40 Things to Keep in Mind Before Watching the Back Half of Season Six (The Walking Dead)

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So let’s take a look at all of the little things we should be reminded of before we watch the Mid-Season Premiere of The Walking Dead. Disclaimer: For those of you that have read the comics; this is a fairly spoiler free post. So if you want a more in-depth conversation on what will specifically occur…..this isn’t the place for that.

This Cryptic Line: “The way I look at it…..sometimes you’re safer when there’s No Way Out”


This line really just made comic book reader’s hearts sink right into our stomachs. Morgan alluded to the upcoming massacre that we now know will mostly occur in the Mid-Season Premiere…..even if he didn’t entirely know that’s what he was talking about at the time.

It’s Getting Easier for Rick to Kill


This is an obvious one. This is something the show is really hitting you on the head with time and time again this season. The who idea of “to kill or not to kill”…..that really is the main focus. The moment with Carter in episode one wasn’t particularly shocking nor were we really upset to lose that character but it just furthers the idea that Rick is really getting desensitized to killing people in order to do what’s best for the group. Let’s all keep that in mind…..it’s going to come up later for sure.

Same with Carol


Look….absolutely no one is upset that Carol went ham on a bunch of those Wolves. That’s not the point I’m trying to make. Even if the killing is justified; it must get easier every single time you do it and in regards to that Morgan is actually right. It’s a slippery slope.

Jessie Isn’t All That Weak


Sure she doesn’t really hold a candle to Michonne or Carol but Jessie isn’t the most useless character around……especially when her mama bear instincts kick in.

Father Gabriel is Trying


Okay yes this all might be “too little too late” but it is important to note that everyone’s least favorite character has been trying to step up his game in the last few episodes. Will he make it far? I doubt it. Maybe he’ll sacrifice himself to save everyone around him……that would be fitting.

This is Pretty Damn Adorable


We really may be looking at Denise and Tara to give us our happy fuzzy feels in the near future with so many other relationships up in the air in the show. This one seems to be one of the cuter ones to follow…..for now.

Denise is the Closest Thing they have to a Doctor


I love Denise. I think she is a big sweetheart who is stepping up even when the odds are against her. But the thing to remember when it comes to Denise is that she is (for the moment) the group’s only medical professional. For that reason alone; I feel she is fairly safe even though she ended the mid-season finale on quite a predicament. I also think that the whole Denise/Tara relationship could use a whole lot more exploring than what they have already done. She is a little too valuable story wise to kill off just yet. I’m not entirely sure she’ll make it out of Season Six alive but I have a feeling she will get past this Mid-Season Premiere.

Carl and Enid Understand Each Other More Than They Realize


Carl has gone way up in my book in the last couple of seasons. Ever since he realized yelling and kicking his unconscious dad who is just trying to save him is not the best thing; he’s really turned around. The thing that is so fascinating about Carl is the fact that he has specifically had to do some horrific things to survive which is why bringing in Enid was such a brilliant move for the writers. They’re both scarred and both are young kids in a world where young kids get picked off pretty easily. I don’t know if they’ll become more than just friends but for once; I’m glad to see Carl potentially have someone in his corner that is just like him.

Morgan Got to Hold a Baby Again


Okay so this one I’m not letting go of…..mainly because not everything is resolved. One of the more sentimental moments in the premiere was when good ole Uncle Morgan got to hold baby Judith for the first time. It seemed like a pretty significant moment all on its own because of the tragic end of Duane but in episode four; we see Eastman promise Morgan that he will hold a baby again. Why is this so important? Well there’s a big emotional aspect of it all but I’m mostly concerned with the fact that Morgan’s ideals of letting people live may cause the death of baby Judith. I was almost positive that Wolf would escape and do some damage to our sweet little girl just to really make Morgan regret his decision. Now it doesn’t look like this is the way the story seems to be going but as long as that Wolf’s alive….and Judith’s alive….I’m still going to be nervous.

Morgan Could Be the Most Dangerous One in the Group


Don’t get me wrong; I do like Morgan. And I loved the episode with Eastman explaining how he got to the point where he chose to not kill anyone again. However; this is way too dangerous to keep going. I have a feeling something awful will happen because of what he’s done…..and hopefully that will snap him back to reality. But for the moment; his beliefs are getting everyone else into a whole world of danger.

