Jaw-Dropping Moments… One Right After the Other (Agents of SHIELD 3×09)

Seriously SHIELD…..stop giving us heart attacks.

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I know I keep repeating myself. Agents of SHIELD has insanely stepped up its game this season. This episode may have been its best yet. Agents of SHIELD has proved that you can do a mid-season finale buildup and still have an amazingly epic episode. So much happened that I should probably just dive right into it.


Well, I Finally Don’t Like Ward

Well, I guess I shouldn’t say that I don’t like Ward completely. What they have done with his character in my opinion is just brilliant. We may never get the Ward we all once knew and love back but we do have such an amazingly complex and dynamic character through and through. But yes; this really is the episode that contained the point of no return. I think every fan that watches this show has a different episode where they just threw their arms up and gave up on the redemption of Ward. I held out longer than most.

This episode was a huge episode for Ward. There was so much explained about his family life that has been a question for quite some time and his sociopathic nature truly came to light when he finally went and tortured Fitz and Simmons. There was always a part of me that thought he wouldn’t really try to hurt Fitz, Simmons or Skye. I mean directly. And to an extent in this episode that was kind of true. He didn’t physically hurt Simmons himself until later on. He was lying to himself about being a good guy. Ward has an insane knack for convincing himself that what he is doing is right. His whole life he grew up to hate his parents and old brother to “save” his younger brother. And now, everything he does to the people at SHIELD is totally justified because of his love for Kara. But insanely enough; technically he was the one who shot Kara. This is how far he will go to convince himself that he is doing the right thing. It was clear at the beginning of this season that he was out for blood and boy did he take it. Leaving Ward alive is probably the worst thing any one of them could have done. Not that I’m saying it’s easy to just put a bullet in his head but we knew the consequences could be dire.


RIP Rosalind (& Banks)

The first scene is this episode was shocking to say the least. We finally got a little bit of closure to Rosalind last week and now everything was going to be wonderful right? Well, I forgot I was watching a Whedon show. Most of us have been so consumed with paying attention to FitzSimmons that we did not expect the famous “Whedon get together then kill one of them” was happening right under our nose. The whole ordeal was horrifying to watch. They were just sitting to their lovely dinner together and bam…..everything was changed. The whole scene was very eerie. And Shocking. Boy, was it shocking. It happened out of nowhere.

After this scene I think it’s become very clear that Ward tends to go for the hurt instead of the kill. Couldn’t he have shot Coulson just as easily? But he didn’t. He wanted Coulson to feel pain like he felt after Kara died. To say that the first scene in this episode started off an entire hour of heart attacks was an understatement.

And if it wasn’t bad enough that we lost Rosalind; we also lost Banks. I at least wanted to see Banks f*ck some people up before he went…..especially after Rosalind hinted that they were the best of friends in the first scene. Well, maybe she didn’t exactly say that but you know what I mean. Banks barely made it past one scene without Rosalind which was a horrifying one-two punch. And then everything went terribly wrong.


Ward’s Point of No Return

I already talked about how this episode was definitively the point of no return for Ward and that is all directly tied to what he did to Fitz and Simmons. Although good news for FitzSimmons shippers; it has become clear to me that they are whole-heartedly in love and Will (I mean Hydra’s devil spawn) doesn’t have a chance.

But let’s get back to Ward. He was willing to torture Simmons and have Fitz hear her screams to try and get information out of them. The reason I love Simmons so much is that she is a very strong woman. For her to survive that whole ordeal on the other planet and now to manage to last quite a few rounds with Mr. Inhuman; I’m highly impressed. I even knew when the whole thing started that Fitz would be the one to cave. But I would’ve felt the same if the roles were reversed. It’s pretty clear that Fitz and Simmons love each other so much more than they love themselves.


Secret Warriors Are Ready!

Daisy and Mack have their team and boy do we need it! This whole mess is going to be seriously dangerous. Fitz and Coulson are on another world. Simmons is still with Hydra. Bobbi and Hunter don’t seem to be having the best time. And let’s not forget that Andrew/Lash is still in a cell somewhere. It’s time for someone to step up and might as well be these guys. I’d like to see Lincoln and Joey go toe to toe with the guy that tortured Simmons but honestly who knows how all of the match-ups will happen in the mid-season finale.


Coulson Can’t Be Dead

But he sure is in a predicament. Coulson for the first time since Ward was revealed to be Hydra went on the full on offensive to take him out. In the most badass scene of the episode, Coulson just straight up jumped from a plane right into the portal joining Ward and Fitz on the other side. However, when he got to the other side he felt down a hill and hit his head on a rock. Are you serious Coulson??? Was there blood coming out of his head? Is he technically dead? Luckily even if he dies….that doesn’t keep him down for long.


I am very excited to see the finale. There are so many moving parts and just one hour to accomplish a lot of things so I have a feeling we are going to jump right into the action from the start. I hate to say it as I love Brett Dalton so much but it feels to me like we are saying goodbye to Ward very soon. The question is who is actually going to take him out? At this point; I think they all have reasons to try and kill Ward so really it could be anyone.

As far as moving forward to the mid-season finale; I think there are a lot of things I’d like to see:

  • May somehow finding closure when it comes to Andrew/Lash. We’re not entirely sure if he’s completely Andrew anymore. He may need to be put down or maybe he can be saved. Either way; let’s find that out.
  • The Secret Warriors have their first victory. I’m sure it won’t be that cut and dry but right now; this team is the biggest weapon SHIELD has at the moment. They need to do some serious damage to Hydra and I’m anticipating some awesome action scenes.
  • Will needs to be revealed as the Hydra Inhuman. Okay; maybe this is all wishful thinking but it seems kind of obvious to me that Will and this Hydra baddie are on in the same. Either way; the whole Will thing needs to be resolved and he needs to fully know that Simmons is in love with Fitz. Bye Felicia.
  • Simmons makes sure Coulson and Fitz get back. It’s time for her to go to crazy lengths to make sure they come back from the portal just like they did for her.
  • Gideon Malick needs to die. I think that’s a given. Who should kill him? I’d be kind of okay with Simmons.
  • And finally Ward needs to die. I’m not sure I’ll be happy about it when it happens but I feel like the last episode really brought who he truly is to light. It’s time for him to be put down.


Who should be the one to put down Ward?


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