Most Memorable TV Moments of 2015 (80-61)

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80) Brooklyn Nine Nine: Amy Wins Halloween


The Holt Vs. Peralta Halloween bet has been going on ever since Brooklyn Nine Nine ever got on the air. Arguably these episodes are one of the best of every season. This season did not disappoint but it wasn’t Jake or Captain Holt getting the upper hand; it was sweet innocent Amy….who nobody wanted on their team.

79) Shameless: Carl’s First Sentencing


Lets’ be honest everyone….the fact that Carl hasn’t been arrested and put on death row yet is quite shocking in and of itself. Carl was the kid cute in Season One that liked to blow up the neighborhood pets so it’s not surprise when he got into drug trafficking in the latest season. Instead of shutting up and doing what he’s told during his sentencing, Carl decides to have quite the foul mouth towards the judge. He figured the type of education he could get in jail is priceless and I guess he has a point. What? Do we really think Carl is going to turn out to be a upstanding citizen of the law?

78) Agents of SHIELD: The Kiss


I know, I know, I know. You might be thinking that I’ve fallen and hit my head. The famous kiss we have all been waiting for is only number 78?? Yes it is. Because like I’ve said before; sometimes a kiss isn’t exactly the most important moment in a couple’s life. Trust me, you have not seen the last of FitzSimmons on this list because they have had some moments this season that have driven us crazy. That being said…this was the moment we’ve all been waiting for and it definitely deserves a mention in the 100 moments.

77) American Horror Story: Hotel: Yaasss Gaga Yaasss


If you were on twitter the night American Horror Story: Hotel premiered; you might have gotten a hint that Lady Gaga aka The Countess made her debut. She was fierce as all hell and delightfully terrified everyone who was watching. Her performance this season has even gained her a Golden Globe nomination. So put your paws up little monsters….your Queen has arrived.

76) The Last Man on Earth: Carol Chooses Phil


To be fair; Phil is kind of the worst. After quite a few episodes of Phil proving how unbelievably awful he can be…the rest of the group decide to leave him for dead. Now that would make sense if the entire rest of the group were even remotely as entertaining as Phil. The only one worth anything was Carol. So when she shows up to run away with Phil because she loves him; we all get a serious case of the warm and fuzzies.

75) The Americans: The Suitcase


Have I mentioned The Americans have some disturbing scenes? The dental work was one thing but this? It’s near impossible not to shield your eyes away from the horror. Poor Annalise was killed. I didn’t particularly like her but I didn’t really feel the need to watch her die. But Philip needed to get her body out of a hotel without anyone noticing. There’s probably a few ways to get this done but Philip decides to mutilate and completely contort her body so that she fits into a teeny tiny suitcase. And if you think they didn’t show the entire thing….you would be wrong. My eyes are still bleeding.

74) Downton Abbey: Thomas Unleashes on the Sinderbys


This may not be a moment that sticks out in that many people’s minds but for me; it was one of the best moments of last season. Thomas Barrow is the resident villain in Downton Abbey. He’s tormented his fellow coworkers for years in so many conniving and horrible ways. He’s mended a lot of bridges since then but he still has his evil ways (of course making him my favorite character). When the Sinderbys were giving the Crawleys all sorts of hell for no reason, it was mentioned to Thomas that he should try and have a little fun with this snotty family. And yes, he did manage to make their lives a living hell.

73) The Walking Dead: Maggie’s Pregnant


It’s bad enough that Glenn is “dead” and we knew Maggie’s reaction would be pretty bad. Obviously, in true Glenn and Maggie fashion; she needed to see his demise with her own eyes so Maggie and Aaron embark on a journey to go find Glenn; alive or dead. When it becomes impossible to get past the sewers they were in; Maggie heartbreakingly accepts defeat and announces that she is in fact pregnant. Watching her try to cope with the loss of Glenn is unbearable and to think of her having to raise a baby in this horrible world by herself is worse.

72) Broad City: The Chase


Broad City is one of the funniest shows on TV and trying to select just one moment from it is pretty hard but hands down the finale where Abbi and Ilana chase some crazy parkour maniac through the streets of New York only to end up at his heavily medicated mom’s house is one of the best episodes of comedy we got this year.

71) Agents of SHIELD: Coulson’s Jump


Talk about threading the needle. Honestly, we all knew Coulson was a badass but in recent episodes; he’s been taking a back seat while he lets everyone else on his team shine. But not this time. Convinced to stop Ward and help saved Fitz or Simmons; Coulson does the impossible and jumps right out of the jet that was currently spiraling out of control right into a war zone. He somehow manages to land perfectly into the portal to the alien planet before Hydra can close it up. Okay Coulson; we get it. You put everyone else to shame.

