The Most Beautiful Wedding We’ve Been Waiting For With A Beautiful Surprise Ending (Downton 6×03)

Try not to be overwhelmed with all of the happiness.

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What a magical episode. I think I actually spent twenty minutes coming down from the happiness high I had after watching this insanely lovely episode. As we move on into the third episode of the final season; who knew we would get such a delightful hour of television on so many accounts?  The beauty of Downton is its sheer ability to make you feel things. You can feel awful, angry or sad within moments. That’s not what happened here. The overwhelming rush of happiness that comes over you when watching this episode is just so moving. Almost no other show can bring that emotion out with such vigor.


Edith’s New Man

I have been waiting throughout Downton’s entire run to actually like someone that was courting Edith. Most people really enjoyed her time with Gregson and even though he gave us the beautiful Marigold; I thought he was as dull as a post.

In this episode; we are reunited with the man that had the slightest bit of chemistry with Edith in the last Christmas special. Now, of course his name has already escaped me so I had to google it and his name is Bertie Pelham. Well, what a name. But the name doesn’t entirely matter if he can actually make Edith tolerable to watch for an entire season. I do love seeing Edith finally get on her own feet as an editor. This whole season is completely drenched in the notion of “Girl Power” and I love it.

I have a feeling that Bertie may be here to stay but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a lot of drama to unfold before the end that may inevitably be their happy ever after. Marigold is Edith’s daughter not their ward. We even see her stumble with the words when talking to her new beau. This is surely going to come up again. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would mind but let’s not put anything past these writers. They still have about six more episodes to put these characters through the ringer. Besides Anna; Edith seems to be their favorite target.

I have this feeling that this season is going to show Edith finally putting some faith in love and Mary putting faith in herself instead of suiters. Just the feeling I get. Edith has been burned a lot of times. She’s been left at the altar, she’s always been considered the least desirable daughter and the whole mess with Gregson and Marigold was enough for anyone to swear off men. I do think we are going to see her finally find love. A love that’s easy and not hard. So let’s hope Bertie will fill that void for our Lady Edith. Seriously; we have to do something about that name.


Daisy’s New Mess

Edith has grown up tremendously since the start of the show. Daisy apparently has not. Sure; she’s more confident and this whole “intelligence is power” route she is taking is very good for her future. But she’s still making some really dumb mistakes. Starting with her stirring up a shit storm at the beginning of the season, she is now putting Cora is an impossible spot. She’s making promises she isn’t responsible for and Cora is going bear the brunt of it. By the way; I’m not worried for Cora. She can handle anything thrown her way but still; I can see it now. Daisy’s going to be furious once things don’t go her way and then she’s going to blame Cora. And it’s going to take Mrs. Patmore to inform Daisy about the error of her ways. I absolutely love this season but this plotline does seem slightly typical. Let’s hope the writers go another direction with it.


Can We Give Barrow a Break?

I’m honestly asking. For me; it’s easy to dismiss how everyone’s treating him because he is in fact my favorite character. I think Mr. Barrow would be a loyal friend is anyone was loyal back. The problem is no one (besides Baxter it seems) wants to make the effort to even get that close to him. And why would they? He may be my favorite but I’m not delusional.

I’ve been saying this time and time again so I won’t go on another rant; I just don’t get why Andy is so horrible to Thomas. I’m assuming it’s the fact that he’s gay. People think he’s going after Andy like he went after Jimmy. So everyone just doesn’t even notice that Thomas exists? I do feel like it’s harsh. But I guess that’s what happens when the trust is gone. I hope this season is Thomas’ journey into gaining the trust back from everyone even though he may not even think they deserve it. I hope Thomas sticks around and people realize he could actually be a very strong ally if he’s on your side. Remember the Sinderbys?


Is The Hospital Fight Over?

I don’t think I would ever count the Dowager out. If she wants to fight it out until the end; she will fight it out until the end. And she will probably win….no matter how many people are against her. The question is does she want to fight it out? It seems like at the end of this episode; her own ally (Dr. Clarkson) seemed to be switching sides. Does this mean we’re going to actually see the process of the hospital being changed over? It could be an interesting thing to see. Maybe see some of the repercussions of this decision; good and bad alike. But something tells me it isn’t over until the Dowager Countess says it’s over. Until then; I’m going to assume the hospital will stay exactly the way it is.


