Most Memorable TV Moments of 2015 (40-21)

Still Has All The Spoilers.

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40) True Detective: Ray’s Death


True Detective Season Two was a huge healthy reminder that the good guys don’t always win. At the end of it all; they didn’t catch the bad guys. In the end; the bad guys won. Sure, there’s a glimmer of hope at the end but all in all, it wasn’t a happy ending for our heroes. This was all confirmed when Ray made the mistake of trying to see his son one last time leading Kevin and company to follow him and eventually gun him down. It’s devastating to watch. For one; Ray was one of the best characters in the season. But more importantly it was a clear definitive representation that sometimes even if you fight with all your might; you will still lose. Also his final message to Chad didn’t send. Oh boy; here come the waterworks.

39) Grey’s Anatomy: Goodbye, McDreamy


Okay I’ve stopped Grey’s Anatomy a while ago… most of us had. But even I had to tune into one of the most shocking deaths to ever happen on TV. Well; shocking to some people. Whether you were shocked or not; the death of Derek Shepard was something none of us really wanted to watch. The whole episode was done beautifully and in true Grey’s Anatomy fashion; they hit us right in the gut in the final scenes with Meredith.

38) Downton Abbey: The Memorial


Phew, at least one of these moments is going to contain happy tears. This moment made me feel so much joy for Mrs. Patmore. All season; Mrs. Patmore has been trying so hard to get her nephew’s name on the memorial for the war. It’s been a rocky road seeing as her nephew was shot in the back for cowardice. She didn’t get his name on the memorial at the end but Lord Grantham made a special plaque in honor of Mrs. Patmore’s nephew. This just goes to show how much Robert does truly care for his people.

37) Agents of SHIELD: That Shocking Shot


Yes, I was screaming for a solid few minutes after this one. Rosalind was a great character that we all fell in love with pretty quickly. Even when we didn’t know if we could trust her and in an instant; all of that love was taken from us. Now I will say…..that was an amazing shot Ward. But ultimately; it was the shot that would end your life. You ripped Coulson’s heart out….and gave him all the ammo he needed to come after you and finish the job.

36) TURN: Poor Peggy


Turn is hit or miss with a lot of people but the second season really did bring a lot to the table. Most of it centering around John Andre and Peggy. They have a love story that was actually so refreshing to watch but seeing as this show is heavily focused on spies….Peggy had a job to do. When courted by Benedict Arnold; she couldn’t really say no and before we know it….our beautiful is getting horrible ravaged and basically raped by a kind of gross Benedict Arnold. Someone please Andre is going to rip Arnold’s head right off his shoulders.

35) True Detective: The Shootout


People are definitely mixed about the latest season of True Detective. In my opinion (though not as strong as the first season) the second season wasn’t bad and one of the moments that convinced me of that was the shootout that occurred in episode four. Let’s just say it went 0 to 100 real quick. Watching our three heroes fight for their lives and try to save many screaming civilians on the street was like ten minutes of nail-biting action packed fun. It’s the first time Ani, Ray and Paul really work as a team and after the shootout….none of them are ever the same again.

34) Fear the Walking Dead: Goodbye Liza


Of course my favorite dies. Just typical. Not cool, Fear the Walking Dead, not cool. Liza was the only one that I truly loved from the beginning of the show and at the end of the finale; the show pulled off a pretty heart-wrenching moment in true Walking Dead fashion. Liza is bit and it’s up to Travis to step up and shoot the woman he once loved. So many tears.

33) The Walking Dead: Noah’s Horrifying Demise


The Walking Dead is known for very depressing deaths. For the most part….the leave the really gruesome deaths for the secondary characters or guest stars. But not this time; Noah endured probably the worst death in Walking Dead history. And it’s all because of Nicholas who really quickly became the most hated character in Walking Dead history. Glenn having to sit there and watch Noah get torn to pieces is still engrained into our brains. And yes; I am now completely terrified of revolving doors.

32) Bates Motel: Bye Bye New Sherriff


So there’s was once this guy that tried to take Romero’s spot…….that guy is now dead. In the third season of Bates Motel; you can see the town slightly slipping away from Romero. Though I don’t think that whole storyline is over; I think we saw Romero handle business the best way he can. This scene was proof that Romero is not someone you want to fuck around with. He gets shot and threatened but the little twirp trying to take his job. And even without being fully recovered; Romero comes out of nowhere….smashes in the guy’s window and blows his head clean off….leaving the body on Bob Paris’ doorstep. Damn Romero. Just damn.

31) Agents of SHIELD: That Cliffhanger


Just when you think things were going so well. Fitz and Simmons have had a rocky road in their relationship. And well, that doesn’t really change. But they had a moment. The sweetest moment ever and right after….all of our hearts got ripped out when a big goopy rock swallowed up Simmons! Um what? I don’t even know what to say.

