Most Memorable TV Moments of 2015 (100-81)

Literally All of The Spoilers

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100) Fargo: Ed Finally Talks


Kirsten Dunst has been getting a lot of love for this season of Fargo and rightfully so but I’d like to give a shout out to Jesse Plemons who played Ed impeccably. The whole season I was waiting for Ed to finally speak his peace and let his wife know how unbelievably impossible she is. In his final moments; Ed did just that. Though it was kind of sad to see the man die who only wanted to protect his wife and save his marriage; it would have been worse if he didn’t get those finals words in.

99) Bates Motel: Norman Finds Caleb


Man, you think you have a complicated family. This last season of Bates Motel brought in a new dynamic we really haven’t seen before. This involved Norma becoming closer to Dylan and actually relying on him more than Norman. In the first few episodes; many fans were so excited to see this bond grow between the once estranged mother and son. She even trusted him with the flash drive over everyone else but it all comes crashing down for Dylan once Norman follows him to his cabin and discovers he’s been letting Caleb stay with him. Norman acts enraged but is secretly delighted to find something to drive a wedge between Norma and Dylan. The memorable aspect of this moment is Dylan’s crushing realization that everything he has built with Norma is about to go down the drain.

98) Fresh Off the Boat: Louis and Jessica Stand Up for Eddie


I’m normally not a fan of family comedies but Fresh Off the Boat has been thoroughly entertaining me while I wait for the next episode of Agents of SHIELD. Jessica is one tough cookie for a mom and you could say she expects a lot out of her kids. But once Eddie is racially harassed at school; his parents are the ones who demand justice on his behalf and threaten to sue the school in his defense. This moment just hits you right in the feels.

97) Veep: Amy’s Meltdown


The moment where Amy had enough. I was wondering when she was actually going to lose her shit. In a moment of pure frustration, Amy completely destroys Selina with just her words and afterwards, quits. She had a lot to get off her chest after spending all of that time sitting around biting her tongue waiting for someone to make a smart decision. This scene will definitely gain Anna Chlumsky another Emmy nomination and more than likely, another Emmy win.

96) The Walking Dead: Do You Have Any Idea WHO You’re Talking To?  


Who even are you Carter? I’m so glad you only lasted one episode. Carter was some whiny Alexandrian who really didn’t like it when Rick was violent…or something. To be honest; his logic was completely lost on me. In a scene where he is actually plotting to kill Rick (side note: what makes this guy believe he has any chance in killing Rick?), Eugene overhears and now Carter is forced to silence Eugene for good. Unfortunately for Carter, Rick walks in before he can pull the trigger. Rick disarms Carter with ease and delivers the line we have all been wanting to hear since the Season Six trailer was released.

95) Bloodline: Danny’s Threats


Bloodline is a just a show full of some serious tension. This family is messed up…more than you could even imagine from the first episode. Danny is definitely the villain but to be fair; the other kids in the family aren’t exactly saints. After trying to deal with Danny is almost every way imaginable and failing; Danny pays a little visit to the family home and unleashes a world of threats onto them. It’s a terrifying scene and Ben Mendelsohn deserves all of the recognition he is getting for his portrayal of Danny Rayburn. We were all terrified….even if we knew how it would turn out.

94) The Last Man on Earth: Oh, Brother


The Last Man on Earth may not be the most realistic depiction of the apocalypse but it does tend to throw some curveballs at the audience. I’m specifically talking about the ending to Season One where we find out that Phil Miller hasn’t entirely lost his family. His brother Mike (played by Jason Sudeikis) is trapped up in outer space with no way of getting back to earth. It was a twist no one saw coming and a welcome one at that. Now we just have to wait for Phil and Mike to be reunited…..if that’s even possible.

93) Master of None: Parents


Master of None has quite a few episodes that could be considered a work of art. “Parents” is at the top of that list. It’s not only a great episode but the entire thing ends on one of the most relatable scenes in television this year. It makes us all re-examine our relationship with our own parents and brings the subject of appreciation right to the forefront. This episode struck a chord with a lot of people causing a ton of viewers to just start crying with no specific event to cause us to do so.

92) Downton Abbey: The Truth About Gregson


I don’t know if it was just me but the entire big reveal of Gregson felt like it took forever. We all were pretty sure that he didn’t make it but could someone just please confirm it? Normally Lady Edith garners little sympathy from the fans. She’s always been whining about something or other with little cause to do so but this time? She had every right to be a big hot mess….even if she did almost burn the whole building down accidentally. We found out that Gregson was in fact killed….at the hands of Hitler no less. And now Edith has a baby and no chance of getting married. This whole story was pretty horrible to watch but luckily by the end of the season, Edith got a little stream of good luck.

91) The Walking Dead: Morgan Vs. Carol


This whole confrontation was well overdue. Morgan and Carol both represent very different people stemmed from very similar circumstances. They both have been consumed by this world and have gone through some unspeakable horrors but at the end of the day; they’ve turned into two different people. Carol kills to make sure nothing bad happens to those she loves. Morgan doesn’t kill at all. Most fans are on the side of Carol on this one but when her and Morgan came to blows; he did get the better of her. But shortly after; the Wolf took advantage of the fight and knocked Morgan out. He subsequently abducted Denise and now everything’s a mess again. I don’t think the Carol Vs. Morgan thing is resolved but right now; there are more pressing issues.