Robert’s Making Me Nervous

Robert is being absolutely wonderful in this season. He’s sticking up for his daughters and trying his best to keep the peace within this big hospital fiasco. They’re really making an effort to make him even more likable than he has been in past seasons. He’s always been a decently liked character but in previous seasons; he’s been a bit of a grump who refuses to go with the changing of times. He is his mother’s son after all. But this season; we’ve had some wonderful moments with him and it’s only been three episodes. What does that mean? I can’t tell you how worried I am for his life. There’s only been a handful of moments but Robert has been clenching his chest and making complaints about indigestion. He is also refusing to tell Cora any of this. I’m really expecting him to drop dead at any moment. I’m also really dreading that when it happens.


Denker and Spratt: Do I Care?

That really is the question isn’t it? Because each episode of Downton takes place over a longer period of time than most TV episodes, the writers tend to cover a lot of ground with a lot of characters. In the past; I have loved Denker and Spratt’s little tiffs and struggles for power……especially when those scenes somehow involve the Dowager. The problem is that I’m not sure I care enough about either of them to care about a storyline revolving around them. Spratt has an escapee on his conscience and Denker will use that to her advantage. Do I know what will happen? Not really but I’m not sure I want to know what will happen. I must say; this storyline would have been much more entertaining if it was Barrow and Bates…….just saying. One more fight for the books would be lovely if you ask me.


The Wedding We’ve All Been Waiting For

I can’t even put into words how I feel about Carson and Hughes finally tying the knot; though I’m going to try. I’m also absolutely thrilled that Hughes got the wedding she wanted…..and that it was absolutely beautiful. The point of this episode was to really showcase that Carson and Hughes are not just servants; they are family.

The biggest display of this was the unfortunate misunderstanding with Cora; who even I (as a serious Cora lover) was upset with. How dare you talk to Mrs. Hughes in that way? After all she’s done for you. Of course Cora realized her mistake and quickly apologized giving Mrs. Hughes her coat as a gift. Watching Cora give a sincere apology to Mrs. Hughes after the incident just goes to show why we love the Crawleys so very much. They love the people who work for them and would do anything for them; especially Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson. And that’s when the waterworks for the episode started for me. There were a lot of them within the last fifteen minutes.

The ceremony was beautiful. No two people deserve a beautiful ceremony more than these two. However; it was the reception that really got to me. It was the first time everyone on the show was really treated as equals and they were all just having such a great time; just as Mrs. Hughes (ahem I mean Mrs. Carson) truly wanted. It was great to see everyone gathered together to celebrate these two people who really in a lot of ways carried this entire show. Throughout the reception; we get to see all sorts of people who are genuinely happy to see these two get married. Though I’m not entirely sure Thomas was invited but hey; that’s a problem for another time. We’re reminded of how many people love these two and even the quick little scene with Anna and Bates just gave us a quick little reminder how this show portrays love so very well.



I really didn’t think anything was going to outshine Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes’ big day. Well, I was wrong. TOM! He showed up! And there’s little Sybie! Stop it! There are too many emotions right now! The happiness that everyone felt when seeing our beloved Tom show up to the wedding was too much to bear. Technically, Tom wasn’t gone for that long but man; it felt like forever. I love Tom’s story in Downton. His tragedy turned into a strange sense of family with these people. He loves them and more importantly; they love him. Lord Grantham never had a son to really leave his legacy to. No offense to Mary who is doing an awesome job and I don’t think Tom should replace her at all. But seeing Tom’s evolution in everyone’s minds (especially Lord Grantham’s). It’s like Sybil is still there. Tom can now she why Sybil loved her family so dearly. And the family has completely accepted Tom as one of their own. Not only have they accepted him but they couldn’t handle it if he tried leaving again. They need him. In that scene; you could just tell Sybil is looking down on all of them and smiling down from heaven. Oh great, I’m crying again.



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