Let’s Talk About Sex……And Let’s Talk About It Very Awkwardly (Downton Abbey 6×01)

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Yes, this is a little late. I don’t even have a good explanation as to why but let’s get into it. My new year started off just perfect with an amazing episode of Downton. As the premiere was nearing so many people were asking me why I was so excited about this show as it isn’t exactly my usual cup of tea. I don’t really have an answer other than it’s amazingly good. It is the perfect mesh of charm and comic relief mixed with quite a bit of pain and anguish. It has a healthy dose of politics and while it may be considered to be a show focused on couplings….that tends to get mixed up into the politics more than one would think. This is the final season of Downton so I can remain fairly confident that the show will remain on a high note until the end if the first episode is any indication.


How the Times Have Changed

A heavy focus on last season was how Downton Abbey in general was truly going through some big societal changes. The working class really is coming up and the socialites don’t hold as much power as they used to. I’m assuming this has a great deal to do with the War but we have seen various examples of a hardworking citizen really making something of themselves….especially in the form of Tom Branson. Sure, it does kind of help when you marry the Earl of Grantham’s daughter. Luckily, I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of Tom. He has been doing a bit of press all over the United States for the new season that’s airing so that has to indicate something.

Ah, already I get off track. The person I really wanted to talk about changing with the times was the one in the beginning of the show you would least expect; Robert. Man, he really has come a long way. This whole episode focusing on some little tart who decided to blackmail Mary (on a basis I find utterly ridiculous but yes I know….different times) was a sweet reminder into the window of Season One with Mr. Pamuk. The horrors of what happened to Mary early on in Season One was nothing in comparison to her dear father finding out. In this episode; it seemed to have a similar vibe and all I could think was “Robert is not going to be happy.” Yes, he’s come a long way but still. Well, I was wrong. Robert turned the tables on the blackmailer and dealt with everything himself. Apparently even Robert thought it was ridiculous Mary was being blackmailed by this crazy lady. Now of course; I’m not sure we’ve heard the last of this story but for the moment…we won’t be seeing her anymore.


Anna’s Troubles

Doesn’t Anna always seem to have troubles? I love her but the writers do seem to have a favorite person to pick on….seriously. Well, the good news is the horror show that Mr. Green has left behind for Anna and Bates has come to a halt but now they’re facing all sorts of different problems when it comes to having a baby. Okay; I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a little heat for saying this but can Anna just be happy for a moment? Anna puts a lot of pressure on herself to make Bates happy. But hopefully this good news will let them have a few episodes of peace and happiness before their world comes crashing down on them yet again.

That being said; it is horrible what Anna’s going through. Maybe they will come across a child in need of adoption? Maybe they will somehow be able to start a family without Anna’s entire body going through the ringer. It’s too early to tell where the writers are going with this storyline but we can all bet that the two of them are going to be facing tons of hardships. After all; Joanne Frogatt needs another Golden Globe.


Edith’s Moving On Out

Lots of things seem to be staying the same in the world of Downton Abbey even if the season is going to be heavily focused on change; Daisy keeps messing up, the Dowager and Cousin Isobel are always at odds and Thomas seems to be brewing up a scheme that can’t seem to end well. But Edith may be the shining star in this season. Sure this could be entirely comprised of hopeful thinking but I would love to see Edith finally take the reins of her own life. She had a rough couple of years and though she was pouting for the most part in the last season; she had every right to. Which was a first.

Edith is thinking about moving to London and all the power to you girl! I’m excited for this new Edith that seems to have finally found her footing. Maybe a huge problem with Edith is that she has always been directly in Mary’s shadow. She was annoying because of it and most of us weren’t fans of her in the first few seasons but that doesn’t make it any less true. I would love nothing more than to see Edith finally become the strong woman and mother she has always meant to be.


Mrs. Patmore: Season Six Premiere MVP

Going into the Season Six Premiere of Downton Abbey; I had exactly one priority in my mind. “What on earth is going on with Hughes and Carson? Are they already married? When’s the wedding? We better see this damn wedding.” Carson and Hughes are the perfect representation of a friendship that happened to blossom into genuine love. There were hints early on about a love developing between these two exceedingly proud people from the start of the show but the last season brought it all to light when Carson asked Hughes to be his wife.

The entire storyline of this episode completely encompassed the charm this show really can have. It took what seems to be a very important issue to Hughes (the embarrassment of someone seeing her naked at her age) and brought it into being the highlight of charm and comedy through the episode with the help of Mrs. Patmore whose mission was to see what Carson really wanted in the “arrangement”. It was hilariously delightful to watch Mrs. Patmore asked the most proper man in all of television about sex and even better when Carson reassured her that he absolutely loves every part of Mrs. Hughes. I was blushing the whole time.


It’s moments like these that separate Downton apart from the competition. Lots of shows nail the pain and anguish pretty well but Downton can nail those happy moments too. Those moments that make you all warm and fuzzy all cozied up with your tea. The reason why I love Downton so much is because of its diversity. It has one been one episode but I feel like I watched an entire season in a sense. Downton will be truly missed at the end of this season but I am absolutely thrilled that it seems like it will end on a high note….maybe even snag that Emmy is so desperately deserves?



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