Most Memorable TV Moments of 2015 (60-41)

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60) Mr. Robot: Sister, Sister


I’ll wait while you pick your jaw off the ground. Mr. Robot may have pulled off one of the most shocking moments this TV season. Again, SPOILER ALERT! After successfully dealing with his boss, Elliot is really feeling the moment and decides it’s a good time to kiss Darlene. Let’s say it didn’t go well. She really does not react in a very good way at all. And why you may ask? She’s his sister! Ahhhhh! Elliot goes home to discover some very important data…..Darlene is his sister and Mr. Robot is his father. Like…..what?

59) Empire: Cookie Almost Gets Revenge


Empire is a highly dramatic show with a lot of twists and turns. Some would say maybe too many twists and turns. I mean, take a beat for a moment. But in the finale; the reigning best moment for me was when Cookie finally learned the truth and almost smothered Luscious with a pillow. Sure, their relationship has had its fair share of turmoil but we never thought Cookie would go so far. Well, she didn’t technically but that doesn’t mean we weren’t all holding our breaths.

58) Downton Abbey: Anna is Arrested


I mean, Anna can’t catch a break. She is raped by Mr. Green and then when he winds up dead….she is arrested for his murder. Just leave the poor girl alone! The entire house is in outrage when the cops come to take Anna away and so are the fans. Luckily, her stint in jail doesn’t last too long as Bates offers himself up to save his wife….even though he didn’t kill Mr. Green either. Seriously, can this couple catch a break??

57) Parks and Recreation: Anne’s Here!


To say I cried throughout the entire Parks and Recreation series finale would be a massive understatement. I honestly don’t understand how much husband could tell what was going on over all of the loud sobs coming from me drowning out the TV. In one of the final scenes, the whole gang gets back together and when I say the “whole” gang. I mean, everyone. Just when you think you’ve maxed out on the feels you’re feeling….Chris and Ann walk through the door. I’m not crying!!! I’m just allergic to jerks!!!

56) The Leftovers: Mary Wakes Up


I have been waiting for this all season!!! It’s no secret that Matt is by far my favorite character on The Leftovers. Given his overwhelming faith that never seems to waiver; it’s time the universe cuts him a break. And it finally did. While Nora was watching her; a pretty bad earthquake happens and Mary finally wakes up. The reunion between Mary and Matt is so happy to watch in a season filled with not-so-pleasant moments. I’m not sure if it will last but we can always hope that Matt and Mary are finally going to catch a break.

55) Better Call Saul: The Truth About Mike’s Son


I will say though Better Call Saul is good; I may be the only one who doesn’t think it measures up to Breaking Bad in the slightest. That being said I absolutely love Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks. Mike in a lot of ways was one of the few heroes of Breaking Bad. He always had his head on straight but that wasn’t always the case. His stupidity led to his son’s inevitable downfall and death. It was the choices he made that completely ruined his life. It’s pretty horrible to take a character that is held in such a high regard and really just cut him completely down in front of an entire loyal audience.

54) The Walking Dead: Glenn Vs. Nicholas


Little did we know this was just the start of a heartbreaking and somewhat beautiful story. Nicholas needed to die for what he did for Noah but that’s not how Glenn thinks. If you weren’t convinced that he needed to die then….you certainly are reassured in the finale where he attacks Glenn, shoots him and leaves him for dead. Luckily it’s not that easy to kill Glenn and Glenn comes back with a vengeance disarming Nicholas all too easily. In the heat of the moment, Glenn has to make a decision with a gun pressed against Nicholas’ head. It would be an easy decision for most of us but Glenn took the more difficult route…..which I must say paid off in the end.

53) The Last Man on Earth: Descent to Earth/Phil’s Surgery


The Last Man on Earth is definitely a comedy but that doesn’t mean it didn’t end the second season mid-season finale on a very intense cliffhanger. What. On. Earth. Phil (2.0) needs emergency surgery and Gail is performing it even though she is not even remotely a doctor or surgeon. If that wasn’t enough; Mike is making his Hail Mary descent to Earth with worm Phil. Oh my god; I was not prepared for this much heart racing when watching this!!!!

52) Wet Hot American Summer (First Day of Camp): The Falcon vs. Jenkinson


You either find Wet Hot American Summer really stupid….or the funniest thing ever. I agree with the latter. The whole season had a lot of very hilarious moments but the moment that will always still in my mind is the showdown between John Hamm and Christopher Meloni. Honestly it was pretty badass and fucking hilarious all in one.

51) Agents of SHIELD: Cal Saves His Daughter….By Killing His Wife


Cal is probably one of the most tragic characters to come onto Agents of SHIELD. Even though he starts off as a villain; he ends up being just a man who wanted nothing more than to save his daughter. And he got that shot…even though the circumstances were quite horrible. Jiaying was damaged to say the least by what Hydra did to her. I don’t believe she ever fully recovered so when she tried sucking the life out of Skye in the Season Two finale; I wasn’t all that shocked. But Cal coming up and killing his wife whom he loved so dearly in order to save his daughter was one of the most heartbreaking scenes in SHIELD to date.

