Well, At Least They Still Have a Job (Agents of SHIELD 3×10)

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I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!

Will was the big bad. Ward died. The end.

Obviously it’s more complicated than that but it always is. So we round out the last episode of the first half of Agents. I don’t really even know what to say about this half of Season Three. It’s been amazing.  In previous seasons; the first half of the show has been pretty much nothing but build up.  In this season; the entire first half could have been its own independent season. It brought us joy and tears throughout every single episode.

So now let’s get right into the mid-season finale. Though it was an insanely strong episode; I definitely think some of the others have been better this season but I think that is just me nit-picking. I have a lot of thoughts on some of the big moments that happened so let’s just dive right into it.


Lash is Free

One moment that is probably somewhat overlooked is the fact that Lash was released by Jemma. I’m not entirely sure that I blame Jemma. He seemed very much like Andrew at the time and what else was she going to do? She was running for her life. He seems to have a little more control as to when he turns into Lash. So all in all; it didn’t seem like such a bad thing at the time.

But was it actually a bad thing? We watch May walk all over the carcasses of all of the imprisoned Inhumans.  I can’t help but wonder if it wasn’t actually Lash who killed them all. I know it’s implied and albeit very likely but I have this rule with most shows. If we don’t see something happen then we don’t know exactly what went down.

I liked that the show didn’t intensely focus on Lash but he made an appearance. Like I said; he seems to have a little more control so they could honestly take this storyline in two very different directions. The first one is the idea that he is killing all of the Inhumans and he must be stopped. The other is just the general fact that Andrew/Lash is actually gaining some sort of control over what he does and doesn’t do. He seemed very confident when telling Simmons that he would never hurt her. Part of me really believes him. Maybe there’s more to Lash and his story that meets the eye.


Bye Bye Will

Listen; Will was a good guy. I liked him a whole lot. Well, not really but I really didn’t have anything against him other than the fact that he put the moves on Jemma causing a whole lot of problems for the FitzSimmons fans. Apparently he died saving Jemma. Good for him. As long as it wasn’t Fitz am I right? I’m sure there are some people really broken up about his sacrifice. I’m not really one of them. We can think fondly of Will but let’s move on shall we?

I thought it was important for Fitz to be the one who saw that Will wasn’t actually “Will” anymore. But I was kind of hoping Jemma would be there in this final showdown if you want to call it that. I really wanted a moment where Jemma actually makes the decision to choose Fitz over Will even though we’re all pretty sure that’s how it would’ve gone anyway.

I hope Fitz and Simmons can figure everything out moving forward and they can actually be in love with each other. But with this being SHIELD; I wouldn’t be surprised if more obstacles climb in their way or if when they finally do get together; someone is immediately killed. Let’s all collectively hope that doesn’t happen.


Coulson’s Revenge

Okay now I’m going to delve into a part of the episode which I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about it. I think Ward’s death was insanely overdue and if you read my last post; you know I was prepping myself for it. Now; even though I absolutely love Brett Dalton and Ward’s entire arc on the show, I definitely felt like he should’ve died. He’s really at the point of no return in a lot of respects. However, for some reason; I really thought the whole scene should have been more epic in a sense. Ward is one of the original six and his character deserves a better death than that in my opinion.

Now that being said….we haven’t seen the last of Ward or well the last of Brett Dalton so again maybe Brett Dalton will be able to have an even more epic finish this time around. I’m not sure that Ward 2.0 is going to make it out of this season but I sure hope Brett gets the send-off that he truly deserves. The character of Ward has thoroughly entertained me much more than any of the other characters throughout the shows run.

But now let’s get into the actual scene. Ward’s delusions were really hitting a new high in this episode. He’s always been somewhat of a crazy man but phew some of the things he was saying to Coulson? He needs a one way trip to the looney bin. Ward has always been someone desperately seeking a higher purpose and in this episode; he was closer to one than he’s ever been. I got the feeling that he was so close he could almost taste it and that is what inevitably let his guard down. On a straight one on one fight; I think there is no way that Coulson could have taken out Ward…..even with his super hand. Ward was deeply going through something in this episode and that part of it I really loved.

Now looking at this through Coulson’s perspective; I was glad he got revenge on Ward. I believe he really needed to do that…possibly more than anyone else on the cast. Coulson chose Ward for his team without knowing that he couldn’t be trusted. Every single time Ward has done something horrific; it was always overshadowed by another threat. Now, it was Coulson’s turn to stop people from getting hurt or killed. Enough is enough and I was thrilled that Coulson was the one to end Ward’s life.

Now moving forward I would like everyone who doesn’t like my insane and outrageous theories to take a seat and just click off of this post right now. Okay, so I’ve been thinking about poor Brett Dalton who will almost definitely soon be out of a job. Even though he is this big bad come to raise all sorts of hell; I feel like it is only a matter of time before he is killed and Ward is gone for good. UNLESS. And obviously this theory is stemming from my insane love for Brett Dalton so again; take with a grain of salt. I thought of something that would be really interesting for the Ward character. I would love it if somehow they got Ward back to his original state (like he wasn’t dead anymore…..I know, this is a stretch) but in doing so they wiped his memories of everything that’s happened and every horrible thing that he’s done. Do they treat him like a real normal person? Do they kill him anyway? Can people let go of their animosity? Was Ward a product of his horrible environment or is he just evil at his core? Anyway I would love to see something like that happen… matter how farfetched it is.

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