic and jam-packed mid-season finale. Dear god, what a RELIEF that we finally see Glenn alive! I mean, a lot of us had piled up a whole lot of evidence that he would be, but to see that we were right was amazing! (Especially given the reaction video to his potential death.) Obviously, as we know, your predictions are usually pretty spot on and considering that I have seen the mid-season finale by this point, certainly some of them did, in fact, come true. That wall falling sent my jaw falling to the ground and my heart racing in my chest. Whoa what a moment.

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