Tabitha Still Remains to be a Better Guest Character than Most of the Alexandrians


Never forget.

Spencer Can Be a Coward


Oh no Spencer….what are we going to do with you? The jury is still out of whether or not Spencer will actually be a useful member in the group or just literally tear everyone down. We should all remember that in episode two; he felt it was best for him to sit outside the walls while all of those people were getting massacred even though he claims to be one of Alexandria’s best shots. Not a good look Spencer….not a good look.


Or Stupidly Brave…..You Pick


One the other side of things; he also (pretty stupidly) tried to climb out and risk his life in order to drive the walkers away later on in the season. It didn’t go as planned and he caused more problems than anything else. But the fact that he tried means something right? I repeat….the jury is still out but at the moment, he’s not the first person I’d want by my side in the apocalypse.

He Also Likes to Get Drunk and Yell at his Mom


Because life is just so hard.

Expect More Aaron


As the reigning champ of the Alexandrians; it’s not very likely that Aaron will be biting the dust any time soon. As we move forward to Season Six; we may be saying goodbye to quite a few people in Rick’s original group. When that happens…..we can fully expect Aaron to step up and become one of the more lovable main characters that fans will actually accept.

And More Heath


Same goes for Heath. As a rule…most fans don’t really like a character that gives Michonne any sort of sass but Heath is a comic fan favorite. It’s safe to assume he will grow and become a favorite in the show as well.

Sasha and Abraham are Getting Pretty Close


I was pretty taken aback when Abraham started to blatantly flirt with Sasha while they were held up together. However, I do love the development of Abraham and Sasha’s relationship in general this season. We are seeing two people who have literally died inside and their journey of so desperately trying to live again is intriguing to watch. Now I’m not exactly a fan of Abraham betraying the woman who has stood by his side when no one else would but I do expect to see a whole lot more developing between Sasha and Abraham in the future.


Which May Mean Rosita is Expendable


Rosita can go one of two ways in my eyes. The first way is that she is not long for this world. She is one of the ones from Rick’s group pre-Alexandria that doesn’t really have any promise to the future of her character (yet) especially if Abraham is moving on. Well goodness she really does seem to be the number one person on the chopping block. But secondly; I would like to remind people that The Walking Dead is pretty famous for taking seemingly background characters and giving them some pretty solid storylines in the future. They like to have people earn their deaths. So if that is the case; Rosita may be able to hang out for a little while longer.

This Scene Will Probably Have Significance


In this scene where Rosita is training everyone, Eugene states how he’s afraid to die. In her own frightening way…..Rosita explains to him that dying isn’t the hard part but living on with the guilt of people around you dying is the hard part. Now this does seem to be a scene that is showing that Eugene may not be completely over his cowardice (though he’s made some great strides) but in my opinion I think this scene will have more weight down the road. I just have this feeling that either Eugene will have to witness Rosita dying maybe from sacrificing herself for everyone or he will in fact be there to save her in the end. Don’t entirely know why this scene stuck with me so hard. Maybe I’m overanalyzing because Rosita is very much a candidate to die.

Daryl and Rick are Separated


This is more key than any of us realize at the moment. I think it’s important to mention that Daryl and Rick really haven’t spent any time together since episode one of this season….and may not for a while. Now to be fair….not a ton of time has passed within the first few episodes but I think it’s important to take note that they may both go on very different journeys in the second half of this season that may eventually put them at odds in the future.

Maggie is Pregnant


And Aaron is the only one she’s told about this development. Of course Glenn knows and he told Enid if you are keeping score but we must all really be aware that this could be a deadly problem in the future. Just think about what happened to Lori. I believe Glenn will do everything possible to save Maggie and their child but it does make things complicated. All of this stress alone could cause a miscarriage at any point. All I’m saying is moving forward…..we should keep all eyes on Maggie.