30) Hannibal: A Love Like No Other


Will and Hannibal’s relationship is the most interesting aspect of the show and the ending scene just hit viewers in a bittersweet way. Will and Hannibal claim their first victim together and Will instead of being horrified….he loved it. Hannibal wanted Will to know what it was like. And the words Will utters afterwards “It’s Beautiful” was haunting in so many ways. I, for one, loved this ending and the beautiful end to a very messy and loving relationship.

29) The Walking Dead: It’s Better Now


After everyone was still reeling after the tragic way that Beth died in the mid-season finale, people were not expecting to have someone else die so soon. But in the brilliant mid-season premiere, we deal with the struggle of Tyreese wanting to stay alive. After the prison and the grove, it seems like he really checked out and this was the time that he could finally be at peace. As sad as it is to see a beloved character go, it really was for the best. Tyreese wouldn’t have to fight anymore and see what would become of these people he loves so much. He never had a stomach for the terrible things you need to do in this world and he is now worry free…..and as the last scene in the car suggested; in great company.

28) Silicon Valley: Let Blaine Die SWOT Board


This is quite possibly the funniest scene in all of 2015. Dinesh and Gilfoyle make an entire SWOT board to decide if they should let the douchebag who is standing in Dinesh’s way of girl die in a horrible accident when they could actually prevent it. The whole scene is hilarious but the best part is when Blaine himself finds the SWOT board leading to the most awkward moment in TV.

27) The Americans: Sweet, Sweet Betty


Sometimes a character only needs to be in one episode but they make such a huge impact. Betty was a sweet woman who just happened to be working late. She shouldn’t have been working late and unfortunately saw Elizabeth’s face. The entire scene between Elizabeth and Betty started off very sweet and then turned very chilling once Betty realized she was about to die. But Betty’s final words run in Elizabeth’s ears when she tells her that she is in fact an evil person.

26) Game of Thrones: Jon Snow’s Death


Why is this not number one? Or even in the Top 20? Because if you were paying attention….you should’ve saw it coming. I personally was not very shocked at the ending of this season. However, it’s a huge moment. It proves the Night’s Watch are not taking the threats of the White Walkers seriously. Is Jon Snow coming back to life? Probably. So don’t fret those of you who freaked out….Melisandre is back at the Wall.

25) The Leftovers: The Well


The Leftovers really stepped it up a notch this season and Kevin’s afterlife episode was a highlight for me. It will quite possibly be his Emmy episode. After he dies; he needs to do battle with Patti. He thinks he completed battle with her and successfully killed her but that’s not entirely the case once we realize the little girl he keeps seeing is actually Patti. In the final scene, he needs to push the little girl down the well. Because of his love for his family; he does it. But of course; that doesn’t actually kill Patti so he needs to head down into the well and drown her himself. It’s an amazing scene in an amazing show of beautifully complex show.

24) Bates Motel: Norman/Norma Kill Bradley


We finally got our Psycho moment. Like our real Psycho. There has been a lot of moments where we’ve seen Norman teetering on the edge of being the full blown psycho we know from the movie. But this moment was the ultimate kill. Bradley, the sweet girl Norman fell for at the beginning of the show was “Norma’s” real first victim. Or at least the first one we saw. Norman turns into Norma and chases Bradley until “she” can bash Bradley’s head into a rock. And the horrifying thing? Norman truly believes it was Norma who killed his love.

23) Orange is the New Black: Pennsatucky’s Rape


Pennsatucky is not the most likable character at the beginning of Orange is the New Black but the show has been able to redeem her in recent episodes. She’s still a little crazy but her flashbacks showcasing her only sense of worth being through sex was heartbreaking to watch. And just when you think someone could like her for her…..everything comes crashing down when the guard rapes her. It’s so painful to watch and it leaves that horrible sick feeling in your stomach.

22) Agents of SHIELD: Fitz Gets Jemma Back


I don’t know if I’ve ever been so stressed out watching a scene. After Jemma was sucked into the portal at the end of Season Two; all of the fans wanted to see one thing….a Fitz and Simmons reunion. After six months of searching for her; Fitz takes in upon himself to jump through the portal without caring about the dangers and thank god because in just that moment he is able to grab onto Jemma and get her safely back home. Of course the story becomes much more complicated than that but we can at least see that FitzSimmons are together once again.

21) Game of Thrones: Stannis Burns Shireen


Here’s another memorable moment I didn’t particularly enjoy. And by “didn’t particularly enjoy”….I mean I cried a whole lot. Shireen was the best damn thing about Stannis’ storyline and this moment ripped my heart out. Just to win a battle you didn’t actually win? I know Stannis fans are angry at all the Stannis hate but honestly…..I really don’t care. Watching Stannis make the “ultimate sacrifice” to serve his lord of light just confirmed to me that he has no clue what he’s doing. Though I would never root for the Boltons; Stannis deserved to get his ass handed to him.

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