Most Memorable TV Moments of 2015 (20-1)


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20) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Pinot Noir


Every so often; there’s a TV moment that really takes off with the fans. We’re all singing the song. We’re all loving the video. And everytime we’re at some social gathering and someone drinks a Pinot Noir. We all giggle inside. So much that if another person across the room also giggles….that person becomes your new best friend. Because they watch Kimmy Schmidt and therefore have great taste. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was one of the breakout comedies of 2015 and a good portion of that was thanks to the hilarious Titus Andromedon.

19) Agents of SHIELD: Coulson Kills Ward


It finally happened. Don’t get me wrong. I love Ward and his crazy ass but don’t you think it was about time someone who actually put him down? I guess the show got away with it because well for one; Ward is a hard motherfucker to kill and two; there always seemed to be a greater threat. But it was time. After you horribly torture Simmons; there’s really no going back. And yes; I know Ward did lots of horrible things before that but for me; that was really the nail on the coffin. I think it was fitting that it was Coulson who took out Ward. He’s protecting his people in a way but the scene had so much more surrounding it. Coulson killed Ward out of vengeance and in some strange way; became Ward in order to kill him. Luckily we haven’t seen the last of Brett Dalton but sadly (or happily depending on who you are) I think the entity of Ward is gone for good.

18) Justified: We Dug Coal Together


We dug coal together. Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder had one of the most tumultuous relationships of television in 2015 and for the entire series’ run for that matter. Some fans may have been disappointed by the end of Justified. It seemed fitting that one would eventually get the best of the other by the end of the series. It’s really up to your taste of who you were rooting for though. But this final scene made it all worth it. Some bonds will always be there no matter what has happened since. Because at the end of the two; they really were just two men who dug coal together.

17) The Walking Dead: You Gonna Kick Me Out?


Andrew Lincoln is the most underrated actor in television hands down. He gets no love from any awards organizations but every season; he has a scene that absolutely delivers. In Season Five; it was his scene where his frustrations with the Alexandrians go on overload. Lots of fans (in my opinion) completely misunderstood this scene. They think this is the scene where Rick lost it but this is absolutely the scene where he gets it together. Why should he coddle these idiots who don’t even have the common sense to carry around guns? They also just let men beat their wives as long as they have a useful skill to help the town out. I didn’t need any more reasons to love Rick but this scene just sealed the deal. After he’s done saying his peace, he basically dares them to kick him out. Yeah right, I’d like to see any of them try.

16) Bates Motel: Norman Goes Full Norma


In Norma Louise; everyone had a bad night. Norma particularly had a bad night but Dylan’s night surely wasn’t something to brush off. Dylan and Norma have gotten much closer in Season Three but it wasn’t until this episode where Dylan was finally alone with Norman for a night and really got a glimpse into how damaged his brother truly is. In the middle of the night; Dylan wakes up to the sound of someone rummaging in the kitchen. It’s Norman. Or actually it’s Norma. It’s a hard thing to take in….the whole “my brother is crossdressing as my mom and trying to cook me breakfast” but Dylan handles it surprisingly well.  Dylan knows his brother is sick and is finally getting a wakeup call on how serious this situation is. But the whole time I can’t help but wonder…..Norman said that he “went to the market to get fresh blueberries” as Norma. So does that mean actual Norma picked up blueberries? Or is Norman running around local farmers markets in his mother’s robe picking up some delicious treats?

15) Shameless: Ian is Admitted to the Psych Ward


Shameless at its core is a comedy. The show wouldn’t be able to get away with half of the horrible things they touch on if it wasn’t. But there was a particularly scary episode this season. Ian is bipolar and the family (plus Mickey) have been kind of sweeping it under the rug. In this episode; he steals Mickey’s baby for a very dangerous road trip. The whole time you are just praying that he does hurt the baby. For his sake and the baby’s sake. At the end of it all; everyone realizes Ian cannot be allowed anywhere without supervision and in heartbreaking conclusion; Mickey finally agrees to admit the man he loves in a psych ward.

14) The Leftovers: No Room at the Inn


Okay, I’m cheating. I’ve really tried to make this list about moments and not episodes. But this….is about the whole damn episode. Even if you don’t watch The Leftovers; I recommend watching this episode. Matt has been my favorite from the start. In Season One; he had a pretty amazing bottle episode as well. It’s like they wait for Chris Eccleston to really been their writing game up a notch. In this episode; Matt’s faith is really tested as well as his ability to protect his family. The whole episode is about a man who will never give up his faith no matter what is thrown his way and trust me; a lot gets thrown his way. The Leftovers decided to highlight a man who’s emotional strength is unwavering in a sea full of lost souls and emotional wrecks.

13) Downton Abbey: Finally!!!