Most Characters Don’t Know This Beautiful Moment Happened


I’m not saying there’s going to be a lot of time for hugs and kisses given their current situation but it would be really nice for some characters to feel all the feels when they see Glenn alive. Maggie is the given. Lauren Cohan even said she pretty much lost her voice during the time when Maggie finally sees Glenn and starts shouting his name. Other than Maggie; I will admit….it would be nice to see Rick and Glenn reunite as well. Maybe I’m just a big ole sap but I really want to see everything come full circle and maybe see Rick save Glenn when he is “up shitstream” just like Glenn did in the second episode of the series. Though that does seem like wishful thinking……Rick has enough on his plate as it is.

Glenn is Getting Through to Enid


How did we not see this earlier? Enid is so scarred from this horrible world? Put Glenn on the case. Episode seven delivered long awaited happy news as we all found out that Glenn was in fact alive but we weren’t entirely prepared for all of the sweet moments between him and Enid. At the end of it all; he asks her for help to save Maggie and she did accept. Looks like Glenn might be the guy to get Enid out of her shell more. I swear….that isn’t a turtle joke.

Maggie and Glenn Still Need to Reunite


And hug. And kiss. And cry. And have babies. And live happily ever after.

Glenn and Maggie Save People (And That Probably Won’t Change)


One scene in the season premiere particularly stuck with me. It was the one where Maggie lets Tara know exactly why Glenn is slowly but surely giving Nicholas another chance. She reminds Tara that she was initially a part of the side that showed up to the prison and chopped of Herschel’s head….and they now think of her as family. Maggie and Glenn will whole heartedly be more on the side of saving people and giving them second chances which may definitely prove to cause some issues with others in the group in the future. But I doubt their stance will change. After all; giving Nicholas a second chance basically saved Glenn’s life.

This Happened


I don’t think I was particularly happy to see Rick and Jessie kiss…..mainly because I just don’t think she’s the woman to match up to Rick Grimes. But it is something to keep in mind for a couple of reasons. First; it shows that Rick may have been really letting his guard down since he’s been in Alexandria. I find it hard to believe he’d be so concerned with kissing chicks when he was out surviving on the road. Second; Ron is gonna be soooo pissed.

Ron is Shady as Fuck


Speaking of Ron; I don’t trust that guy one bit. NOT ONE BIT. He has it out for Carl (even if they came to a semi-understanding). He has it out for Rick. Let’s all hope Sam gets him killed…..and fast.

Carl Saved Ron’s Life


In that age group; Carl is the alpha male….hands down. Ron doesn’t even come close. Though he may like to believe he does. What’s more frustrating about Ron’s nasty attitude towards Carl (though not completely unwarranted….Carl’s dad did kill his dad) is the fact that Carl has done nothing but been nice and saved his life. Ugh; I hope there’s a showdown and I hope Carl kills the hell out of Ron.


And Ron was an Asshole in Return


You know what you do to someone who saves your life? Try to kill them. Well, that’s how Ron’s logic seems to work. He really is doing his best to battle Father Gabriel for everyone’s least favorite character at the moment.

We Have Met Dwight…..But Something is a Little Off


For those of you who don’t even want the slightest bit of knowledge from the comic books….please skip this part. So episode six was pretty interesting for a lot of fans of the comics because we meet Dwight. But many fans after the episode aired were questioning if that was in fact the Dwight we know so well. It has to be right? They’re not just going to have another Dwight….that would get confusing. The difference is this is Dwight pre-burn and that means we may actually get to see what happens to him and it will unfold in a very horrific way when they inevitably come face to face with Negan again.

Negan Only Wants an Ass That’s Willing


Again; slight comic book spoiler alert. While the men came into the woods looking for Dwight and company, they gave up their search pretty quickly stating “he only wants an ass that’s willing”. This is in complete reference to Negan’s “disdain” for rape. This whole topic will get rather complicated as we go further. He says he doesn’t like rape but in a lot of ways that makes him a big hypocrite. I won’t go into it too much but let’s just say I’m sure the writers put that line in for a reason and we will come back to it.

