Downton Served Us a Heavy Dose of Nostalgia This Week (Downton Abbey 6×04)

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There comes a time in almost every season of Downton where you can visibly see the writer’s setting things up for the next few episodes. We knew this was bound to happen this season given the fact that it is the final season. We’re winding up for grand finale of episodes and man we are winding up for a whole lot of drama.

The thing I do have to mention about Downton which tends to be slightly different from most of the shows I watch; I don’t know if they’re winding up for good things or bad things. Honestly….it could go either way. When you’re watching a show like Game of Thrones, you are almost positive things will get worse so you try to mentally prepare yourself. Downton Abbey is almost better at punching you in the gut with feels because you honestly have no idea which direction the show will actually go.


Mr. Mason’s Farm

Well, we can start off talking about the one storyline that seemed to get resolved in this episode. And trust me, it’s a good thing. I couldn’t take it if Daisy was going to be whining all season long. I love Daisy dearly but in some ways….it really doesn’t seem like she has grown up at all. I have a feeling good things are coming for Daisy by the end of this season. To be honest; I’m more concerned about good things coming for Mrs. Patmore but I digress.

It was nice to see Mr. Mason get his farm. This episode gave little tidbits of moments referring back to previous seasons and that gave us all a pretty heavy dose of nostalgia. We are reminding by Daisy about tragedy of William’s death. Even worse; we were reminding by Gwen of how awesome Lady Sybil truly was. I really love that Downton takes the time to look back at some of their most heart-wrenching moments by appreciating who those characters once were and what they would have really wanted.


Ms. Baxter’s Big Decision

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this developing story. If it only lasts a handful of episodes; I think I would love it. Baxter past was really her only story line in the past so it makes sense that they would drum it up again to give her character a little depth in this final season. It looks like she has a pretty strong support system going forward. She has Mr. Moseley and Mr. Barrow in her corner. I tend to think Mr. Barrow is a stronger ally. Many would disagree. But that’s what makes the world go round.

Baxter now needs to make a decision regarding whether or not she’ll testify against the man who put her up to stealing in the first place. I will say my interest is very peaked on who this guy actually is and how he was able to manipulate so many women in the past. Barrow might just want to go along to take notes. At the moment; I’m very excited to see what may happen next….so long as they don’t drag it on forever.


Anna’s Finally Happy

Well the writers have shocked us yet again this week…….they didn’t torture Anna! Well, I guess they did. But they gave her a happy ending! For now. I’m still skeptical. I’m nervous we’ll be a few episodes from now and Anna will just collapse and everything is going to be so horrible because honestly, that’s what we expect from her plotlines. But for now; she’s pregnant and she’s happy and Bates is happy! And the more I talk about how happy they are….the more nervous I get that it’s all going to come tumbling down. Ugh.


Random Notes:


  • The war over the hospital isn’t over but it’s quite amazing to see the Dowager squirm with helplessness as she won’t admit she’s on the losing side…..for once.
  • Robert’s random aches are making me soooo worried. Like Anna, I’ve very nervous he is going to collapse without warning in an episode coming up.
  • Another suitor…..another plotline wasted on Mary insisting she doesn’t need a man. I would much rather watch her business ventures. Honestly; these guys are starting to all look the same to me.
  • I’m very worried for Thomas. Ridiculously worried. I know we’re supposed to be getting the vibe of karma finally coming around to him this season but as someone who never hated Barrow; it’s unbearable to watch. I hope he finds himself soon.
  • Lady Edith is amazing and making strides for her newspaper. GIRL POWER! Woohoo! Also, let’s see more of that agent shall we?

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