Yes. When I saw this I let out the highest pitched scream that I could. Mary Schmary. Who cares? All these daughters of the Earl of Grantham trying to find the right suitors for themselves and all I’m doing is waiting for Carson and Hughes to realize that they love each other! Damn, you two take forever! In the magical Christmas episode; Carson came out of nowhere and asked Hughes to marry him. I honestly didn’t know whether to smile, scream or cry. No two characters on television deserve it more.

12) Game of Thrones: The Fighting Pits


Daenerys really should’ve saw this coming to be honest but let’s get past that. Sometimes you can just roll up to a spot and call yourself their Queen without any backlash. The Sons of Harpy made it very known they were not happy with Daenerys in episode four but this really was their grand finale. In the opening day of the Fighting Pits; they make their move. Luckily, Drogon came just in the nick of time to save the day but all in all; there was a lot of damage done. The sequence was gnarly to watch. People get massacred right and left and then Drogon setting all sorts of muddafackas on fire. And then Daenerys has her epic moment as she climbs Drogon and flies to safety. It was a pretty epic scene but let’s be honest; she’s got a whole lot of mess to clean up now.

11) Parks and Recreation: Ron and Leslie


The last season of Parks definitely delivered some emotional moments but this one really set the bar pretty early on. Leslie and Ron had a falling out and in this episode; we got a few flashbacks showcasing just how that falling out actually occurred. Leslie and Ron are unlikely friends but needless to say they have become the best of friends over time and to see what happened to them was just a little too close for comfort. We’ve all had friends that have slipped through the cracks. It’s just sad to see it happen to two of TV’s most beloved characters. But all’s well that ends well. At the end of the episode; Ron and Leslie worked on their differences and became the most epic dynamic duo once again.

10) The Americans: Paige Finds Out


The Americans have done an amazing job at not making Paige stupid but also keeping her parent’s identity secret for quite some time. In the middle of Season Three; Philip and Elizabeth come home to Paige sitting in their kitchen. The same place Philip literally lost his shit at her last year. She then finally asks who they are. She knows they’re lying. She knows somethings up and in a moment that had us all holding our breaths; Elizabeth and Philip explain to their daughter who they truly are. It’s a huge moment for the show and no one knows what this means. The season ends with Paige telling Pastor Tim. Trust me; I always knew that Pastor wasn’t going to last very long but this whole Paige thing is adding a new element to the show that risks the lives of everyone involved. I literally can’t wait for Season Four.



Sometimes the most memorable moments done have to include some huge reveal or death. Sometimes it can just be an actor that puts on such an amazing performance that you can’t stop thinking about it. Iain de Caestecker is such a brilliant actor who has played a range of emotions in his time as Fitz but this scene gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. The frustration of Fitz is seeping through Iain’s performance. A big monolith swallowed Simmons up and in six months; it hasn’t moved. In that six months Fitz has done everything in his power to find out where she went. In the scene before this; Coulson encourages Fitz to move on but in one last stitch effort; Fitz busts open the glass case containing the Monolith and screams for it to “do something”…..anything. Even if it swallows him up and kills him too…in some way; he’ll be with Simmons and at this point; that’s all that Fitz wants.

8) Bloodline: The Confrontation


We have been waiting for this all season. Well, at least I have been waiting for this all season. Danny is a brilliant character but such a shitty person. The whole season was a deep look into how this family could get to this point and honestly; I got to that point well before episode twelve. John was doing everything possible to protect his family and to keep his family together. Even at this point; John really does want Danny to leave. But Danny in all of selfish and horrible ways basically laughs in John’s face and the tension building up for a lifetime between these two brothers finally comes to a head. We knew it was going to happen but it still shook us to the core.

7) True Detective: Paul’s Death


This hands down was the most heartbreaking moment in all of True Detective Season Two. Yes, it’s true I went in liking Paul a lot more than the other characters. I was biased. But this scene still gets me. The fact that Paul stands up and takes down all of those men just to be shot and killed in the last moments is truly heartbreaking. As soon as the final scene of this episode started; I knew it would be tough for Paul to make it out alive but he did! And in the last shot of the episode; Kevin appears behind him and shoots him in the back. That was rough enough to watch but then to see Paul crawling away refusing to die before Kevin unloads another shot in him is truly an entire representation of the season. You can be a fighter and you can never give up….but sometimes it doesn’t matter.

6) The Walking Dead: Carol Saves the Day…Again.  


Carol is really starting to become the savoir of all of the survivors. First Terminus now this? At the end of the last season; we knew for a fact that the “Wolves are Not Far”. We just didn’t know that they’d be making a horrifying appearance so soon. In the second episode of this season; the Wolves just show up and start massacring everyone in sight. Most of us couldn’t form words and then we all directly looked straight at Carol. Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Daryl, etc are not there so Carol’s pretty much all we got. And she handles it. She doesn’t blink twice before taking out every single Wolf that she sees. There’s no doubt that this world is consuming her and that she has become a shell of a woman but at least she’s a pretty badass shell of a woman.