90) Game of Thrones: The Sons of Harpy Attack/Barristan Selmy Dies


We all knew at some point the people of Meereen would not be too happy with Daenerys’ rule. It was hinted at in many moments of Season Four and eventually it all came to fruition. The Sons of Harpy started a full on attack and managed to slaughter quite a few Unsullied. Just when they were about to finish off Grey Worm; Barristan Selmy comes to save the day. Though he may not have stopped the Sons of Harpy for good (after all he is one man), he did manage to take quite a few out before he sadly met his end.

89) Bates Motel: What a Dylemma


Though it’s not the kiss I was waiting for; it is wonderful to see the sanest people on the show find some sort of happiness in each other. Lots of people were so excited to see Dylan take a liking to Emma even though it may not be the best of decisions. Dylan, you know your brother is a psychopath right? But this moment for once wasn’t about Norman. It was about Emma and Dylan convincing her to get the surgery he almost died paying for. It was a sweet and touching moment that we don’t get a lot of on Bates Motel. So Dylemma fans, enjoy it while it lasts. Emma may not even survive the surgery and if she does; this kiss may put Dylan and Emma right at the top of Norman’s kill list.

88) You’re the Worst: Jimmy Said I Love You


You’re the Worst is probably one of the most underrated comedies on today. And man, did this season take a very dark turn. There were a lot of problems thrown right in Jimmy and Gretchen’s way this season….mainly Gretchen’s severe depression but at the end of the day; they found a way back to each other. At the end of the season; the worst thing Gretchen and Jimmy could have ever imagined in their relationship finally happened. Jimmy got wasted and told Gretchen he loves her and then she says that she loves him too. Most TV couples would regard this as a good thing but not on this insanely twisted show….it’s probably going to make things worse.

87) The Walking Dead: RIP Eastman


The Walking Dead has an amazing way of making the slower and more stand alone episodes seem like mini-movies. And I don’t know how they do it but they manage to make the audience fall madly in love with a character in just one episode. It was pretty clear to most of us that Eastman wasn’t going to make it out of the episode alive seeing as he didn’t show up with Morgan to Alexandria but we didn’t know how much it would hurt when we saw him go (well him and Tabitha alike). Eastman left a lasting impression on Morgan and a lasting impression on the audience as well.

86) The Mindy Project: Mindy’s Decision


The Mindy Project takes pride in making a rom-com enjoyable again. They find new and unique ways to play on tropes that have been in that genre all the time. So when they finally got Mindy and Danny together fans (including myself) rejoiced. But in the mid-season finale of this last season; they completely turned everything on its head.  When Mindy has been struggling with the choice between being a mom and becoming a housewife to make Danny happy or to continue on in her goals in life, she finally made the choice to pursue her goals. This will probably effectively end the relationship between her and Danny and though it’s a pretty brutal scene to watch; it was also very liberating. Thanks Mindy Project for showing us a woman who cares more about her career than any fairytale ending with the man she loves.

85) Shameless: Mickey and Deb Get Revenge


On paper; Sammy had every right to do what she did to Carl. He did put her son in a pretty awful situation. But the fact remains that we just like Carl a whole lot more than Sammy. She’s annoying and thinks she’s part of a family that she’s clearly not. And she proved that in ratting out Carl and double proved it for what she did to Ian. Mickey and Deb may not be a likely duo but they are the best duo. They team up to get the ultimate revenge on Sammy and plot to kill her. Though the plan doesn’t go exactly as planned as it turns out Sammy wasn’t actually dead and yes, that does come back to bite Mickey in the ass at the end of the day.

84) The Americans: Dental Work 


The Americans has had its fair share of horrific scenes this season. One in particular was when Elizabeth needed dental work to be done after getting wacked in the face in her confrontation with Agent Gaad.  After she got away, she knew she couldn’t go to a hospital because they were looking for a woman with her exact injury so she turns to Philip for help. The whole scene is horrifying to watch. Philip has to yank some teeth out of his wife’s mouth while she needs to remain silent so she doesn’t wake the kids. The performances of Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell are amazing. This entire scene makes you feel so much for Elizabeth and also makes you never want to visit the dentist again.

83) Fargo: Bear Executes Simone  


Family doesn’t mean shit anymore. And Simone learned that the hard way. Unfortunately; Simone ratted out her family. More unfortunately; her family found out. Bear is able to pick up Simone in his truck and drive her out into the middle of nowhere. The poor girl only realized her fate when he stopped the car and made her get out. It was pretty sad to see Simone plead for her life and offer to run away but that just wasn’t a risk that Bear could take. Even though he felt so deeply for his niece; he executes her anyway.

82) The Walking Dead: We Are the Walking Dead


In the episode “Them”, Rick and company hit the lowest of the low. Really. They have no food and barely any water. They are grieving the loss of two integral members of their group and they have nothing left. They are able to find some source of food and the sky finally opens up to give them a good amount of rain. And they eventually find some shelter in a barn. Though things are slightly better than they were in the beginning of the episode; things aren’t exactly looking up. Then Rick delivers the infamous speech from the comics where he reveals something the audience has been waiting to hear for a while. It’s not the walkers who are The Walking Dead; it’s them. They are all just going through the motions trying to survive one way or another with no real reason to live. Quite the uplifting speech you got there, Rick.

81) Agents of SHIELD: Bobbi Vs. Ward


Agents of SHIELD is known for some pretty good fight scenes but the one between Bobbi and Ward in the Season Two finale? That was freaking epic. Ward kidnapped Bobbi and started torturing her for what she did to Kara but Bobbi had a stream of luck and was actually able to break free. Though maybe she didn’t win the fight; she was a quite impressive force up against Ward seeing as she was just tortured for hours before.

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