Dwight Didn’t Know Everyone in Negan’s Base


This is something that might be slightly overlooked by some people. Something that really stuck in my mind was the fact that Dwight was positive that Daryl was working for the Saviors (Negan’s army). Dwight also said he was with Negan since the beginning of everything going to hell. So that means Negan has such a large army/empire that even someone who has been there from day one can’t even recognize if someone is from that camp. Throughout episode six; Dwight leaves little tidbits of information about where they came from. He references not wanting to kneel anymore and really alludes to the fact that Negan was quite the opportunist when everything started. Once Negan was able to show that he can keep people safe…..the more people would give him in order to be protected. “People will trade anything in order to be safe.”

Dwight Stole Daryl’s Bike……and Crossbow


And that just pretty much solidifies his position as public enemy number one. Don’t you dare touch Daryl’s crossbow. I do have a feeling that we will see Dwight again. Actually I’m almost sure of it and that Daryl will find a way to get his crossbow back. The question is how long will it take that to happen. I’m not so sure that I want to watch that many episodes consisting of a crossbow-less Daryl; it’s oddly unsettling.

Glenn “Died”


But that really doesn’t mean he can’t die again. I can just see the headlines now “Just when you thought he was safe….” Or “Actor gets two death scenes in one season”.  I fully believe the writers of The Walking Dead are very capable of killing the most “unexpected” person in the fans’ eyes. To me; I’m almost positive that Glenn won’t be making it out of this season alive….and it devastates me to the very core. Here’s hoping I’m wrong.

Abraham Found Some RPGs


Let’s all journey back to that strange scene on the roof where Abraham seemed to have lost his marbles. Well, he may be a little off but that doesn’t mean he didn’t get his hands on some very useful explosives. We were all hoping this could be the saving grace of the huge crisis at Alexandria but obviously the writers have other plans.

And Now They Belong to Negan


Probably. Though we haven’t really seen the conclusion to the insanely tense prologue to the back eight of Season Six; we can assume Negan’s men will make off with everything Abraham snatched from that rooftop. If this is the case; then we have a lot to worry about down the road.

The Wolf Has Denise


So this is probably the one storyline I feel really should be resolved in the next episode. In my opinion; the Wolves (or Wolf) have overstayed their welcome. I would love to see Denise outsmart him. I would love to see her be strong. I would love to see her kill him. Please and thank you.

Deanna Could Appear as a Walker


I wouldn’t be surprised if we get one scene dedicated to Spencer seeing his walker mother walking around the destruction of Alexandria. When you think about it….in Spencer’s mind; he has lost almost his entire family and with Deanna gone…..he really did lose his entire family. Spencer seeing Deanna as a walker will give him closure and force him to make a decision. He can choose to live on and try to become a useful member to the group or he can just lie down and accept his fate along with his family.

This Isn’t Over


One really open ended question is; how will Carol and Morgan resolve their issues? My guess? For the time being it’s squashed. I know that may sound ridiculous seeing as they were just at each other’s throats but I view both characters as very practical characters. They will both deal with the issue at hand and then resolve their issues. In the long game however; I do believe that they are actually going to possibly benefit from one another rather than tear each other down. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any tension or fights down the line….but I really feel like the writers are going to explore this difference of opinion regarding killing people between these two very similar characters. I happen to believe both of them will learn a great deal from the other.

And Most Importantly……Sam’s Going to Get Everyone Killed.


I refrain from saying anything due to major spoilers. But it will be epic.

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  1. Ahhhhh Sam!!!! That last scene was so terrifying because of the prospect of what’s about to happen. This scared little boy is going to mess everything up and it’s hard to blame him. But we will. Oh god. So many terrible things are going to happen, and thanks Jess for reminding us all that the writers have left us with a lot of loose ends that will probably end with a lot of big moments, but mostly death. Not looking forward to it.

    And now I’m scared for baby Judith. 🙁

    But I’m excited to see more Aaron and I can’t wait for him to be a badass. Unless they kill him. It seems like everyone is fair game at this point.

    Also, I appreciate very much that Tabitha made the list. R.I.P. We love you more than a lot of characters right now. Noble till the end.

    Yikes! So much to look forward to on Sunday! Valentine’s Day be rammed. We’re all about to have our hearts ripped out.

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