50) You’re the Worst: The Haunted House


What. The. Fuck. That’s honestly all I can say after watching the Halloween episode of You’re the Worst. This comedy decided to make fun of the ridiculous haunted houses that seem to pop up around Halloween….which get scarier and scarier every year. The whole gang decides to go to this insane haunted house where you need to sign a waiver to get in so they could cheer Gretchen up. I won’t go into too much detail but this haunted house made some horror films look tame. Some of them were stripped naked, forced to watch people die or go through unspeakable tortures themselves. What on earth??? This is a damn comedy!!!

49) The Mindy Project: Danny Finds Out Mindy’s Pregnant


The Mindy Project sure does like to bring out some of the most touching moments on TV. Mindy and Danny are one of the best couples on air right now but even Danny can be a complete idiot when it comes to prioritizing his girlfriend. After acting like his family is the only thing that matters; Danny’s mom puts him in check when she obviously realizes Mindy has been pregnant for the entire episode. Danny rushes to find Mindy who previously stormed out and everything is right with the world again….well for the moment.

48) Orange is the New Black: Chang’s Backstory


Chang is a sleeper fan favorite of Orange is the New Black in my mind. She has awesome one liners but the show never really decided to focus on her. That is until Season Three. Not only was Chang’s episode one of the best of the season but her backstory was insane. We were all pretty excited to see where Chang came from but we were even more excited when we found out that she was a badass crime boss that didn’t take any shit.

47) The Leftovers: Virgil Blows His Head Off 


I remember this moment as the moment that left me screaming until the next episode aired. The Leftovers is a pretty confusing show. If you try to follow it; you need to take a lot of faith. Apparently Kevin needed to die in order to do battle with Patti. Though there wasn’t a ton of evidence suggesting this is true; I fully believed it. We’ve seen weirder things. After Kevin effectively kills himself to start his journey; it was up to Virgil to bring him back….except immediately after Virgil turns the gun on himself and just blows his damn head off! Now it retrospect; that did seem to be the best course of action to take….but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t cursing his name for a week before the next episode.

46) Grimm: Trubel Kills Juliette


Nick was about to avenge his mother’s death by choking Juliette. I’m not sure I ever actually believed that he could go through with it….a lot of things have happened but he did/does love her very much. Just as she begs him to do it and he seems like he will let her live; Trubel shoots arrows right into her torso. Are you kidding me?? Saying this is a tragic scene doesn’t even begin to describe the pain Grimm fans felt in the fifth season finale.

45) Silicon Valley: The Livestream


Our favorite guys have one last hoorah when they are able to keep livestream going for the entire finale again proving that they are the superior minds of Silicon Valley. Richard is busy dealing with his nail biting case with Gavin; but the rest of the house is erupting in motivation and panic alike trying to keep the livestream up. Even a retired Erlich gets in on the action while they successfully stay on the air livestreaming a man stuck in a trench until someone comes to rescue him.

44) The Walking Dead: HE LIVES!!!


I’m sure this moment would have ranked higher on the list if the fact that Glenn was alive was leaked all over the internet. But still; it was a beautiful thing to see especially after all of the pain we went through in episode three. Glenn is alive! Maggie is pregnant! And now all they have to do is get back to one another! Yes, I know. I know. Easier said than done.

43) Fargo: Motel Madness 


Hanzee was arguably the best character in this season of Fargo but I think we all knew at some point he would get tired of dealing with the Gerhardts and the trail of mess they always seem to leave behind. Whether or not you were expecting it is completely irrelevant. This scene was insane on so many levels. Hanzee’s betrayal leads to an all out shootout between almost every main character in the show. It’s intense and you have no idea who will make it out alive. And even if they did make it out alive….it may not be for long.

42) Bates Motel: Norma and Caleb


Norma is over dramatic. Yes, we all know this. But for once; I don’t think she was being unreasonable when she didn’t want to reunite with her brother that raped her for years when she was younger. I don’t even think it was an overreaction when she freaked out after Dylan and Norman approach her to do so. You ungrateful little assholes….after all she’s done for you. Norma Louise is one of the best episodes of Season Three of Bates Motel and it all ends with Norma sacrificing something yet again for the benefit of her sons and she finally agrees to go meet with Caleb. The whole scene is surreal and garners a whole lot of sympathy for Norma. At the last second she tries to back out but Caleb sees her and collapses holding onto her crying for forgiveness. Vera Farmiga makes us all feel her pain through her performance. Seriously, where is her Emmy?

41) Game of Thrones: Theon Saves Sansa


Notice how I said Theon saved Sansa? I’d like to believe he is no longer Reek and he made his choice. Whether or not that choice is going to pay off in the long run has yet to be determined. This was my personal favorite moment of the Season Five finale because we have been waiting oh so long for it. And yes, I teared up when they held hands before their jump escape. SO. MANY. FEELS.

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