70) Fear the Walking Dead: Travis Finally Steps Up


This moment was a huge one for the entire show. We were all getting a little tired of Travis’ no violence policy. Mainly because we know what’s in store for him and his family. In the finale; Travis finally takes a shot when Adams accidentally shoots Ofelia in his fit of rage. Travis loses his shit (to put it bluntly) and beat Adams to a bloody pulp. Better late than never, Travis.

69) Game of Thrones: Ramsay and Sansa’s Wedding Night


This is not a good moment at all….but it is a memorable one. Poor Sansa. This girl can never catch a break. But I’m not sure how anyone thought marrying her to Ramsay would be a good thing. Of course all of us were holding our breaths waiting for whatever horrible thing he would do to her on her wedding night. And as they were finally alone (well with Reek there to watch) Ramsay basically rapes poor sweet Sansa. The whole scene is horrible to watch and crushing to all of the fans that wanted Sansa to finally best the Boltons.

68) The Walking Dead: Pete Kills Reg/ Rick Executes Pete


The whole town meeting in the season finale had a lot of great moments; namely Maggie’s speech but as everyone said their peace, it became clearer and clearer that no one was breaking apart Rick’s group and that Rick is the only person making sense in this damn town…..whether Deanna wants to admit it or not. Once it seems like everything is going according to plan, Pete comes chagrining in wielding Michonne’s sword and in a fit of rage slices Reg’s throat. Well that just seems like the icing on the cake… Deanna holds her dying husband, she gives Rick the order. And man, Rick did not waste a moment before shooting #porchdick right in the face.

67) Fargo: Betsy Asks Karl to Take Care of Her Family


In my opinion; Betsy was definitely the most likable character in Fargo. She was so sweet and witty and charming and I could go on and on. Problem is; she’s dying and she knows it. In one of my favorite scenes in the whole second season; Betsy asks Karl to take care of her family when she’s gone. She is the woman who makes sure her husband and daughter are always alright and if she can’t do it; Karl is a pretty good second choice.

66) The Leftovers: Erika Vs. Nora


Otherwise known as the Showdown. These two actresses brought their ‘A’ game for sure in this scene. In this scene, Nora goes to “comfort” Erika to give her the questionnaire to help her cope with the disappearance of Evie. Nora was doing this for insanely selfish reasons of course but Erika poured her heart out nonetheless. And what did she get in return? Nora laughed in her face. Nora snaps at Erika saying some very hurtful things but little did she know that Erika would snap right back. I think by the end of the scene, I was definitely #TeamErika as she finally put Nora in her place. You no longer have a monopoly on pain Nora.

65) The Walking Dead: Eugene Saves Tara


After exploring the many cowards we have encountered in Season Five, we were all sure that Eugene was going to continue on being the self-proclaimed coward he has always said he was. But after Tara was severely injured, Eugene stepped up carrying his best friend to safety while fighting off walkers. It was such an emotional moment for Eugene and made him sky-rocket to the top of many fans favorites list.

64) Bates Motel: The Last Supper


We’re still not entirely sure why this was called the Last Supper. So far everyone who was at said supper is still alive. Maybe it’s titled the last supper but it’s the last time before Norman completely loses his mind? But I still have a feeling it’s the last time all of them will be sitting together at a table. The whole scene just had everyone watching and smiling in a sense. How lovely it is to see everyone get along… know, before they all go completely psycho and start murdering each other.

63) Game of Thrones: Arya Kills Meryn Trant


Arya’s time at the House of Black and White could be considered an annoyingly slow moving storyline. Whether you’re a fan of the faceless men or not; not a whole lot happened until the last few episodes but man did the finale pay off. Arya finally crosses off another name on her list epically but in true Game of Thrones fashion, it all comes crashing down before we can all celebrate.

62) True Detective: The Horrifying Sex House


This season of True Detective had a very serious sexual undertone. So many of the characters had a horrifying or regretful past that were almost all drown in a sexual nature. Ani decides that she is going to go undercover in a pretty terrifying sex orgy party and True Detective really delivered in the scary department. “Any man lays his hands on me, he’s gonna bleed out in under a minute”. Those were the words Ani said to Ray earlier on in the season and after this scene, at least we knew she was telling the truth.

61) Agents of SHIELD: Fitz Watches the Recordings


I told you there’d be more FitzSimmons. Yes, the kiss was something we all wanted to see but this moment? This moment hit us right in the feels. Fitz watches the recordings that Jemma made while being stranded on that planet for six months. Very little of it having to do with Will. And almost all of it having to do with how much she cares for and loves Fitz. The whole situation that Fitz and Simmons have found themselves in is heartbreaking this season but it’s moments like this that make us all realize how much they truly love each other and belong together.

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