What a Bloody, Bloody Night (Downton Abbey 6×05)

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Good Morning You All! Have you recovered from last night?? I certainly haven’t. Downton Abbey really has a knack of being an amazing show without pulling out some shocking stunts that other shows tend to rely on but man when they do a shocking moment….they certainly deliver. There was a lot going on this week; some parts delightfully comedic and some parts absolutely devastating. Yep, you’re watching Downton Abbey.


That Was it?

Was anyone else completely underwhelmed by the supposed trial with Ms. Baxter? I was so very excited to finally have some sort of interest in her! Now at least they addressed the fact that the whole scenario left Ms. Baxter with some unfinished business so maybe we’re going to watch her confront the man when she visits him in prison. That would be quite something to see and I repeat myself again and again…..I want to know who this guy is and how he’s got so much swag to con all these women. Honestly; did the show get a hold of Matthew McConaughey or something?

So I’m pulling for a great scene showing Baxter confronting the man who ruined her life…..either by herself or with Mr. Moseley and Mr. Barrow by her side. Mr. Moseley for emotional support and Mr. Barrow for ripping the man to shreds with just his words if need be. Honestly; she does have two pretty great allies in her corner. I think one final scene addressing this will be a great ending for Baxter’s character and really send her off on a good note.


Lady Edith is Gonna Get Some

Lady Edith has grown drastically in my eyes over the entire series of Downton. Truly. She is very lovely to watch this season and in previous seasons? I felt like banging my head against a wall whenever she spoke. She is standing up for women’s rights and giving out jobs accordingly. She’s such an inspired woman this season and I love it. I think the trouble with Edith growing up is she was always overshadowed. Lady Mary was the daughter to be pined after for courting purposes and Lady Sybil was so blatantly obsessed with making a difference. Poor Edith just didn’t know who she truly was and she was thrust into some not so great relationships or arrangements I should say. All Edith wanted in life was a purpose. Now I believe she truly found her purpose last season with Marigold but this paper is certainly helping the case as well.

I’m sure the drama of Edith’s story moving forward will be surrounded by whether or not Bertie can accept Marigold for who she really is…..and also the lingering thought that Mary just found out but I’ll get to that in a moment. I can’t imagine Bertie would have that much of a problem of Marigold’s true identity. He doesn’t seem the type but hey it can lead up to some really adorable scenes between the two in the coming episodes so that’s a good thing right?

Okay; let’s talk Mary. I really hope the conclusion to Mary finding out is to be upset that Edith hasn’t told her and not upset at the situation in its entirety. I have found Mary to be slightly unreasonable in the past but I do really hope it’s the former. I would love to have a scene where Edith and Mary actually put their differences aside for once but alas…..that really might be wishful thinking.


Marital Problems Already?

Wow, that really didn’t take long did it? Offering up some beloved comedic scenes in a sea of very dramatic plotlines was Carson and Hughes. Really Carson? Calling out your woman for not being able to cook? I know this show takes place in another time but even men a hundred years ago have to know that’s not a good idea. However, I love how Carson and Hughes are really stepping up the lighthearted comedy game this season and it’s even better when Mrs. Patmore gets dragged into it.


Friend or Foe?

I really would love to like you Andy. But you really are making it so hard. Yes, I know most of you don’t like Barrow and probably take pleasure in his karma coming back around. Well, good for you. I hate it. Thomas is my favorite and this is horrible to watch for me. Andy has been such a jerk to the one person who really helped him out at the start. Well, anyway I would like to think Thomas teaching Andy how to read will help them become better friends and maybe put all of this nonsense behind them. But I’m not holding my breath. Thomas has helped Andy out before and he was still an asshole. What’s going make this run any different?

Nonetheless I really love Barrow even more this season. Yes, the reason that I so desperately loved Barrow in the past was his conniving ways but the fact that he is trying his best to become a better friend to people in the house is warming up my cold tin heart. Much like his heart I suspect. I think this season is about Thomas realizing that he really has a home in Downton and he shouldn’t take that for granted. How it’s all going to play out; I’m not entirely sure but I like seeing this more sentimental side of him though I would like to see him manipulate his way towards victory once more before the show ends.


Well, That Was a Hell of a Dinner

Holy shit. I mean Holy Shit! I knew Lord Grantham was going to have a moment that shocked us all. I was waiting for him to collapse at any moment in time. He’s been complaining all season about his stomach hurting and I just knew it was mentioned one too many times to not become an issue. But damn, I didn’t really expect him to implode at the dinner table. Normally when you think of Downton Abbey; you don’t really think of excessive amounts of blood but there it is.

I’m dreading the fact that this might be the turning point in the decision over the hospital. Maybe the Dowager seeing her son spew out blood in front of her very eyes is the exact thing she needed to see to open her eyes. But I can’t help but think Robert isn’t out of the woods yet. Does anyone remember Lady Sybil?? My heart’s just racing thinking about it.

Even though this is the final season and I’m sure the show will be sent off in a cloud of delight and wonder…..that doesn’t mean we’re going to get our hearts ripped out ahead of time. I for one am nervous for quite a few of our beloved characters but after last night; Lord Grantham just shot up right to the top of the list. Please don’t leave Cora alone…..please.


Random Thoughts:

  • I know there are some people who live for Mary’s ongoing storyline of being courted time and time again by all of these young strapping beautiful men. I for one….forgot to care.
  • It’s still so wonderful to see Tom back into everything…..even if every time he mentions Sybil, I clutch my heart because it aches so much.
  • I am still continually astounded by the production of this show….the car race was just so beautiful to watch and as always; music is on point.
  • Anna and Bates moments in this episode were so unbelievably adorable to handle. I don’t really think they’re out of the woods just yet but at least they have each other.
  • Watching all of the servants at the table in silence after Robert’s gave me horrible flashbacks to Sybil’s death….again something I’m really not okay with.


What plotline are you most concerned about going forward?



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  1. Must say, and with no creepy intended, but my wife and I were sitting here watching your downton reactions with a number of folks and we think it must be fairly close to impossible for the male of the species not to fall in love with you based on your sense of humor, empathy, and what not. Really fun to watch. Kudos!

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