5) Game of Thrones: Cersei’s Walk

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This is a pretty controversial scene on a lot of levels. It’s just controversial in and of itself…..this “faith militant” has a very strange way of showcasing penance. Making Cersei be stripped naked and all of her chopped off so that the masses can watch her shame as she walks to the Red Keep is a pretty horrible thing to watch. But it was also controversial for the fans as well. Some of the biggest Cersei haters even some sympathy for the character. No one should endure such torture. But other fans were glad to see Cersei finally get hers. This moment is so high on my list because of how Lena Headey handles it. The reason I love is that she handled that walk like a boss. Sure, you can see that it takes a toll on her but at the end of the day; she does the walk. She finds a way to get to her son and she will be damned if any of these insignificant people shouting at her and throwing things will bring her down. She’s a horrible person and a bad bitch. But at least she doesn’t break down and cry when things get bad. Quite the opposite….I’m pretty sure she’s about to light the entirety of King’s Landing (and Dorne for that matter) up with some wildfire.

4) Agents of SHIELD: The Cavalry


One of the best TV episodes of 2015 was Melinda; the episode where we finally see how she got her nickname as The Cavalry. We all got our popcorn ready and were ready to see May be the most epic badass ever for a whole hour! We can’t wait! Until Agents of SHIELD did a complete 180 on us and ripped our little hearts out one by one. The story of the Cavalry is not necessarily about May being a certifiable badass. Though she is that and she had her moments….it was about something much worse. And now we saw why she doesn’t like to be called the Cavalry or doesn’t like to even think about that day at all. It took May a very long time to climb out of that hole and now we all know why.

3) Bates Motel: The Normero Fight


Sometimes two actors have chemistry that is utterly undeniable. It’s no secret how much I am in love with the dynamic between Norma and Romero. These two are both control freaks and the one person that can’t seem to control is each other. They’re insanely drawn to each other for that reason but most of their time is spent arguing. In this scene….Norma and Romero are at serious odds when he gives up the flash drive that will in turn ignite Bob Paris to incriminate Norman in Sam’s Death. In the middle of their fighting match; Romero slams Norma against a wall and demands to finally know the truth. Norma even in this time of desperation still tries to lie. She can’t tell the truth about Norman to anyone. The last time she had a moment of weakness and did that…it all ended terribly. She gets enraged when Romero would ask her about the truth when he clearly already knows. The next thing you know Norma is beating the absolute shit out of Romero and Romero just lets her. That is a man right there. He’s letting the woman he loves get all of her aggressions out because she has no other means to do so. The whole scene ends with him pinning her down and going in hard for that kiss we’ve been waiting so desperately for but alas; it doesn’t happen. Just one more thing to look forward to in Season Four!

2) Game of Thrones: Hardhome/ Jon Snow Kills a White Walker


In my opinion, Jon Snow really stepped in this last season of Game of Thrones. He stopped whining about whether he was a Stark, Wildling or Night’s Watch and finally stepped up and became an awesome leader. And yes; his shining moment was in Hardhome. The whole show’s shining moment was Hardhome. The entire battle was breathtakingly beautifully done and terrifying all at the same time. This scene really showcased how big of threat the White Walkers are and that everyone needs to get their act together right fucking now. But the moment that really makes it to the Number Two spot on this list is when Jon Snow actually kills a White Walker. You could almost hear the entire world cheer in unison like they were watching the winning touchdown in a Superbowl. But even at the end of the day; that one small victory really didn’t do much in the grand scheme of things. The White Walkers are coming and the Night’s Watch killed the best leader and/or soldier that they have. Fucking idiots if you ask me.

1) The Walking Dead: Glenn’s “Death”


Are any of you surprised? This was the moment. Some people may be upset that this moment tops the list and Jon Snow’s “death” didn’t. To that I say two things….one; this moment was much more shocking and out of blue than Jon Snow’s and two; I just happen to like Glenn lightyears more than Jon Snow. Okay are we done with that? Let’s move on. After this moment; the internet exploded. So many people have been wrapped up in so many of the characters in The Walking Dead; they kind of forgot about how much it would suck if Glenn died. Yes, if Daryl dies….we riot. I completely understand and agree but that doesn’t mean The Walking Dead can’t rip our hearts out in other ways? While they are distracting you with the Wolves and this insane walker horde; everyone forgot that any of our beloved characters could go at any moment. This being that moment. In his final moments; I think it’s up for debate whether or not Nicholas was just being a coward or legitimately trying to save Glenn. Either way….watching Glenn slowly fall into a sea of walkers made our hearts stop. Luckily; he didn’t actually die. Glenn has a really funny way of being able to escape death at the most opportune moments. But that doesn’t matter. With tricky camera work and a whole lot of blood; Glenn in our minds just died and in that moment….no Walking Dead fan was okay.

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